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Friday, October 21, 2005

Two BIG BILLBOARD Advertisement at KL Jalan Bukit Bintang

Two Big Billboard Advertisement (Below the Giant TV Screen) side by side at the end of Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur caught my sor sor imagination.

Left side Billboard advertise Emmy Award-winning TV show ‘LOST', Right side billboard advertise an Airline.

numerous of time when I caught in the jam instead of seeing the giant screen advertisement, this two billboard advertisement side by side caught my attention very much, to me as though this two advert have inter link.



Thursday, October 20, 2005

I must at least say 5 time Thank you to Anybody I know(Part 2)

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
6 men gatecrashed the wedding of Brazilians in Pulau Rawa.A Royalty among 4 remanded.

Never imagine this morning a simple blogging about ‘Thank You’ effected me emotionally all day.
After I leave office for my appointment was thinking hard any person in my life I should sincerely thanks them. I can’t thank my Dad and my Mum as they no longer around..Part of my other families now staying in oversea. I keep pondering and I realize actually a lot of people I need to say Thank You before it too late just like my late mum who pass away years ago, until today I regretted for not saying how much I love her .

This 3 person I manage to say thank you despite I’m working today and quite a jam bcoz rain in KL.

(1) My Step Mother I never like her all the while despite we live together when my mum still around. In fact I have silent war with her since many years ago. Now she is living with her son.
I call her from my handphone:-

Me: Tai Ma how are you?
SM: Oh is you ..are you looking for Eng? He is working….
Me: No no I was actually want to talk to u
SM: ar? (Silent)
Me: Last moon cake festival I’m sorry I did visit u
SM: (Silent)
Me : And also I want to say Thank You all those years and You treat me as your real son.
SM: Are you having some sort of problem?
Me: No No I just want to say thank and been in my heart sometime ..also do you remember you always give me pocket money when I was schooling .
SM: aiyah don’t say thank u la…by the way how is your sister daughter?
We talk almost 10 mints and she requested me this weekend go back her home and have dinner.
(2) My good friend Fei-jai
Me: Brother where are u?
FJ : in Shah Alam .what up?
Me: remember last year I borrow money from you and I want to thank you
FJ: When u return the money u did said Thank you wor
Me: I want to say again, and because at that time you lend me the money I overcome my problem.
FJ: Now You need money??
Me: No No just want to say Thank you and in future if you have problem if I can help I sure help
FJ: What happen to you , why you talk like you going to die..r u ok
I can feel he was touch and he knows I am sincere .

After this two phone call I just feel so happy , in fact when I spoke to my step mother my eyes was red.
This 2 phone call is not face to face so I was thinking who next that I can face to face say thanks.
I remember my Secondary school, although I have leave that school quite sometime and since I quite near to the school I was thinking this particular Teacher whom I have give a lot of problem to her.

When I in the school about 2 plus I ask for this teacher and was told she teach in the morning class. When I was walking out passing the school canteen I saw this Uncle who sells drinks and foods.
I approach this

Me: uncle how are you
U: wa u so big jor ar (Luckily he still remember me ,maybe at that time I’m the worst student in school)
Me: sure la got eat rice mai
U: what are u doing now
Me: I’m in sales
U: what u doing in this school
Me: Just happen to pass by so drop by says hello.Uncle ar I would like to say 'Thank You' hor u know hor when I was student here you use to allow me pay later for my food. Sometime you even spend us drinks and food.Thank you very much ar.
U: Aiya this is small things la(He was smiling and his face look so happy)
We talk a while like very old good friends and he offer me Teh Ice and cakes.I promise him I will back and chit chat with him.
After this 3 experience I never knew that this simple sincere thank you can lighten one’s life. In fact now I believe we actually in control of our happiness.
Thank you Mr.Khoo..Thanks to this blog allow me to express my hidden inner love and some real forgotten smile in me.

I must at least say 5 time Thank you to Anybody I know

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
'Nicol David win British Open squash championships'

I was smiling sok sok listening Xiaxue audio with headset suddenly my Sales Manager Mr. Khoo hit me from behind ask me what I was listening and smiling away. Show him that blog and he ‘Who Who says she sei bei leng.Than ask me why I so happy.
Tell him this girl a very famous Singaporean blogger who offended a lot of readers about handicapped toilet and now she so courage says “SORRY” and she does not mean it.And she sound so sweet just like a 16 years old school girl

Mr. Khoo was upset and says:-
"Why u so busy body and got nothing to do ar?... go and listen and see all this crap.Wei..this afternoon you having an appointment with Mr.Choo you better do nicely wor or I kick your ass".

Haha luckily I did not tell Mr Khoo I even have my own blog and even yesterday I posted an email in my blog that I want to form a Fn-c club for her, if he knows sure say i wasting time and childish.

Than Mr Khoo again ask just because someone apologies you so happy?. Told him sort of than he says:-

"When one makes a mistake whether intention or unintentional is good that we acknowledge our mistake. Nobody in this world does not make mistake but don’t say ‘Sorry’ just like eating vegetable and later forget about it. In the past I mess up my life because of my inconsiderate heart and action but I have change a lot from some bad incident. I change after attended a motivation course and from that day onwards my outlook towards life change. For example I make it a point everyday appreciate to anyone around me and acknowledge them at least 5 times a day. I even thank somebody I don’t know just like yesterday when leaving this office building acknowledges the security guard despite puasa month still work hard to protect us.”

