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Thursday, December 29, 2005

My 2006 Resolution I Must DO

1. Stop talking Cock next year but talk more Bull next year. Bullshit stories can hide the truth one.

2. Go back to Gym to keep my body in good shape. Just in case being caught in lokap I can do the squatting exercise and if people film me, my body look sure look fit fit in naked so no scare if my naked body being shows around the world. Maybe can get more girl lump me !

3. Stop laughing at Mr. Samy every time see his picture or hear his name.

4. Stop asking ladies their age and say 'Lee Fatt Fook Jor Wor'.

5. When with my group of friends pay money to Mamak ,must at the same time use my handphone calculator to do my own calculation on the drinks and food.

6. No more buying New Handphone weeks before Chinese New Year.The price all up one.

7. Don’t be so stupid again after watching popular TV drama than go to that country ending up seeing Two Cat One Dog.

8. Times is bad must save monies, even making handphone call must save monies. If want to call somebody just give them miss call(one ring must put down phone) than expect them call me back.

9. I must remember that life is not about how fast I run, or how high I climb, but how well I pretend I don’t know. No more let people take me up to the Table.If people say I stupid spend them eat 'Roost Goose'

10. Everyday see King Kong DVD Movie again and again. Analysis how come a Big Ugly Ape fight like a sumo wrestler got beautiful women love one , as for me how come I more handsome than him still no women Love me one.Should I take a lady go KL Bukit Antrabangsar see sunset together ????

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Some Of The Blog Post I Like In Year 2005

Year end jor, ‘Ding Lee’ why time no wait me one, every time I'm the one who chase the time until I almost drop on the street. But this year very special to me la. I started to bog in the month of September.Dunno when this 'Hing In Me' will stop.I might stop bloging but one thing for sure I will never stop reading others people blog.I actually started reading blog way back 2003/2004.Some of the blog I used to read are Screenshots, TV Smith and even Malaysian Hidden treasure joker Viewtru on his 'Stepping Aside For Reality' his Dear Lai Ma story.
Year 2005 seems a lot of Superstar blogger emerge from no where.name like kennysia..Patrick Teo..Lim Kit Siang..many many more.How come ar?....Because Xia Xue? Sarong Party girls? Local Newspaper highlighted our very own blogger?. Year 2005 seems a "Hing' thing to blog maybe why I also jump inside to be part of it.

Anyhow whatever la...hope more blogger appeared better la..At least my subscription to streamyx is worthwhile and I actually able to stop the time for a while by reading so much informative blog that I might miss out in my life.

Some of the post I read better than I go play 19hole golf:-

Two Very Sad Post I ever read:-

Year 2005 Best blog post I ever read !!. Very touching and its show us what the meaning of 'COURAGE IN LIFE'.
Please read this first than follow by this and the LATEST


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Wishes From Nine3 Nine 4

LoTs LoTs oF LoVe FrOm Nine3Nine4
Wishing All

A Merry Christmas

May your days be

Merry and Bright !!


A Happy Safe Holiday

My recent Auckland Trip-Christmas Picture

Auckland Christmas at the Park 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

Back KL Jor

Reach KL 8plus last night, manage to have Tong Yuen Jit (Winter Solstic Festival) Dinner with Family.
Since 8am in office and now ready for a meeting at 10am
In fact I did not really sleep last night , maybe time difference of 5 hours and Jet-Leg.
Now my body Ho Stone Stone ar!!!.
After meeting better balik tidor until Christmas day.

Got hear the White Christmas We sing mai?
You can download here or go to Lin Peh Site here

Thursday, December 22, 2005

12pm Malaysian Time Thursday 22nd December 2005

Here are the copy and paste of an Email From LIN PEH of http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com/

FROM:-Lin Peh- wymalaysia@yahoo.com

To all my chi-bye lanjiao bloggers,

Lin Peh been working on this until no eat, no shit (no
eat how to shit?) and here's the final version ! So,
better no condemn Lin Peh or else Lin Peh will fuck
you upside down and downside up! (serious wan...it's
like 69 position like dat).

Also, can someone please save it in a "central
location" so we can monitor the "download"
(yeah....like it's going to be a big hit!). Just email
the location to me and Lin Peh will inform the rest!

Lin Peh will launch the final version on my blog
12noon tomorrow (Dec 22) because Dec 22 is the chinese
"tong jit"..sure very good day wan and I hope all of
you can also do it at the same time ! We can call it
"world premier" ! HAHAHA!

I also hope that everyone will be enough "yi hai" to
acknowlede all the participants if you decide to blog
it. Here's the detail & links:

king's wife
Mikel Lian
Simmie Lang
Jkn of KL Podcast
Lin Peh
KC Yap
Siao Cha Bor

Lin Peh going yamade now ! Any volunteer to yamade
with Lin Peh ? LOL !


Wanna say a 'BIG THANKS' to Lin Peh for his kind effort for getting this project going. I very much believe this project in a way to get some Christmas mood in our Malaysian Blogsphere even for those not involve in this singing.

