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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Can’t Believe Another Year

Every year after Christmas, days before the New Year I use to review myself what I had done for the year, see what goes right, what goes wrong , how I perform, did I felt right, did I dictate myself , did I being selfish and hurts others?. Later I normally put up a resolution for the next year.

My blog on New Years poem post I posted on 1st January this year title:-

“Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!”

I wrote :-

“The path we walk was long, but we walk with a song.

There were fears and tears, but we also had reasons for cheers.

No matter how great the turbulence it gets!

We know that we will see it through!"

At that time my feeling some how was down due to my niece fighting her 3rd stage of cancer. She passes away this year July.

I was preparing for the pain, but somehow as the poem I wrote I found the cheers, understand and happy the reasons she live in this world although pass away in a young age.

I learn from this experience is important beginning of the year to resolute move forward rather than allow the external circumstance in control my life.

Beside my emotional state this year, what I regretted most is less time spend with my family, using making $ as lame excuses of no time. Although my daughter do well in her studies I should not take for grated she will be same next year. Next year more time with my family will be my main priority

This morning I receive an email on all good quotes.

Good for me one by one review myself how much I put on this year, than again set I mentally well for next year.

The email quotes I received:-

Gratitude opens the heart.

Among friends there are no good-byes.

We cannot always do great things in life, but we can do small things
with great love.

The organs weep the tears the eyes refuse to shed

The important thing is this; to be ready to sacrifice what you are for
what you could become.

A ship is safe in harbour - but that's not what ships are for.

What is to give light must endure burning.

Our prayers are always answered - it's just that God sometimes says no.

That you should find your happiness.

Dreams are where your realities are exchanged for infinite

When all is said and done - more is said than done.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.

Faults are thick when love is thin.

I will fully make use this few days, recharge myself, ready again for next year, after all we should enjoy for journey in life.

One of my wishes for year 2007, SCB fully recover.

Happy Boxing Days and " HaPPy New YeAr


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wishing Everyone " Merry Christmas". Have a good time, If Drink Don't Drive .Have a Good Holiday, For all southern Malaysian hope you everything alright..Take care

With Lots of Luv

Nine3 Nine3

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Want Christmasyy Fever La

Orchard Road-Singapore

Most of the my blogger kaki had put up Xmas template, Lin Peh had organise Christmas Sing Song project, Cocka put himself Santa nake picture, King Wife play with cool Xmas template even Rojak Handsome photo had change to Santa.

Every year normally at this time have the Xmas fever up to my neck but this year still at my foot. Maybe lately damn 9 busy.

Been to Singapore walk around orchard road, lopor had put up Christmas tree and she had arrange family 2 night stay at one of the resort..still hor...no feeling yet.

Maybe few things day day to do to get Christmasyy fever:-

Morning in Car play CD "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (You Better Watch Out You Better No Cry)

When in my office room, blast my room air-con High-Cold and play MP3 - "Winter Wonderland"

When at Public Rest Room when I pee pee and someone beside I will sing " Jingle Bell Rock"

When raining while driving play- Let it Snow,Let it Snow, Let it Snow,

When see old flame online at messenger play song online " Last Christmas "

Change my Handphone ringtone " I Saw My Mummy Kiss Santa Claus "

Arr Whatever la..let it be la..Christmasy fever or not Ho Ho Ho..... the important is oneself happy la and family in perfect health.

I just updated SCB blog ..so good news. ..Yipeeee.....Link here


Monday, December 04, 2006

Sing Along With Good Plug-In Lyrics

When at office alone, doing my work I would listen MP3 songs from my computer, it helps in my work and think better. When too stress up I would simply stop doing anything and just enjoy the song, it help smoothen my nerve at time.
When I want to sing along the song I would Google search for the song lyrics

Now I don’t have to search for the song Lyrics

Last night stumble a good website call Lyrics plug-in with free download of add-on to view lyrics in Win Amp or Windows Media Player. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically.

