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Friday, August 18, 2006

My 100th Post

This post is my 100 post, since nothing to post to reach my 100 Quota , blog about blogger's birthday this month.

Based on some blogger plus readers who registered on my blog on their Birthday , another 3 blogger will be celebrating his birthday before end of this month from today, two old cock just like me and one young cock now at down under, want to know who? go back to the old post here
That forker same birthday with a former HamSup President , he chicken out early this month ask me to take out his forker name. Want to know who this forker is, go here

Every month I have to look out who and who birthday,when posted that post I made a vow to make an effort to wish them birthday and I kind of enjoying it or eat full nothing to do, but I do miss one or two due to my MP.

Only one LingLing , never want to give, until my saliva also dry up, when ask him , say day day is his Cow One Day. Everyday birthday is this LingLing go here.

Next week I have some pio mei from China cuming down to KL, company ask me to sacrifice for the sake of our company to keep company with all this Pio Mei, so next week I won’t be updating my blog till 4 days before Hari Medeka.

By the way anyone knows where can I get 'Procomil' ?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3 Types of Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Today no more talk devil as the Happy Ghost Festival over, all had went back after a short annual holidays
Today I talk about human or people or orang orang.

There are 3 types of People in a group

Type 1 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Around or not around nobody cares

Type 2 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

When he/she appeared, suddenly everyone quiet everyone dislikes him/her, hopefully he/she suck up by the outer space alien for testing

Type 3 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Without him/her something is missing, must of him/her around

Niasing ! looks like I belong to the Group 2, not bad, at least helps to lower the noise pollutions

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Score on Boleh Quiz

Stumble on a quiz survey by TheStar 'How Boleh Malaysian Are You ' in conjunction this year Medeka Day.Few question I find it amusing, no wonder we are rated one of the rudest countries.Anyway one way or another it tells us How Boleh Malaysian we are.

My score:-

Do log on the side and check it out yourself how "How Boleh Are You" ?
I wonder Malaysian Blogger now oversea - WuChing, LP , Simmie , Kiki, Survon score would be ?