I hope everyone see this post of mine will go to Lin Peh Blog and listen to this White Christmas.
A small way wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS
Note:- If you happen to know my voice in the singing ,how bad I sing you all must say I sing very good , behind poke me never mind as long as I dont know.Because my back got many hole jor.Tell u la..beside me all really very GOOD lei. I here clap clap to them and also Lin Peh.Bugger this Lin Peh not only can sing he also damn good at playing the music.

I be taking 2pm(Auckland Time) flight home and should be back to my home by this evening 9pm(Malaysian Time) just nice for the Chinese Tong Jit Dinner.(hope the flight wont deley).
Even I be back to KL, my heart is really heavy leaving Auckland this time around.If not because of this coming Friday 'Sup Kao'(Wet Cock) Meeting' I would stay till end of the year and celebrate Christmas with this very very special person of mine. Anyhow I be back on January for the Chinese New Year.Please wait for us.

Special Greeting to this one special person of mine who might see this post and listen to the song:-


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Please check this out:-

A Malaysian Blogger name SURVON now staying in Hungary teach us HOW TO MAKE HOT WINE

Good Tips and will try it when back to Malaysia

Monday, December 19, 2005

Exchanging Christmas Gifts

Since last week my office people msn/email remind me if back before X'mas, make sure I will buy X'mas gift for the exchanging gift at my KL office.WHAT THE "Q" ! some more dare to ask me I must buy for all the people in office and I in return can get one gift.Diew-Lia- Sing you all think I Santa Claus mei....Hello even I now near South Pole, Santa Claus is from North Pole la.
Go oversea very big mei, must buy more gift mei ???.Some more teach me what to buy..ask me to buy New Zealand famous item such as sheep skin or chocolate. Diew!!! All Pok Kai... why don't ask me buy each one a abalone, much better mai !!. I olidi damn stress because KL Family & Frens olidi ask me buy this and buy that.Buggar this time I'm not here for holiday la..somemore everyone knows the main reason why I'm here in Auckland.What the 'Q'

Whatever.... until now I oso still dunno what the Q I gonna buy ??

Last week I happen in Victoria Market and I saw this item:-

Nian Nian Tao Warmer

Don't care you guys think I BIN TAI( Pervert) or Ham Sup Lo.
If ladies get this gift,they can use it as Malaysia whether damn Q hot,normally we switch on the air-con and sure they loke to sleep in nake one ,so is good to keep they Nian Nian Tao warm. I'm sure this warmer not only for pregnant women to use one.
Haha..If guys get it..take and use it for their Lopor or girl fren la.
Kekekeke... I damn Bin Tai.Maybe buy this for myself for future use if go places very the cold during winter.

But now I very the SEN la..

I so worry my luggage overweight.New Zealand Maximum 22 kg.What the 'Q'

HO SEN AR !!!!!!!!!!

By the way ,can someone tell me what is this for ???

Sunday, December 18, 2005

You Can't Get it You Want It.

When back home in Malaysia I always thinking how nice can eat this, can eat that in foreign counties I have been.Just like weeks before here in Auckland I bee planning what to eat in Auckland.What la now only 3 weeks away from home Im begin to miss Malaysian food such as Hokkian Cha, Nasi Lemak, Mamak Neslo, LokeLoke, Pig Long Powder, Asam Laksa and many many more.
This is me, when have this think of other things.

Malaysian Chinese should have no problem finding our very own local food around the World. Just like in Auckland, every where one does find Malaysian Restaurant serving our local food. But the Malaysian food here is so so la even one's can find Malaysian food such as Bak Kut Teh (KL Style can't find Klang style), Clay pot Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and even Ice ABC.When I oversea I don't eat our local food as I know it suck.But I believe if I stay in a certain country for a long time I definitely eat at Malaysian restaurant.
Anyhow next week I be back to KL so I just continue enjoy every minute of the food here.
As a Chinese saying says - 'Eat is Fortune'.
Every year at least once I be in Auckland, when back to this land, food I must eat or drink are:-

My Top 1
Sausages Buggar me I dunno why I so crazy of Kiwi BBQ Sausages. The sausages meat is mix meat of beef, lamb and pork. Maybe reason I like this type of sausages because very strong smell of meat( Ho So). Wherever I in NZ if happen to see selling this BBQ sausages , sure buy one.Even at home cook noodle and add the sausages damn good man.

My Top 2
Flat White. Just love this coffee with rich milk. Alone drinking this Flat White at street cafe while watching kiwi birds walking around.... just lovely lei.

My Top 3
Fish and Chips. Like this particular shop at Mission Bays. Beside Fish my favorite is Mussel and Scallop. Very nice if take away and eat at the park or seaside same time enjoy the refreshing air of New Zealand.The air is free one.

My Top 4
Mushroom Steak. This grilled mushroom steak at Rival Cafe- Mission Bay is a must eat each time I in Auckland. The meat just tender and it so nice eat together with the big NZ mushroom. Ho yummy ar !!.