Try many songs, result about 70% I able to get the lyrics display on my Window Media Player

Try it out Guys

One setback No HamSup song Lyrics Like Rojak and Cocka use to play. maybe two of them create this program software..sure make many people Happy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A good news from my Aiya Sister

Known this pretty girl 3 years ago through business contract. This LengLui sure makes Man saliva dripping out, I’m no different either, but she not only nice but smart too. We talk like old friends, treat her just like my little sister. I had seen her steady once and indeed both suite well as that guy look like Rains the Korean Actor.

One evening this Aiya sister call me crying as she having break off with her Lengjai Boyfriend

The next few days I sms’s and call her often, seem she doing fine with the break off.

But months later she call me saying she now in Europe. I was surprise and also glad she make a point to call me and accept me as her good friend

She continue SMS’s me and calling me. But after few months no news from her. And I lost her overseas phone numbers.

After almost 2 years now, just now she give me a call and it’s really makes my day.

She back in Malaysia and She back to her profession. What inspire me that she told me she actually go there without any purpose, she even works in a factory few months.

She manage to get over it.

Now she back almost a months and she feeling great.

What a good news I received today, one reasons get me back to write a post to express my inner joy for this Aiya Sister of mine.

By the way I'm back blogging after been chase by Mr Ah Long all over Asia last 40 days. Lin Peh and Wingz of Rojak day day see newspaper to check whether I been chop 18 pices..but..I Big Life

Place I am now blogging..not my home , a hotel in Penang

Friday, October 06, 2006

haPPy Mid Autumn Festival

Here in KL no Autumn, everyday here is summer, whatever we Chinese will celebrate Chinese calendar 8 month 15 days know as Mid Autumn Festival or MoonCake Festival today.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Yeah !

Although our neighbour Country is having Big Time Babecue Party and all the smoke came over..whatever la..enjoy tonight festival either in dinner or outdoor eat mooncake do enjoy the view of the Moon ( dunno can see or not ??)

Still can play lattern inside the house with lights off.Those day lantern come with candles but now many lattest lantern come with AA batteries so it safe alrigh.My son crazy of Ultraman..Yo!! I have one too..so tonight both of us will enjoy again playing Ultraman lantern

Note:-being busy lately so did not update my blog past week.Titoki and Survon will own you both a post once I back in track

Also thanks a lot for all the wonderful comment given on the last post.Thanks Yeah !


Thursday, September 28, 2006

My 1 Year Blog

Trying to blog about my one year as Blogger since last Friday but don’t want to put up a new post in replace of my last entries ‘5 decade Miss Universe’. Just wanna enjoy each times log in my blog the front post can see so many LengLui( Beautiful Women’s)

Thinking of putting up my one year lame report such as putting up my past template screenshot’s, write about my blog friends I knew (meet or not yet), vote my lousiest post I ever post..blah blah blah… but past few days Can't do it because ‘No Eat Full Something To Do’

Whatever is 'NO BIG DEAL ' of me blogging for one year, but until now I don’t understand myself why I still continue blogging ? . Seeking attention?? , Some hidden agenda??, Seeking for space??..More friends ?? Looking for partners ??

Seems none of it, but I need an answer so badly.
I decided by finding the ANSWERS went to my bathroom mirror, start staring at the mirror, looking at myself left right , right left to figure out why?.

The more I look at myself in the mirror I can only imagine if Lin Peh new stock of Pio Mei(new shipment just arrive today) see my faces , they sure want to fork me one because I got damn ‘Bin-Tai(pervert) looks

Back to serious, I started Blogging because of 2 to 3 Bloggers, after reading their blog as a silent reader for almost a year , just wanna play play on them by posting about them and relink back to my blog. Maybe just wanna have fun after reading blogs for a year or maybe a kind of escapee of some reality in my life(My 1st post here) I tend to enjoy it after few post, properly people read my post.

