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Friday, May 05, 2006

One Hand Beggar

Seeing all sort of beggar quite normal during Friday afternoon, Sundays or Public Holiday within KL City especially with high human traffic flow, places like LRT/monorail Station or Shopping Mall.
Some are genuine handicap , normally not local, but many of them are 'Big Time Acting' from well organized syndicate

Look at the 3rd picture clearly, damn good in acting, so what!!!..some people dress to sell, he only act for sympathy.
Seems a day collection can come up to rm300 to rm500, just merely 3 to 5 hours only

Next time if you happen to see this type of beggar, do observe clearly

Make sure facing high traffic of people

Hide away the right hand !

Maybe the only difficulties is hiding his right hand behind for sometime, but when no one walking by, slowly walk away and take a rest, same time have a nice puff of a cigarette.

Took this 3 picture at Time Square Monorail Station


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The 3 Characteristic of a so call Charity man in a Charity Organisation

1 Press camera man take picture ‘stand in front-sin’

2 When come to work for the charity project, ‘stand behind-sin’

3 ‘Contribute money, ‘run away-sin’

I call them ‘Peh Bangala Diew-sin’