My Top 5
BBQ Roast Pork (Siew Yok). They are many Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Auckland. I quite particular like this one at the city especially their Roast Pork. Very high standard. Very crispy and best eat together with beer. IMHO much better than Ipoh Market 10pm Siew Yok

I now miss Kl food.When back in KL the first thing I gonna eat is 'Pudu Hokkian Char'

Friday, December 16, 2005

Next Year More Expensive Go Pig Sea Play 19 Hole Golf.

Just back from Wellington after meeting up the 'Dai-SingSing'.Time pasess fast lei and i be back to KL next week after here in NZ almost 3 weeks.Whatever I need to spend real quality time with my family here.
This Morning saw this Double Decker Bus at Auckland City Downtown. Now days are quite normal seeing Malaysia Airline logo around the world la.
Either Proton or MAS.

This the only 1 double Decker you can see in Auckland as it only mean for City Sigh seeing.When in foreign countries is always happy seeing things related to my own countries.

'Lo Moh' this morning saw this bus with Malaysia Airline come back online wanna blog about this bus than saw the news on Star Online about airfare hike.I really suew

Malaysia Airline announce increasing its fares, Fare prices would increase between 5% and 14% effective from Jan 1 next year to Jan 1, 2007.I use to come down Auckland at least once every year which mean I usually pay RM 2,700(excluding Airport Tax ) for economic class, after rise I need to pay at least RM3k(also excluding Tax).Maybe I need to look out good price from Matta Fair.

Maybe in future use Oil Rich Countries Airline(such as Brunei Air)to travel la.

Wonder Cathay Airline or China Airline got rise or not?.
Better all rise up up la so all the 'LO PENG' in Malaysia think twice go to PIG SEA play 19 hole golf.Either sit economic class instead Business class la or only go play 18hole not the 19 hole.Best suggestion stay back in Malaysia la.. happy happy take their family holiday within in Malaysia.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Wanna understand more about this event? ..The links regarding this event Auckland City

Friday, December 09, 2005

New Zealand Christmas Tree 'Pohutukawa Tree'

This post is specially for Heather who commented on my last post regarding New Zealand Christmas Tree call 'Pohutukawa', also ask me did I visit Sky City.
Coincidence last two days while I was visiting one of the park in Auckland I manage to capture a picture of this Pohutukawa Tree and as today I was nearby Sky city, I also manage to took a picture of the Sky Tower.
Just like in Japan Spring there have Sakura and NZ December you can see this Pohutukawa bloming everyhere.To me is just like our Malaysian Rambutan friut tree.
Pohutukawa tree just beautiful

The Pohutukawa tree

At Parnell

Heather also provide me a link regarding this Tree.The Link. Thanks a lot Heather.

I did not enter the casino because just Ding-Ng-Soon watching a lot of La-La-Jai and La-La-Lui gambling there.Bugar1 they suppose study but use Lo-Tau blood sweat monies go all out!!..There are all really Pok-Kai-Jai or Pok-Kai-Lui

The Sky City Tower

Thursday, December 08, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland (2)

Victoria Park Market:- Don't know why Santa climb the tower?.Halo Santa now only 8th December, Not yet 24th December la

Queen Street-Human Puppet Music Box Model infront of a Shop.

Lynn Mall

Botany Town Centre(Howick)

- 6pm


Seems like the Christmas tree manage to communicate with the Moon.

This coming Saturday might attend Christmas at the park at Auckland City.If No rain will go la, Hope can Kau Gwei Lui, if get one or two I dont want to come back to KL la....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland

Some picture's took this past few days.Hope you all like it la.

St Luke Shopping Mall

Gwei Lo oso like 2 drink Kopi 1

Queens Street

Walk oso happy happy

Santa Parade at Downtown Queen street

Monday, November 28, 2005

Be Away Again

Need to go oversea again this coming Friday to attend my family matters, properly stay longer this time maybe 2 weeks to a month.Hope to be back before New Year.

Sorry and Thanks for dropping by.

Miss you all for sure

All the best to you la

Monday, November 21, 2005

I don’t want to eat Chicken Little

Last Saturday at Mid Valley together with a group of friends. also Jeremy and his family,wife Susan, son Kelvin 7 years old and daughter Elle 2 ½ years old.

Susan and kids will watch the movie ‘Chicken Little’ while we guys will play bowling at the Mid Valley bowling alley.

We plan earlier after the movie we will all meet up at KFC as Jeremy kids loves KFC.

We finish the game earlier so we decided go to KFC and wait for Susan & Kids.

While we were waiting and eating at KFC, Susan and the kids arrive.

But Elle was crying, when her dad ask her why she was crying, Susan tell us she does not want to eat at KFC because she does not want CHICKEN LITTLE TO DIE.

We laugh and laugh at ELLE, she just so cute. Luckily Jeremy being a wisdom father slowly tells Elle that Little Chicken will never die and KFC chicken is very much different , can be eaten.

Children are just wonderful, heart so pure and sincere. The best part of child heart is they don’t have this words call ‘Hatred’

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Scam Con Email

After reading Rojak post on Scam con email I recall I did recieve quite similar like Rojak email(pls read rojak post before continue) few days ago.

This Ham Ka Ling really Diew Lee Lo Mo Chou Fa Hai

Below the email (1)I recieve, (2)I reply(that phone I give is KL Mah Ta phone) and (3)Ham Ka Ling reply.