One of my earlier 9394 banner

With my early intention not to reveal my identity or just stay as Anonymous Coward as long as I can, just blog on the actual incidents happen in the last 10 to 20 years ago while I was still struggling as a youth by creating a post as though it happing in this present situation. That why I call myself “Wong Tat Swee’ and getting a new Gweilo name ‘Desmond(My real name is not Desmond) and try to be funny .
Remind myself I will never reveal my identity.Only after my first meeting with some Blogger's on March 16 , my indentity slowly reveal to this cyber world.Until now I still want to maintain annoymous on this blog with many reasons.

my 1st blogger Meet-up on 16th march 2006

As months goes by without my realization a kind friendship being build, I seems to enjoy blogging, it keep me going.

My earlier post are full of rubbish, fun, no head no tails but due to some trouble in my family in NZ I became sober in my posting and many at times just wanna close shop. Even changing my blog nickname from 9394 to 9393

To my surprise the bloggers and readers are so much different the way they projected themselves in the blog, they are wonderful, sending emails, massagers messaging, sms, calling, meet up when knowing I have some trouble in my life. Anytime they will give you a word of wisdom, encouragements when you are down with no reward in returns.

June Raining Morning--just arrive my NZ home but She had gone a day before

Never imagine some bloggers and readers will give me so much support when I have a major breakdown this mid year. They have no valid reason's to support me.Thank you all for getting me back to my dancing shoes, dance again in my life stages, will always remember your kind words and support. Thank you all.

Another main reason that's keep me blogging is SCB .I’m looking forward for her return to comment on my blog one day.

Maybe all this reasoning keeps me blogging month after month.

So what my next ?…..........continue to become Desmond Wong Tat Swee ? or continue staring at mirror and fall in love with myself?, whatever the reasons is (still blur blur), my wish is thats with all those 'No-Head-No-Tails posting I could lighten everyone DAY's with some cheers

Thank you all for Standing Beside My BLOG
...and the beats goes on....
9394 9393


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Choose Best of the Best of the 5 Decade

Even busy busy I try to be 'Eat Full Nothing To Do' its help my blood pressure lower.
So today I gonna to a Mou-Le-Tou(No Come Head) or 'Eat Full Nothing To Do' post-c.

Copy from a forwarded email pictures of all the Miss-cUniverse from 1952.Some can become our Mother, Grandmorther or some had gone sell 'Salty Duck Egg' .
If You are busy now and many things to do , become "Eat Full Nothing To Do' See all the Winner's than cast your vote who the Top 1, 2, 3 from your viewpoints.

Eat Full Nothing to do lei...just have fun ..it's still a long week toward wekend.I compile all you people's who the Top 3

Cheers and have Fun !









Let's the Eat Full Nothing To Do Game Start



OK Ok you guys sure 'F' me says see just a headshot picture cannot see hows big the boob's , the shape, legs...nevermind la...just imagine One look you like which one, sometime is a mirror of our inner self

my Vote:-
1-2003 (her eyes can smile 1)
2-1998 1988 ( Asia Boleh)
3-1990 ( like her lips)

Have Fun !

Monday, September 18, 2006

DLLMCFH HKC Fucking Terrorists

Hatyai Calm Again After The Bombing Incident (souces: Bernama)

HATYAI, Sept 17 (Bernama) -- Public order was restored and life returned to normalcy in Hatyai several hours after this south Thailand border township was rocked by six explosions that killed four people and injured dozens of others last night.

However, most foreign tourists fled from the town considered as a "shopping and entertainment haven" after six explosions went off almost simultaneously at about 9pm (10pm Malaysian time) and ripped through key tourist spots last night.

Four people, including a Canadian national, were killed and 70 others, including five or more Malaysians, were injured.

The incident was expected to hurt tourism in southern Thailand, said Songkhla Hotel Association president Somchart Pimtanapoonporn who predicted that Hatyai would lose millions of baht in tourism revenue this year.

"Hatyai will suffer following the bloody incident, the worst ever in Hatyai. Tourism will definitely take a severe blow. We can expect to lose millions of baht because of this incident," he said.

Last April, Hatyai was rocked by a bomb explosion at its international airport. A bomb also exploded at the Hatyai railway station three years ago.

A female masseur identified as Nui, 25, is worried that business will take a tumble in the next few months. "The survival of my business depends on the tourists. No tourist, no business," she said.