I laugh and say it could be very silly day in day out says thank to everybody, but Mr.Khoo says once you do it with sincere you feel a kind of joy within.

While Mr Khoo walk away to his room I was thinking it sound reasonable. Actually in my life I took a lot thing for granted. Maybe I should give a try…Ha..the Tea lady about to serve coffee to us and I should ‘Thank Her’, also at the same time I will blog the conversation I learn from Mr.Khoo.

Thank Autie Mu for everyday making a such a good coffee, Thank Mr Khoo for always guiding me, Thanks Latif for ….Thanks Fei-jai for …..Thanks Mum for …..Thanks Dad for…………..Thks …thks…thks….thks…..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I send an Email to my beloved XiaXue

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
The father of Malaysia’s most famous badminton-playing family, Datuk Sidek Abdullah Kamar, passed away yesterday.

Email I send to Xiaxue 20 mints ago:-

wongtatswee@gmail.com Settings Help Sign out

Dear Miss-c Xiaxue ,

Lee Ho Mai ?
You dunno me but I am your Fan-C, even people tell me KL people no like you but I don't care. I always come to your blog and always agree what you blog.I hope one day I can create a Xiaxue KL Fan-C Club for you. If you want me to do it I make sure do nice nice for you. If you OK I try to kou-thim KL blogger to like you back, if they don't want I try getting some of my HamSup-Lo friend to support you. If u really wants me to create a 'KL XiaXue Fan-C Club' could you please do me a 'KL Xiaxue Fan-C Club' button so I can put in my blog as I see you very good in designing blog template. You very terra that you even make your picture that your head got bubble come out( I hope is no always you upsets always got hot bubble air come out from your body) the bubble is very 'IN' things wor. But now my only worry is my England no good dunno will bring down your face paper or not, but we should don't care la as your England so good also some people no like you, as got some say you got good England but never make use of it and talk without your brain. Don't feel sad as they all sor sor di and not famous like you so they all talk cock.

Actually I write to you because I see you got 'Toilet' problem lei.
You see hor last time when you come to KL go back Singapore you very angry with a Malay lady because she jump Q and make you cannot tahan to go Shi Shi.

Now on your latest post you also no happy with the Singapore Ching-Fu spend so much money on the Handicapped Toilets only can be use by handicapped people. Also you no happy why the handicapped man angry when a man accidentally enter that toilet. Aiyah you don't upset with this la, sometime when a person sick or not well they easily get angry one. Just like me when at times I have no money I easily get angry of everything, they says this is No-Money-Sick, just like your when your Tai-Yee-Ma come visit you, you sure easily angry with small thing mai.So don't be upset with that incident la.

Since you very particular on going Shi Shi thing , I make an effort go to web site to find a solution how you can overcome go Shi Shi no need have to fight with the handicapped people. At first I think of you wearing diaper, but sometime you wear pants the diaper you wear people might think you got gugu and thinking you a 'Pondan'. So I look-c, look-c the web site I found this thing call 'Freshette Urinal' a portable sterilization urinal facilitates by Allegro Medical (Website:http://www.allegromedical.com/) please see attach file of the sample picture.
If you buy this thing anytime you can Shi Shi, even when you Karaoke with your friends and you in the middle of singing and also wants to Shi Shi, you can shi shi on this portable 'Freshette Urinal'.I really hope you no easily get angry because of toilet thing la, u know mai, if you angry your blood pressure always go up very fast than you grow faster old but wont grow taller.So hope you can buy it and use it la.Also that thing no need poke inside ,just put outside your HamJimPan and Shi Shi.It also come with a nice case and easily put inside your branded hand bag
You see I cleaver or not ? give you a good suggestion. I hope I do so much for you that you allow me to create a 'Fan-C Club' for you. I sure make big big for you.Please let me know can I create the Club mai?

Always Sokong my beloved Xiaxue !!

KL with Love
Desmond Wong

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

‘I don’t want my mouth taste like Ashtray’

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
"Maur Saturday some Sor-Lo go around on a bike throwing bricks at cars"

Everyone was surprise I cut down smoking lately. My manager Mr. Khoo ask me what make me stop smoking. Told him stop smoking reason after the Budget 2005 cigarette rise up price from my regular Marlboro $6.50 to $7.00.If I keep smoking I will spend extra 0.50cents per pack and also I don’t want to die young because not yet marry. I also very happy the Ching-FU rise the smoking price so can make us the smoker stop smoking.
Mr. Khoo says:-
‘Don’t be silly la the Ching-Fu not merely raise $0.50 cents only able get you all smokers stop smoking. To compare Hong Kong or Singapore our cigarette price are much cheaper. If the Ching-Fu rise 100% per yearly budget than I think the smoker will stop smoking. That means if your packet of Marlboro cost you RM15 per packet than can really feel the pinch but only yearly $0.50 cents per year sure NO FEELING la to you smokers. Maybe first few days feel expensive but after that NO FEELING jor. End up Ching-Fu have more tax money from you all smokers because you smokers won’t stop smoking but will pay more to Ching-Fu”.

Lee Lo Mei the Ching-Fu so cleaver make more money from the smokers like me but luckily now I really want to stop smoking because if I Kau a girl when kiss a girl, the girl won’t complain my mouth taste like ASHTRAY
‘I don’t want my mouth taste like Ashtray’