Hope this kind of 'Con email' a warning to us, exp for those might ignorant about this type of Con job.

As a Chinese saying goes

1st Email:-


adrian kambida
More options 12 Nov
TEL: + 27- 83-472-9685




I know you will be surprise to receive this mail; I got your contact through
the net when I was searching a reliable person who will assist my family out
of this predicament here in South Africa. I am ADRIAN KAMBIDA, a son of a
rich farmer in Zimbabwe Late Mr. PHILIP KAMBIDA. My father was assassinated
last two years in the war zone area in Zimbabwe.

My mother and my two younger sisters are presently in South Africa, where we
were granted political asylum. I inherited the sum of US$13.7 Million
my father; these money has been successfully conveyed to me into
South-Africa and was deposited in private security and finance company by my
late father. I have every document to this fund including my father's last

My reason for contacting you is that this country is know longer a safe
place for my family investment for the fear of encountering the same
experience of my late father in future since the both countries has the same
political history and common boundary, based on this point we seek for your
assistance as a reliable partner to do this
Transaction with us abroad.

If you are interested in assisting us to invest this money in your country
or becoming my partner in business, please try to contact me on the above
number as soon as possible.
Endeavor to keep this transaction very private and confidential, because
it's my family lifetime future investment.

What will be your percentage for assisting us?

Best Regard.


I reply and he reply back:-

Wong Tat Swee
to adrian
More options 14 Nov (5 days ago)
Mr Adrian Kambida,

Thanks for your email.
I'm sure I can assists your goodself as I have few companies in
Malaysia,Hong Kong and Indonesia.
I can be contacted by this number:-

+ 603-22XX XXX

Best Regard

Wong Tat Swee

adrian kambida
to me
More options 14 Nov (5 days ago)

Dear Wong,

I must thank you for your willingness to assist me and my family to transfer this fund into your account for investment purpose with your advice.

I was try to call you on the number that you sent to me so that I we explain everything to you on the phone to know the right dissection of your mind. also I want to know if is possible for you to come down to Johannesburg south Africa for us to conclude this transaction so fast like under two or three working days with assistance of the banker that we help us in this transaction

Waiting for your urgent reply?

Call me on 27-83-472-9685.or send me your mobile number for more discussion.

Best regards,


Buggar if I go there sure take my money, kill me by chopping me into pieces and feed the Lions

Friday, November 18, 2005

When The Sky Is Clear The Ground Is Illuminated

This picture was taken by Peter Tan friend William from Peter post‘Day Trip To Genting Highland Resorts.’( Thanks Peter)

About my last post, Bertie perform in Genting,Peter commented my post,visit his great side, Wow!! saw that beautiful picture above.
With permission from Peter I would like to blog about this picture so happen on the same night while we traveling back from Genting after the concert, we were taken aback on that beautiful sight. Able to see that beautiful view considers 1st for me.
Been to Genting,especially Awana countless time, but never ever see that KL sight before. We just like children in the car, so excited with that beautiful city sight.

We will analyzing how come we able to see the KL view.

We recall when we were on our way to Genting about 7pm it was raining heavily. At one point i was thinking to stop by the road side as I was having difficulties driving because of heavy mist . Than must be the early downpour, now the sky is clear we albe to see the City. Jeremy my friends was saying just like one song lyris sings ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’.

We are human fill with emotion , one way or another we have to face difficulties in our life, light rain, heavy rains, thunderstorms, macam macam rain but we must believe those rain is just a matter of time will go away. The best part is after the rain the sky is clearer, and the ground soil became harder after the soil dry up.

"When the sky is clear the ground is illuminated , the ground will became harden later".


Monday, November 14, 2005


"Oh a kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh
Please come back to me in Casablanca
I love you more and more each day as time goes by"
Haha I dunno whether you heard these songs before but for those 80’s ppl this song ‘Casablanca’ by Bertie Higgins damn hit one. But even if we are not the 80’s era ppl , this song considers Karaoke all time favorite. I sure to sing this song because I like that lyrics “A KISS IS STILL A KISS’

Last Saturday Jeremy calls me again asking me to join him and his wife to watch Bertie Higgins live concert in Genting. Thinking no EPL football that Saturday evening so why not.

I don’t know who this Bertie Higgins was when Jeremy call , but Jeremy knows I’m the China Ah Man he use the hit song Casablanca to get me join them for this concert.

Me prefer Rocks, but since no where to go so just follow la.

When arrive Genting just in time 8pm and as we were taking the escalator to the concert hall on the 1st floor, I saw my highly respected blogger Peter Tan at the ground floor hotel lobby , I wanna to say hi to him but because I on my way to 1st floor I forgo the idea, but seeing him to me like seeing a superstar. He looks very cheerful.(I dunno whether he also attend this concert??)

Bugar! when I go inside all I can see is mostly uncle, auntie’s, only few youngsters. I was preparing a boring evening, maybe just listen Casablanca and just sleep there.