A tut-tut (motorised three-wheel cart) driver, who requested anonymity, said the "tut-tut" business would be hard hit by the incident.

"So many tourists fled from Hatyai and there is no guarantee that they will return. We depend on them to sustain our business. Thousands more will cancel their holiday bookings to Hatyai and Songkhla," he said.

Meanwhile, a check conducted by Bernama at the border area showed that thousands of Malaysians were stranded at the border post near Bukit Kayu Hitam as they tried to rush home for safety.

They fled from Hatyai in buses and private cars.

Malaysian police at the border area was put on high alert to control a stampede at the immigration check-points.

Soleh Mansor, 52, said many Malaysians were shocked by the incident. Those who worked as shop assistants in Hatyai were taking leave until the situation returned to normal, he said.


Two week while in Danok(I post here) I had this kind of fear, wherever I go the terrorists attack comes to my mind, I was quite relief when cross back to Malaysian border.

Be frank Hadyai is not meanly for calling Chicken’s, I had seems number of ladies blogger blog about their shopping sphere, eat like no tomorrow and a good family outing.
It’s gonna be a big big problem to the Southern Thai people in term of their live hood

Hope in near future Southern Tourist spot will win back the confidence of the tourists exp Malaysian & Singaporean.

Fuck the Terrorists


Friday, September 15, 2006

My Resume To Miss-c SUN

Saw Miss-c Sun of SkyLadies Blog, latest post on 'THE IDEAL MAN TO HAVE'. try my luck by sending my resume to her

Miss-c Sun 'The Ideal Man to Have' :-

1) must be UNMARRIED (very important)
2) prefer that he ask me for a date first
3) shouldn't keep me waiting by the phone
4) not be an alcoholic - a social drinker is fine
5) shouldn't be addicted to gambling
6) is not afraid to talk about the future
7) makes me feel sexually desirable
8) should be kind, loving and patient
9) trust me wholly
10)love me lots and lots (most important)

My Resume To Miss-c Sun
1) This Year not yet Marry
2) Tonight 7.30 meet you at Starbuck-Curve, I be wearing Pink Shirt, Purple pants and Red shoes
3) Don't worry bcoz of you I can on my phone in 3G mode so day day night night u can see me
4) I can't drink , if I drink my body become itchy and will scratch like a monkey
5)Play Share's consider gambling mai??
6)This I very good as I'm not old yet to talk about yesterday years.But I always got many tomorrow wor example:- I keep postpone my dateline works tomorrow
7)Don't worry when date with you I keep looking at your boob's and you can see my Hamsup face with saliva driping from my mouth
8)This I sure OK ..becoz my face always appaer in Paper that I donate $ to charity( psst..don't tell peoplee..all this monies is from my Illegal business one)
9)I give you unlimitless spending platinum credit card
10)To prove my love we day day look at each other and only drink plain water


Miss-c Sun Reply
Hi 9393:
Thank you for your resume. I am indeed honoured that you take the time and interest but sad to say, you are not successful in your application, reason being....

1) This year not married, but every year married, how can?
2) Last nite I went to the suggested place at the appointed time but I din see anyone who look like "Ribena". Went home disappointed.
3) Acceptable
4) You need to know how to drink a little bit. Dining without wining dun seem complete.
5) Yes, shares is considered gambling. Many ppl gone pokai becoz of this.
6) I dun like procrastination.
7) What? You only interested in boobs? There is so much of me that is very desirable e.g. my sexy legs, curvy butt, lovely face, kissable lips and dreamy eyes. (*blink blink*)
8) I dun think that is charity with a conscience
9) You think money can buy love?
10) This line touch my heart... I can sense your sincerity.

Very sad to note, your score is only two out of ten.


I fail terrible..Any LengJai wanna try go to her blog (Here)
Heard she damn Jun one


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Almost forget until my friend call me last Friday to reconfirm with me what time my flight to Alor Star on Sunday, as promise him weeks ago will drop by his place on Sunday for a meeting. By the time I try to readjust my schedule and also online to check the flight availability, I decided to drive up instead of taking a flight.
So on Sunday suppose be my family day and FEAKING 6 am in the morning I drove up alone to Alor Star for a discussion meeting schedule at 2pm. My friend suggested after the meeting in Alor Star , will put a night at Danok Thailand, so take my passport along.

