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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Scam Con Email

After reading Rojak post on Scam con email I recall I did recieve quite similar like Rojak email(pls read rojak post before continue) few days ago.

This Ham Ka Ling really Diew Lee Lo Mo Chou Fa Hai

Below the email (1)I recieve, (2)I reply(that phone I give is KL Mah Ta phone) and (3)Ham Ka Ling reply.

Hope this kind of 'Con email' a warning to us, exp for those might ignorant about this type of Con job.

As a Chinese saying goes

1st Email:-


adrian kambida
More options 12 Nov
TEL: + 27- 83-472-9685




I know you will be surprise to receive this mail; I got your contact through
the net when I was searching a reliable person who will assist my family out
of this predicament here in South Africa. I am ADRIAN KAMBIDA, a son of a
rich farmer in Zimbabwe Late Mr. PHILIP KAMBIDA. My father was assassinated
last two years in the war zone area in Zimbabwe.

My mother and my two younger sisters are presently in South Africa, where we
were granted political asylum. I inherited the sum of US$13.7 Million
my father; these money has been successfully conveyed to me into
South-Africa and was deposited in private security and finance company by my
late father. I have every document to this fund including my father's last

My reason for contacting you is that this country is know longer a safe
place for my family investment for the fear of encountering the same
experience of my late father in future since the both countries has the same
political history and common boundary, based on this point we seek for your
assistance as a reliable partner to do this
Transaction with us abroad.

If you are interested in assisting us to invest this money in your country
or becoming my partner in business, please try to contact me on the above
number as soon as possible.
Endeavor to keep this transaction very private and confidential, because
it's my family lifetime future investment.

What will be your percentage for assisting us?

Best Regard.


I reply and he reply back:-

Wong Tat Swee
to adrian
More options 14 Nov (5 days ago)
Mr Adrian Kambida,

Thanks for your email.
I'm sure I can assists your goodself as I have few companies in
Malaysia,Hong Kong and Indonesia.
I can be contacted by this number:-

+ 603-22XX XXX

Best Regard

Wong Tat Swee

adrian kambida
to me
More options 14 Nov (5 days ago)

Dear Wong,

I must thank you for your willingness to assist me and my family to transfer this fund into your account for investment purpose with your advice.

I was try to call you on the number that you sent to me so that I we explain everything to you on the phone to know the right dissection of your mind. also I want to know if is possible for you to come down to Johannesburg south Africa for us to conclude this transaction so fast like under two or three working days with assistance of the banker that we help us in this transaction

Waiting for your urgent reply?

Call me on 27-83-472-9685.or send me your mobile number for more discussion.

Best regards,


Buggar if I go there sure take my money, kill me by chopping me into pieces and feed the Lions


wingz said...

haha not so fast la ... they kidnap u 1st then ask your family to send ransom, after that they only chop u into pcs n feed to the hyenaa, lion too rare liow by now hahaha

93~94 said...

haha..thanks Wingz for warning

Alex said...

i get too many scam letters nowadays. maybe i can refer the Immigration Australia (DIMIA) office number to them. wahahha.

helen said...

Thank God for the Yahoo spam filter. It made my life so much easier. On the other hand, I just realized I got more spam mail than real mail. Gotta get myself a life!!

allison said...

hahahaaa!! i like ur translation man! yes, indeed there'll be no kap lar chui kai thew. somemore is tai jek one, where got? aiihhh wai you kai juk ngai lar...

93~94 said...

KEKEKE..u know la i being a half past english ed nor here no there.

Yvy said...

are you sure they wont have YOU for dinner? lol ;)

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh always got a standard reply to all this mail and it's like this:

I also got many millions ! Why not you give me your account number and Lin Peh transfer to you ?!!