But I was very very wrong , this Kwei Lo Bertie Higgins and his band call 'The Band of Pirates' really can rock big time , the music is kind of country rock but it damn nice man. His voice damn macho and his showmanship really 1st class international despite he having jet leg as he only arrive late Friday night and sleep at 3am.

When he sing his hit number ‘ Key Largo’ , 'Another day in Paradise' and of course ‘Casablanca’ everyone cheer and sing along with them.
Too bad the crowd too tame la, if a lot of youngster there sure rock & dance one. I was thinking to stand up dancing but don’t want la, scare everybody focus me more than him so no good la as he also sing very good so give him chance la, further more Genting no pay me mai.
Not only Bettie give such a good performance, his band also damn good.

Because of the crowd demand he echo the songs ‘Casablanca again.
Tell you la when he sings that song I think back my childhood past when at that time this song come about.

Songs and music really so powerful can bring one’s heart into emotional stage.

Haha when I listen to Bertie songs two wonderful blogger lady came to my mind..from ipoh and Penang.

After the performance he stay back and sign autograph for us.

Me, No regret attend Bertie concert and one of the best concert I attended so far.


Bertie Higgins
Well known for his hits 'Key Largo''Just Another Day in Paradise', 'Casablanca' and 'Pirates and Poets'.Bertie, who once supported himself as a sponge diver, began his career in show business at the age of twelve as a ventriloquist. His big break came when he was working on a song on his personal failed romance. The song which later became known as 'Key Largo' was released in 1981 and pop music history was made. Other hit singles by Bertie became 'Song Of The Year' in the Pacific Rim and the album hit double platinum status. Bertie became an international star overnight.
His love songs explore the efforts of man trying to fathom the mystery and allure of women. His songs on fantasy focus on the beauty and sensuality of the tropics.
He is listed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and also in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon. Besides being a stage performer, songwriter and vocalist, he is also an accomplished screenwriter, novelist and actor.
(extract from Genting.com)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Done Some Renovation On My Blog Wor

Since September I started to blog I was thinking just play Three play Four. But I never imagine got many regular readers drop by my site hear me talk rubbish’s. I really shy shy and thank you all very much for dropping by my blog , just want you nice people out there have some good laugh mai as how silly I’m.

At times I was thinking to stop blogging for various reasons

I oso found out this BlogWorld got different clan one wor ,I friend you, you friend me, I don't friend you ,U don't friend me,

I think is quite normal la because blog oso involve human emotional too mai. I don’t know how long I will blog la, maybe when my prime intention within me had change la.
Even no one see my blog I still have a long way to write some of my silly story of me, futhermore this two three months I learn so much things exp on I.T.

I realise I’m quite ‘IN’ in this blogging things, just like this morning I spend almost 6 hours do up my blog renovation.
U know la , I not good in renovation, but I go find find good paint from paint shop, go find find good developer who have good lay out so can use it to renovate my blog. Some more I don’t know how to mix the paint to have certain colors and have to find some paint catalogue to help me mix certain colors I like,

When put up the signboard , the signboard sometime become to big sometime become too small until I have to adjust almost 11 times.

Earlier my home show greenly image just like country side, as I think think since I live in KL City why don’t I put my home with a KL City View image .

I love sunset as during the evening I always like a dragon with full of energy become night devil but when during day time I like a lazy snake because got working mai.

After my hard work on my blog renovation , maybe I go get some fire crackers and let go some 'bang' 'bang' ....also call Lion Dance come and do the opening of my new home hoh. If I do all this thing sure got Luck mai..so when you visit my blog you also got luck mai.

See I good or not?

Anyway hope u all like this new renovation


Monday, November 07, 2005

Another top 10 why buy pirated vcd

Everybody having long holiday but for me since Thursday I kena food poisioning and only yesterday night with some friends watch M.U vs Chelsea at Mamak.Maybe this holiday I destine to get sick so can really sleep and rest.Ding Lee Lo Fai.

Today on the net after reading this BBC news Malaysia warned over pirated CDs and this post I recall having a silly convensation with some of my kaki regarding pirate vcd.This post I'm not promoting pirated CD, VCD, DVD, software.As for me I don't support Pirated Stuff but I very kaisu I always look for Freeware stuff that why my pc anytime will KO.

Some of the silly jokes we talk about:-

More jobs for school leaver who does not want to further their study and want to get rich fast especially Ah Lok, Ah Ming always dream of owning Honda CV with DLS Speakers in the shortest times.