Danok is a border town located just after the Thai-Malaysia Immigration Bukit Kayu Hitam or on the way to Hadyai. Danok also known as Cowboy Town, and while driving I realize if I gonna stay overnight at this Thailand Border Town, the next day will be 11 September.To me not a nice time at this town.

During the meeting in Alor Star I almost fall asleep as I woke up early but the main reason the meeting damn Forking Boring. Luckily Wingz of Rojak Blog sms me and we had sms chat that keep me awake.

Here are some Mo-Lee-Thou (No-Come-Head) sms chat:-

9393: Wei..is yesterday sms la. Now I at Alor star meeting n damn fucking boring

Wingz : 9hai la lu…Sunday also work

9393: Kedah off days on Friday.2night I go hadyai call chicken rice

Wingz : Mahai take pic of the chicken let us see.

9393: U want me die ar.Later my face paper no more

Wingz (Must be online with Lin Peh) : Haha linpeh ask you …U go there harm 7

9393: Diew lin peh sor liang ka ling far hai

Wingz : Oi next week you in KL?

9393: 2molo evening wil b back kl

Went over to Danok about 6pm. Plus me together with 3 Auntie's total 9 of us.The sad part I got to put up a night same room with a Lo Peng and can see him damn 9 innocent, a person wont steal to eat.Friend ask me do I need a single room and acting innocent says it's ok and need not waste monies, but buggar the hotel (Oliver Hotel) is only RM60 per night and I consider a 2 star hotel.

The following low quality picture is taken from my handphone and I need to Ghost Ghost Mouse Mouse to take picture , don't want them see I jakun.

Danok indeed looks like a cowboy’s town to me. We went in Sunday evening and by this time lot of people especially from Penang guys already gone home so the Town was quite quiet.
Thursday night will be Kedah Guys there.

These guys go there for a weekend getaway due to its convenient location near the Thai-Malaysia border. The Town had become a real haven for those dos not want to travel futher in Thailand-Hatyai or looking for something new. Over the years the number of entertainment joints have grown quickly in Danok. Massage Parlors, Leg Massage, Karaoke’s, Discos, Feng Tau Centre , Agogo Bars, Pubs are everywhere in this town. Chicken are plenty and seems they are from Hadyai Chicken farm

I have seen numbers of Pio Mei walking around and it causes me nose-bleed.

One of the good reason all this Ma-Lat-Lo goes to Danok is not only convenient but nobody will knows he is in Thailand because Malaysian Handphone such as Maxis(012) Celcom(019) Digi(016) can be used in Danok. So when Lopor(wife or girlfriends) calls, can tell somewhere else in Malaysia doing business as the numbers shown Malaysian handphone numbers.

The Hotel I stay

The hotel I stay surrounded with many Chicken Farm, Disco, Karaoke's a ,Massage parlor. The most I can enjoy in Danok is to have leg massage. Real Potong stem is with all the Lo Peng and Auntie's

One of the reason's we go over there is to see a Condo Apartment for sales.
Friend of mine want some free oppinion from us, cheap for a 1,000 sqfts build up only about RM30,000.He had decided to buy more than 30 units. Dunno why is buy so many , maybe he intend to open a chicken farm later on !!.

The food is Danok is as good as in Hadyai, one of my favorites Thai dishes is Pork Knuckels, and Durian Rice, able to eat here in Danok

As I said , I Beh-Ta-Han evrywhere I go I see so many beautiful Chicken so I decided to call Chicken NO MATTER WHAT the next day.
Here are the chicken stall I go






--tell me good or not







On Monday on my way Back to KL , stop by Ipoh call IPOH SAR HOI FAN (Ipoh famous Beanstalk Chicken noodles)

ate at Lou Wong Tauge Ayam

Niasing!! this bowl of Sar Hoh Fan together with chickens , meat/fish balls and beanstalk only cost me RM5, if eat at Imbi KL meat ball noodles cost RM5.

