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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ah Lamp Concert During CNY Holiday at Genting

Got you Little Happy
Everything Fulfilled
Salt Fish Vegetables also Very Tasty

I don’t know what the title of the above song as I don’t understand Chinese But that 4 lines chorus I only know how to sing ,
I like the part it says:-
“Salt Fish Vegetables also Very Tasty"
Ho Lomatik ar !!! just like a saying:- Love story 'Drink Water Full olidi'

This all time favorite Canto pops love song sang by GEORGE LAM CHI CHEONG also known as ‘AH LAM’

That particulars song I use it to kau lui during the early 90’s and Ah Lamp is one of my favorite 80’s Canto pops those days I wonder Helen like Ah Lamp or not ?

I attended his concert at Genting during the CNY Holiday (it seems Lin Peh with two young sia mei also attended).During the concert Helen came to my mind, believe she might enjoy the Ah Lamp the 80's CantoPops concert.

Despite Ah Lamp almost 60 years old and being partially deaf (caused by a freak accident while as a guest performer at Lisa Wang’s concert in 2003) still process charismatic and great showmanship during the concert. Non stop more than 2 hours performing his energy just like 20 years old. I do enjoy his show very much.

4 songs of Ah Lamp I like very much and he did sang the 4 songs during the concert :-

1) The above songs title I don’t know

2) Jun Dik Hawn Jee ( Real Man) - 1988 TVB theme song - [And Yet We Live]

3) CNY song he sing together with his wife sally Yip plus various Artists

4) And my all time Favorites:-

Wong Fei Hong Themes song ‘Naam Yi Dong Ji Keung’ ( Strong Man)

Even I not really his era time but that 4 songs I like very much and one of the reason I attended his concert. Particulars Wong Fei Hong Song

Two of the highlight of the concert he sang together with his past duet MTV of late Teresa Teng and late Anita Mui. Is really nice bring back memories of two great female singer.

MTV Duet performance with late Terasa Teng

Overall the performance is good despite his age.

Will be on Hiatus
Tomorrow Later will explain the reason why need to go on hiatus.