  1. Reduce crime rate as Ah Lok ,Ah Ming busy selling VCD,DVD , where got time do bad things.
  2. When Pirate VCD business good, got more money , Bosses can set up Loan Shark Company. More option of borrowing monies instead of banks mai.
  3. Help Ah Lok, Ah Peng learn English as they have to know the English Movie title name .
  4. Not only Ah Lok, Ah Peng learn English, they can even talk to John, Mary at Chee-Cheong-Kai(PStreet) in English. When John, Mary go back their country we tell their friends even Road Site Stall people can talk very well in English. Help to sell Malaysia tourism as Malaysian known as English speaking country.
  5. Will encourage parents to buy computers for their kids as pirate computer games so cheap. Kids won’t hang around Cyber cafe or steal parents money go play play at cyber cafe. Play at home won’t mix with bad company.
  6. Parents also can monitor what games their children plays .Not Counter Strike game la, shoot here shoot there so violent. Let them play Sim City so when they big they can become developer or City Mayor instead become terrorist fighter or terrorist himself.
  7. Long Holiday won’t be so boring as no day no night just watch pirate VCD/DVD. So cheap at times DVD can go until $10 for 3.Spend $50 you can have 30 hours solid watching your favorite movie.
  8. So many classical movies for self collection. James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Anthony Hopkin eat people movie..…etc..
  9. No need to borrow or exchange movie we like to watch. .So cheap own self can buy. When borrow from friends no return sure fight, what for fight because of borrowing tapes.
  10. No need spend hours download songs from internet or slow down our computers. $5 can get more than 150 MP3 songs. Save time man.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

my fren Ravindren -Tall Dark Handsome A Man Full Of Energy

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
Heavenly King Released ????

Only sleep this morning 5am as all night play dota online.Baggar me I so old still play game online. Even my Kaki got call me go drink drink no go la becoz last whole week damn busy so thinking rest rest la.
When woke up about 11am check my phone, dew lia sing got 3 miss call. All from my Indian friend Ravindren.
Call back and diew me why no pick up phone but I dew him back say deepavali still want to dew dew me. Actually he just remind me tonight must come to his house in Subang for Deepavali gathering. Some of my Indian friends I knows also be there.

Almost year year Ravi will organize Deepavali gathering at his house. He will call all his football friends like me. I ho like go to his house not only meet up old friends but enjoy the festival cookies.

The type I love the best not the Muruku..dunno how to say …there round round one, white one, when eat inside mouth cannot talk one , if talk all the powder inside the mouth puke out one…aiya if u know what I telling let me know la ..anyway tonight ask Ravi la.

Since I blog about my Chinese friend last post as today being Deepavali why don’t I blog about this good friend of mine. Haha maybe two more days I will blog a Malay friends I got since it will be Hari raya on Thursday. Kekeke got so many things to blog mei.

My good fren Ravi I use to call him Macha( brother in law in Tamil) we knew each other from football game .We knows each other at the age of 13( we the same age). He does not come from a well off family as his father works in a Mill factory in Puchong and his mother as a cleaner in one of the hospital in PJ.

We meet each other from a friendly game and dunno how he and his group of friends join our group playing football.
Ravi is a nice chap even he is very playfool like me, but he damn kau in sport. He dunno tire one and he is full of energy. He even represent Selangor School under 15 . Later year I ask him why don’t he become professional football he answer me saying Malaysian football very celaka and cannot cari makan and also at that time many football player in Malaysia was caught for throwing out games..maybe one of the reasons discourage him for playing further. But now we still play social football or futsal

Later he continue his study and now he is a lawyer. One time when he was studying Law he told I can go on become Tai Koh( Big Brother) so when I get caught by Lo Shui(police) he will fight my case and get me out..this This Ravi dew Lei sing where got friend friend like that one? , but I told him I will become real Towkay(Tycoon) one day he will take care all my assets. Haha I now still dreaming. Ravi got married late last year .

Few things I always remember Ravi beside as good friends, football, I will always remember him of his dancing( he can dance all night at the club without taking any sweets), he crazy for bolloywood movie star and the Indian traditional game he took us along and play. The game call ‘KABADDI’

..................................................... Here some of the infor/ rules of this game from this web site (http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/kabaddi/index.html) In Kabaddi, two teams compete with each other for higher scores, by touching or capturing the players of the opponent team. Each team consists of 12 players, of which seven are on court at a time, and five in reserve. The two teams fight for higher scores, alternating defense and offense. The playing area is 12.50m x 10m, divided by a line into two halves. The game consists of two 20 minute halves, with a break of five minutes for change of sides. The side winning the toss sends a 'raider', who enters the opponents' court chanting, 'kabaddi-kabaddi'. The raider's aim is to touch any or all players on the opposing side, and return to his court in one breath. The person, whom the raider touches, will then be out. The aim of the opposing team, will be to hold the raider, and stop him from returning to his own court, until he takes another breath. If the raider cannot return to his court in the same breath while chanting 'kabaddi', he will be declared out. Each team alternates in sending a player into the opponents' court. If a player goes out of the boundary line during the course of the play, or if any part of his body touches the ground outside the boundary, he will be out, except during a struggle. The team scores a lona (a bonus of two points), if the entire opposition is declared out. The game then continues by putting all the players on both sides. Matches are staged on the basis of age-groups, and weight. Seven officials supervise a match - one referee, two umpires, two linesmen, a time keeper and a scorer. Picture From http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/kabaddi/index.html
Picture from www.kabaddi.org

Ravi got some friend staying near Puchong and Old Klang Road who use to play during weekend.

Few time Ravi and others Indian friends brought us along and play with some of the Indian boys there .The people playing range from young age 13 to even age 40 with big tummy. One good things about this Indian boys/mans, there accept us as Chinese boys, Malay boys who play their Indian traditional game.