After eating, i think of a blogger Helen, who lately did not update her blog. I comented on her blog is it that she busy fliming for award-winning director Ang Lee’s latest film "Lust, Caution"in Ipoh.

Call up one of my friend in Ipoh and enquire where the shooting location is and he good enough to take me there .The shooting location is just behind his office. I don't know the name of the street but people in Ipoh call that place Little Genting..haha..must be a lot of gambling activities around this area.

The flim shooting was over 2 days ago so I can't find Helen.
But anyhow I enough to 8 about the flming location. The picture belows shows a huge lamp post, it was specially imported for the fliming. looks like the location sets project pre -wars time.

Can't call Chicken in Danok but at least able to Call Chicken noodles in Ipoh. Came home feel happy


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Friday ( 8th Sept 2006 ) Wear Khaki in Tribute to STEVE IRWIN

If you are fan of Steve Irwin and wanna honor his great works, tomorrow Friday wear his Crocodile Hunter's trademarks "KHAKI"

It gonna be a International Khaki Day this Friday and it all started from chain email calling on all recipients to pay homage to Steve Irwin

More information HERE

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why No Wall Clock in the Casino Hall

9393 Fact-c Finding

Do take note next time when you pop in the Casino Hall or even our local Clubs with Tiger Machine(slot machine) , you won’t find any Wall Clocks that will tell us what time isit.Also in the gambling hall /rooms there are no windows tell us the outside world whether is Day time, Night time, Raining or even Doomsdays

Despite us wearing watches all the time we still look at clocks either at home or work place all the time because these devices help us regulate our lives.

Go figure it out why?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Beautiful Blogger's Ladies Birthday Today

5th September two of my blogger friends birthday (SCB) and Survon a Ipoh mari Leng Lui working in Budapest,Hungary.

Wing of Rojaks Blog wrote a very Beautiful Birthday greeting post for Lisa at For SCB Blog.Do drop by and write your comment, even at this moment Lisa still unable to read our post or comment, I believe our wishes will reach her Heart and help her recover faster

Happy Birthday Lisa ( Birthday greeting post HERE )

Happy Birthday Survon the Ipoh mari Leng Lui ( Her blog HERE)


Monday, September 04, 2006

CrocodileHunter Irwin killed

So So Sad, got a yahoo massenger just now about this sad news Here

Seems Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray this morning 10am(malaysian time)

Even my 4 years old son is a great fan of Steve

sadly miss him

Friday, September 01, 2006

Change My Template because of OLD FLOWER

Quite like the blog template before this, but the font quite small, some old blogger's complain to me difficult reading my post, reason because of " OLD FLOWER " ,seems like me also got Old Flower. Don’t have to stress my eye sight change to a bigger template with bigger font.

Damn it 12.30am now , got to be early again to office, but my Lopor still watching ‘Korean Drama Series’.

Good Night World, have a good weekend !

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdaka Day

Got to work today , back to office since 6.45am.Can't remember when, this the 3rd time working on the 31st Aug.
Love Malaysia, love the Friends I had all this years, this country I was born, Learn my dancing on this soil, the fall and up, my good dancing ground indeed.

Glad born to this harmony multi racial country, believe peaceful will last forever

Happy Merdaka to Everyone

Back to work…..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Record Our Birthday Greeting voices for our dear SCB

Dear All

SCB Birthday fall on the 5th of September.

Few of us blogger's are organising " Record our Birthday Greeting Voices for SCB ".
Will be nice you all take part on this simple gift of Love.

Closing date to record our voices and send it to Ghost Buster Lin Peh by this Merdaka Day 31st August Malaysian Time 10 am.

Wanna participate and more information kindly drop by this Blog posted by Rojak :-


10Q you Uncle, Auntie , Boys and Girls


If you notice that today I had change my audio code into MariahCarey song "WhenYouBelieve". Seems this year song sung by MariahCarey brings a lot of special meaning in my life.In fact I also posted an audio code song sing by MariahCarey in another blog of mine.

