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Sunday, March 09, 2008

One day in Politics indeed a LONG TIME

My last post " One day in Politics indeed a Long Time seems came true after yesterday election result.Some top leaders might had to end their political career.
Samy Vellu had the worst birthday on his birthday, morning a Tamil newspaper wishing him happy birthday and calling him the greatest man ever born but before midnight he received the rejected birthday gift from the people.

Even the opposition party leaders surprise with the result
A good sign in Malaysia politics without 2/3 majority, and it could be a long year in this year 2008 as some local government level going for a massive changes.

Changes topic, talk about football.One of my favorite player in the english league is Didier Drogba.Properly he won't stay long in Chelsea as Barcelona ,AC Milan wants to sign him.Well the transfer market will reopen June July August. Will take note on my favorite player which team he will play next session .