This game at time can be very rough and can easily get hurt but we always maintain good friendship after the games. I'm of the Chinese joker that always makes everybody laugh during the game. When I become 'raider , I suppose to chant kabaddi..kabaddi....but I chant DIEW LEI MA... DIEW LEI MA (F your Mother) They understand what I says, also I'm not suppose to chant other than ‘ Kabaddi’ but they are very accommodate .

We all enjoy the games very much.

How nice I can play this game again.

my Fren SiewMeanFu- Talk Cantonese 4 letter words la

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
Heavenly King rearrested

Sunday Morning went back my PJ home town with one of my childhood friend ‘Siew Mean Fu’(Smiling Tigar Face) went for Yam Cha(drink tea)Both of us from same town and together we had contributed a lot of nuisance to the society.

Both of us now have a proper decent job now, those days we does a lot Pimp Moon activities.

While we enjoying our dim sum we talk about our present situation, even both of us earning just enough for a little saving we are very much happy. He told me last week someone ask him organise few stalls sell pirate dvd because next week is a festival session, lots of enforcement ppl balik kampong but he decline the business offer telling them he had decided not to involve no more. Maybe now he is married with two kids, Now he works as sub –contractors.

They are many stories why we change, maybe I will blog later more my past deed.

But one thing we never change when we talk to each other are the 4 Cantonese letter words. We enjoy using Cantonese swearing.

Friendly canto vulgarities a MUST such as :-
Dew (F**k)
dew Lia Sing( F**k you till up)
Sor Hai (Silly pussy)
Hai Yan( pussy ppl)
Hai Lon (pussy hole)
Sor Lang(silly dick)
Lang Tau(dick head)
Choon Dau ( testicles)
Hu Ham Jak ( Go suck dick)
Ham Lan (Suck dick)
Mai Hai ( muther pussy)
Fa Hai (flower pussy)
Chow Fa Hai (Smelly flower pussy)
Hai Lat (Pussy drops-mean die die or something wrong)
Mei Hai (what pussy just like WTF)
Lei Gon Mei Lan( What the F**k you talking)
Lang See (Dick Shit)
Lang See Lang Yong (Face like Dick Shits mean Arrogant Look
or just by LCLY )
See Fart ( Buttock)
See Fart Long (Asshole)

Many many more…………

Mild swearing without sex organ term:-

Pok Kai Yau( drop on the street – bankruptcy)
Lia Sing (from dew lia sing with just u up)
Lee Lo Mei( your old things –lo mei is kind of Cantonese small eat food)
Ding Lee Lo Fa( poke your old liver)
Ding ( Poke).
Pak Poh (Bitch)
Ham Sup Poh ( Horny women)
Ham Sup Lo (Horny man)
Lee Hu Sei La ( You go and die)
Sei Yan Tou ( Dead Head)
G Thou Peng ( Pig Head )
Sek Si All Fan,Yum liew All Thong(eat shit-shit rice/drink urine piss soup. Mean dumb)
Hu Sek See ( Go eat shit)
Yak Chiew (Eat Banana)

Or some time replace those vulgar with a ‘Q;
Example: What the F**k -> What the ‘Q’

This days I don’t use much of this vulgarities despite some of my client speak more tera vulgar. But funny when meet up any buddies of mine this kinds of language will at least occupy 30 % of our conversation. I have few good friend such as lawyer, doctors ..haha we still use this swearing, maybe it kind of way make us closer in our friendly talk.

But never never use this , they are very real bad only for really angry:

diew Lee Lo Mo ( F your muther)
diew Lee Lo Mo Far Hai ( F your Muther Flower crab*)
Lee Lo Mo Chow Far Hai (Your muther smelly Flower crab*)
* Flower Crab means bad pussy
Ham Ka Chan ( All Family die, but no vulgarites but is a very sick swearing)
Ham Ka Fu Kai ( Same as the above All Family Die but this words is actually means bleasing to family )
Ham Ka Ling ( Similar as above)
Something on Ham Ka is consider bad.

While we were enjoying drinking Chinese tea with Smiling Tiger Face we recall a very funny incident when we were only about 16 years old:-

We were drinking teh tarik at mamak stalls together with friends around our age.
As usual we we swear a lot Diew here Diew there Ma here Ma there, than an old man( about 60 years old )sit next to our table suddenly scolded us:


We all : Kept quite but dare not laugh( but after he leave we laugh until we die lo)


If you want to hear some kau kau cantonese swearing online go Yahoo chat room - Regional -> China -> either Hong Kong 1 ,2 / China 3,4,8.Sometime can hear swearing between US Chinese vs Europe Chinese vs Vietnamese vs Hongkie vs even Malaysian

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bloging Now Is Not A Game To Play Play

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
KL jam here jam there all go shop shop bank bank ready balik kampong