Like this song "WhenYouBelieve" lyrics

"WhenYouBelieve" lyrics :-

Many nights we've prayed
With no hope anyone could hear.
In our hearts a hopeful song we barely understood.

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear.
We were moving mountains long before we knew we could.

There can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail,it's hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe.
Somehow you will,
You will when you believe.

In this time of fear,
When prayer so often proved in vain,
Hope seemed like the summer birds
so swiftly flown away.
But now I'm standing here(Now I'm standing here)
With heart so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

Repeat Chorus.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Today My Traffic Hits Very Unusual

Suddenly today my blog traffic so high up

Even I install the statistic counter years ago, seldom log in and check on my traffic hits (only average 0 to 1 hit per day so what to check la)

Don’t know what makes me log in today and to my big surprise today total hits close to 1,000

Check the referral counter where the hits comes from, CheePet is all the Salty Wet Man making search on AUCKLAND PORN STAR PARADE which I posted sometime early this month

The parade happens yesterday, and all over the world is aware of this parade, but too bad the post I posted is just a link to the referral news.

Anyway I make a search and I know where I can get the picture and news, sure enough I got it, so far until now “STUFF of NZ only posted the news and with picture

Gosh! Nearly 100, 000 attended the “Boobs on Bikes” lunch parade on Auckland Queen Street although only 20 porn star show of their boobs. Among the crowd are the protesters carrying placard "Sleeze brings disease in body and mind” but they seems to enjoy the show too.

The Best picture I saw is not so much of the nude porn star (most of them are papaya type) is the one shown a group of men spectators taking picture. One of the guys is a LO PENG wearing a Nike cap with a dark sun glasses. Want to see but scare people see him. Too bad, the whole worlds saw him as “Salty Wet Man”

Click the Link's from The Stuff of New Zealand:-

News Stories

Picture – Big turn up

Picture- USA Porn Star

Picture- Even gal also turn up full force

Picture- Nice boob's

Picture- Sleeze brings disease in body and mind

Picture- Salty Wet Man- this the BEST PICTURE

More More Picture From Public Flickr pictures go get here, here, and also here


Miss this year parade, never mind go next year

Sexs even sells in blog if wanna have high traffict hits !


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today Is Ayam Day

Today very special, is AYAM DAY or Chicken Day

Today kenot kill Ayam

Today kenot call Chicken Rice

Today eat satay don't call Chicken

Today play Futsal play Kaki Ayam

Today when you see someone coward don't call him/her Chicken, call him/her Duck

Today clubing dance Chicken Dance

Today Kenot go Chicken Farm call "CHICKEN' is a holiday for them, so stay home and Fly kite

Today all Baba Ayam go Chicken Dangdut

Today all Mak Ayam go Chicken Joget

more info on Ayam Day go here


Friday, August 18, 2006

My 100th Post

This post is my 100 post, since nothing to post to reach my 100 Quota , blog about blogger's birthday this month.

Based on some blogger plus readers who registered on my blog on their Birthday , another 3 blogger will be celebrating his birthday before end of this month from today, two old cock just like me and one young cock now at down under, want to know who? go back to the old post here
That forker same birthday with a former HamSup President , he chicken out early this month ask me to take out his forker name. Want to know who this forker is, go here

Every month I have to look out who and who birthday,when posted that post I made a vow to make an effort to wish them birthday and I kind of enjoying it or eat full nothing to do, but I do miss one or two due to my MP.

Only one LingLing , never want to give, until my saliva also dry up, when ask him , say day day is his Cow One Day. Everyday birthday is this LingLing go here.

Next week I have some pio mei from China cuming down to KL, company ask me to sacrifice for the sake of our company to keep company with all this Pio Mei, so next week I won’t be updating my blog till 4 days before Hari Medeka.

By the way anyone knows where can I get 'Procomil' ?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3 Types of Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Today no more talk devil as the Happy Ghost Festival over, all had went back after a short annual holidays
Today I talk about human or people or orang orang.

