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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Together-Gather Bloggers Party RE-LAUNCH

We often ask ourselves.....................ARE YOU READY Yet?

We were not. But now, we are.

Late last year, we planned a dinner gathering to meet up but the plan for us to prostitute ourselves to raise some funds somewhat went sour. Hence, we postponed. However, thanks to the biggest strip teaser code name LP, we manage to pull through.

Why did I mention our special agent LP here? Is because we manage to get him to sponsor half of where we started. The details as below;

Venue : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Date : 9 March 2007

Time : 6 pm till 11 pm

Dress code : Anything

Charge : RM100.00 RM35.00 (payment made b4 18 Feb 2007)

RM40.00 (payment made after 18 Feb 2007)

So what are you waiting for bloggers? It’s not whether there will be celebrity bloggers or whether you will be appearing on newspapers the next day. You will be able to gossip like you never did before and most importantly, it’s about the amount of CAM WHORING you can indulge yourself in!!! We’ve even got our balloons sponsored!!! Also, we have free movie passes for some of you… on us!!!!

Email us for payment methods & further enquiries at tggenquiry@gmail.com


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