This 3 days I so Q busy working but never miss the ‘Woo Ha’ in SingMaBlog as when I log in Chee-Cheong-Kai this at least 10 to 15 talk 3 talk 4 about XiaXue things wan. I want to play warcraft also cannot becoz so many up3 up4 to see. Don’t know why so many ppl got Train-Eyes? . This Xiaxue is really power wor , as now I really scare she very the angry until she call all her LaLa blogder girl to form a ‘Pink Lady Gang’ and start a 'Mao Zedong' Long March from Singapore to KL to counter protest whoever baggar put the boycott products on the blog.I actually want to put one but sure other bloggers say I two head snake bcoz early I wrote a letter to her asking can I form a Fan-C club for her and now want to put boycott product I sure kena diew wan. I think I prefer form a Fan-c club for her bcoz she says mostly a loyal readers are teenager girl , than I sure can kau her loyal supporter. Hey ! you all think I talk shit ar.! ..I give you a count dead grass:-

She say everyday got 10,000 visit her blog , if 10% is her loyal teenager girl means got 1,000 teenager girl. I don’t want greedy la I take only 10% of 10% means got 100 girls wor..
WAU LAU ..got so many choices I no need day day dream of Fire Angel.

Let imagine again if her 1,000 loyal fan come marching in, you all scare or not?.You all think won’t happen mei ..She asks them turn right they turn right they turn left they turn left.Aiyah I just talk cock la where her fan got so stupid one..it just only a blog only wor..is just like playing See-Saw where got people so stupid wan. I hope this festival session everybody will forget and forgive la. Bloging is to share share some of the joy inside our heart on the day day sometime we so hard to express out.
To me xiaxue is like my next door uncle daughter, a nice girl trying her best to grown up in the bright spotlight.It not easy for a girl in a situation 'Bukan Sini Bukan Sana'....She will be having hard time adjusting this big wave ...mayb one day She learn and really grown up than She will become great lei.Anyway is none of my Q business lei.

I also want to tell you something I very very the HAPPY today. This happy better than wining on9 warcraft(dota) game….wining lottery or fly kite.
Last week I wrote a post on a blog about Thank You. just now I look c look c some blog I saw one girl saw my post and she blog saying she will follow a similar ways of mine Thank You by doing apologies to her love one and friends. I feel so touch and damn Q happy. That day my good friend Fei-Jai asks me why I waste so much time now on blog ..it is because can make money on blog I say No. it is becoz kau lui I say Yes but bcoz too bad my England so bad no girl until now want me but today I feel so Q happy at least 1 person does happy things to others until she happy and now I oso happy.

I day day only got average 100 ppl visit my blog if 10% of the 100 ppl read my post become happy I HO HAPPY.

Ding-Lee-lo-Fei I did not know just blogging can so much effect on others who just read!!!. So don't think Bloging is a simple thing as now even politician oso blog .

But I also don’t want famous bcoz if I have too many readers reads my blog one day the Educational Ministry Department people will cari me to screw me upside down for making so many Malaysian people jatuh standard in our England speaking.

Anyway I just blog not for income la or whatever la, just for a small group of people that I could make them happy I happy la.


Note:- kekeke I have stop smoking for the past 6 days after cutting down smoking almost 2 weeks ago.one of the reason to save the smoking money for PETER HAIR FOR HOSPICE. Thanks Peter you are great

Also whoever balik kampong or go for holiday Please DRIVE SAFELY as I want to read your post after this long holiday.

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

'The Women Who Refused To Get Up’

Rosa Parks 1913 – 2005
Rosa Parks one of my favorite living icon pass away on Monday.
Also known as ‘The Woman Who Changed a Nation’ and 'The Woman Who Refused To Get Up'.

Some Links :-


La Shawn Barber Corner

The Time 100



MiniShots wants hug hug today

Today is this LengLui Cow-One and she wants Hug Hug from everyone. 5did go to her blog and give her hug hug as I cannot because this morning overslept forget spray "Deodorant" when come to work. I just wish her Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did you received SMS asking for Help today ?

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
In Kota Kinabalu former state minister has been detained after a 20-year-old youth was shot dead after a fight.

Today recieved (7) same sms on my phone:-

'Need ur help 2 4ward 2those hv bllod type AB negative.Need urgently 4 NgKxxnSxxg at Hsp at hsp Universiti PJ.Ward XX, RoomXX hp 01X-XXXXXX, send 2others pls,very urgent'

The first SMS I received was last night and 5di call that number hoping I might help but the phone was off with full voice message. This morning again received this forward SMS,again call that number, again off phone with message.
Than I realize he must have off the phone as a lot people been calling.

Normally when I received 'SOS SMS' I won’t forward knowing well we Malaysian are very CARING PEOPLE, if I continue forward and it might become a nuisance instead helping the patient family.

So how ar when we receive this type of sms ..am I doing right for not forwarding?...am I taking for granted we Malaysian are Caring people?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Two BIG BILLBOARD Advertisement at KL Jalan Bukit Bintang

Two Big Billboard Advertisement (Below the Giant TV Screen) side by side at the end of Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur caught my sor sor imagination.

Left side Billboard advertise Emmy Award-winning TV show ‘LOST', Right side billboard advertise an Airline.

numerous of time when I caught in the jam instead of seeing the giant screen advertisement, this two billboard advertisement side by side caught my attention very much, to me as though this two advert have inter link.