There are 3 types of People in a group

Type 1 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Around or not around nobody cares

Type 2 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

When he/she appeared, suddenly everyone quiet everyone dislikes him/her, hopefully he/she suck up by the outer space alien for testing

Type 3 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Without him/her something is missing, must of him/her around

Niasing ! looks like I belong to the Group 2, not bad, at least helps to lower the noise pollutions

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Score on Boleh Quiz

Stumble on a quiz survey by TheStar 'How Boleh Malaysian Are You ' in conjunction this year Medeka Day.Few question I find it amusing, no wonder we are rated one of the rudest countries.Anyway one way or another it tells us How Boleh Malaysian we are.

My score:-

Do log on the side and check it out yourself how "How Boleh Are You" ?
I wonder Malaysian Blogger now oversea - WuChing, LP , Simmie , Kiki, Survon score would be ?


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures of Auckland Winter 2006

Some of the picture's took during my stay in Auckland this winter.Location mainly Queen Street area, Domain and New Market area

Sometime end of this month August, If you are in Auckland,watch out 'Topless Porn Star Lunch Time Parade' at the Queen street, Auckland. News here

Want to see Topless Porn Star Parade Photo click my latest blog post for the URL, click here

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Type of Ghost I Scare

It normal this few days in our local blogosphere, bloggers blog about ghosts since this week is Happy ghost festival. I had blog about 'free ghosts show' here, Lin Peh here, here and here, Wing here and his see Ghosts here, Ah Pek here, Ah Nel here and so on( I notice only we guys blog about Ghosts Festival).

Me scare of ghosts? Not really, maybe of my up bringing in my younger days or the believe I understand about sprits, but the main principles holds on me as the Chinese proved says: - 'If you have never done anything evil, you should not be worrying about devils to knock at your door in the middle of the nights'.

I love walking alone in the late nights, feel a senses of calmness and tranquility , but my only worries is the Muggers, is quite ok in the street of Tokyo but not in New York.

Once a close friend of mine told me he never afraid of ghosts, what he scare most is the low human characters he faces in his jobs and even his relatives. I quite agree with him, but to me the scarier things on earth are not ghosts or others evil human characters behaviors, to me is one's evil devils within us.

The shadows follow our body, when our body are straight the shadow are straight, when we bend our body the shadow bend too. I have been years challenging this evil within me, most of the times I won the battles but at times I lose out to this devil's who recieve support from the external causes( My surrounding ).

This type of Ghost I really scare , is always within me.
Whatever I should always make a stand on my discipline principles
I’m still trying.

Monday, August 07, 2006

PJ SS2 Got Free Show This 3 Nights

Today is Chinese 7 month 14.
If you are staying around PJ area and no where to go, why don’t go to SS2 these 3 nights.

Organize by the SS2 residents, coffeshop towkey, and businessman of SS2

Tomorrow Night:
Organize by the ‘Wai Sek Kai’ hawkers ( SS 2 Food Street)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night:
Organize by the SS2 Day Time Wet Market people's

Basically the reason the SS2 business peoples organizing this event is in conjunction of Happy Ghost Festival.

The program consists of Praying, and Free live show of singing, some time you may see Pio Mei in hot pants dancing and singing, and one of the highlight of the festivals is the ‘Auction’. All the Auction donation money collected will be donate to various charitable organizations.

For this one a year occassion it considers a 'Showtime'among the hawkers in the Auction. Market Lo, Coffee Towkey, even Ah Loong on this occassion will auction "BIG Money 'to show the past year business damn 9 good. But I bet this year Auction will be slow slow as the France Football Team spoil their so call generosity

Many Years ago, this kind of event only 1 show, but because of many disagreement on the collections , this 3 group decide to split into 3, but they still in very much cooperation as each group held in different days.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Having Own "SPACE"

When one's down , need to revitalize one's energy , the best remedy in my humble opinion is BY YOURSELF. What I mean go out alone likes watching movie alone.

In the past all the while thinking I don't have this luxurious , but I'm forking wrong.
Pirate of the Caribbean is the movie I must watch, not so much I like this movie , more of supporting a actor who in the best help