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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Wishes From Nine3 Nine 4

LoTs LoTs oF LoVe FrOm Nine3Nine4
Wishing All

A Merry Christmas

May your days be

Merry and Bright !!


A Happy Safe Holiday

My recent Auckland Trip-Christmas Picture

Auckland Christmas at the Park 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

Back KL Jor

Reach KL 8plus last night, manage to have Tong Yuen Jit (Winter Solstic Festival) Dinner with Family.
Since 8am in office and now ready for a meeting at 10am
In fact I did not really sleep last night , maybe time difference of 5 hours and Jet-Leg.
Now my body Ho Stone Stone ar!!!.
After meeting better balik tidor until Christmas day.

Got hear the White Christmas We sing mai?
You can download here or go to Lin Peh Site here

Thursday, December 22, 2005

12pm Malaysian Time Thursday 22nd December 2005

Here are the copy and paste of an Email From LIN PEH of http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com/

FROM:-Lin Peh- wymalaysia@yahoo.com

To all my chi-bye lanjiao bloggers,

Lin Peh been working on this until no eat, no shit (no
eat how to shit?) and here's the final version ! So,
better no condemn Lin Peh or else Lin Peh will fuck
you upside down and downside up! (serious wan...it's
like 69 position like dat).

Also, can someone please save it in a "central
location" so we can monitor the "download"
(yeah....like it's going to be a big hit!). Just email
the location to me and Lin Peh will inform the rest!

Lin Peh will launch the final version on my blog
12noon tomorrow (Dec 22) because Dec 22 is the chinese
"tong jit"..sure very good day wan and I hope all of
you can also do it at the same time ! We can call it
"world premier" ! HAHAHA!

I also hope that everyone will be enough "yi hai" to
acknowlede all the participants if you decide to blog
it. Here's the detail & links:

king's wife
Mikel Lian
Simmie Lang
Jkn of KL Podcast
Lin Peh
KC Yap
Siao Cha Bor

Lin Peh going yamade now ! Any volunteer to yamade
with Lin Peh ? LOL !


Wanna say a 'BIG THANKS' to Lin Peh for his kind effort for getting this project going. I very much believe this project in a way to get some Christmas mood in our Malaysian Blogsphere even for those not involve in this singing.

I hope everyone see this post of mine will go to Lin Peh Blog and listen to this White Christmas.
A small way wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS
Note:- If you happen to know my voice in the singing ,how bad I sing you all must say I sing very good , behind poke me never mind as long as I dont know.Because my back got many hole jor.Tell u la..beside me all really very GOOD lei. I here clap clap to them and also Lin Peh.Bugger this Lin Peh not only can sing he also damn good at playing the music.

I be taking 2pm(Auckland Time) flight home and should be back to my home by this evening 9pm(Malaysian Time) just nice for the Chinese Tong Jit Dinner.(hope the flight wont deley).
Even I be back to KL, my heart is really heavy leaving Auckland this time around.If not because of this coming Friday 'Sup Kao'(Wet Cock) Meeting' I would stay till end of the year and celebrate Christmas with this very very special person of mine. Anyhow I be back on January for the Chinese New Year.Please wait for us.

Special Greeting to this one special person of mine who might see this post and listen to the song:-


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Please check this out:-

A Malaysian Blogger name SURVON now staying in Hungary teach us HOW TO MAKE HOT WINE

Good Tips and will try it when back to Malaysia

Monday, December 19, 2005

Exchanging Christmas Gifts

Since last week my office people msn/email remind me if back before X'mas, make sure I will buy X'mas gift for the exchanging gift at my KL office.WHAT THE "Q" ! some more dare to ask me I must buy for all the people in office and I in return can get one gift.Diew-Lia- Sing you all think I Santa Claus mei....Hello even I now near South Pole, Santa Claus is from North Pole la.
Go oversea very big mei, must buy more gift mei ???.Some more teach me what to buy..ask me to buy New Zealand famous item such as sheep skin or chocolate. Diew!!! All Pok Kai... why don't ask me buy each one a abalone, much better mai !!. I olidi damn stress because KL Family & Frens olidi ask me buy this and buy that.Buggar this time I'm not here for holiday la..somemore everyone knows the main reason why I'm here in Auckland.What the 'Q'

Whatever.... until now I oso still dunno what the Q I gonna buy ??

Last week I happen in Victoria Market and I saw this item:-

Nian Nian Tao Warmer

Don't care you guys think I BIN TAI( Pervert) or Ham Sup Lo.
If ladies get this gift,they can use it as Malaysia whether damn Q hot,normally we switch on the air-con and sure they loke to sleep in nake one ,so is good to keep they Nian Nian Tao warm. I'm sure this warmer not only for pregnant women to use one.
Haha..If guys get it..take and use it for their Lopor or girl fren la.
Kekekeke... I damn Bin Tai.Maybe buy this for myself for future use if go places very the cold during winter.

But now I very the SEN la..

I so worry my luggage overweight.New Zealand Maximum 22 kg.What the 'Q'

HO SEN AR !!!!!!!!!!

By the way ,can someone tell me what is this for ???

Sunday, December 18, 2005

You Can't Get it You Want It.

When back home in Malaysia I always thinking how nice can eat this, can eat that in foreign counties I have been.Just like weeks before here in Auckland I bee planning what to eat in Auckland.What la now only 3 weeks away from home Im begin to miss Malaysian food such as Hokkian Cha, Nasi Lemak, Mamak Neslo, LokeLoke, Pig Long Powder, Asam Laksa and many many more.
This is me, when have this think of other things.

Malaysian Chinese should have no problem finding our very own local food around the World. Just like in Auckland, every where one does find Malaysian Restaurant serving our local food. But the Malaysian food here is so so la even one's can find Malaysian food such as Bak Kut Teh (KL Style can't find Klang style), Clay pot Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and even Ice ABC.When I oversea I don't eat our local food as I know it suck.But I believe if I stay in a certain country for a long time I definitely eat at Malaysian restaurant.
Anyhow next week I be back to KL so I just continue enjoy every minute of the food here.
As a Chinese saying says - 'Eat is Fortune'.
Every year at least once I be in Auckland, when back to this land, food I must eat or drink are:-

My Top 1
Sausages Buggar me I dunno why I so crazy of Kiwi BBQ Sausages. The sausages meat is mix meat of beef, lamb and pork. Maybe reason I like this type of sausages because very strong smell of meat( Ho So). Wherever I in NZ if happen to see selling this BBQ sausages , sure buy one.Even at home cook noodle and add the sausages damn good man.

My Top 2
Flat White. Just love this coffee with rich milk. Alone drinking this Flat White at street cafe while watching kiwi birds walking around.... just lovely lei.

My Top 3
Fish and Chips. Like this particular shop at Mission Bays. Beside Fish my favorite is Mussel and Scallop. Very nice if take away and eat at the park or seaside same time enjoy the refreshing air of New Zealand.The air is free one.

My Top 4
Mushroom Steak. This grilled mushroom steak at Rival Cafe- Mission Bay is a must eat each time I in Auckland. The meat just tender and it so nice eat together with the big NZ mushroom. Ho yummy ar !!.

My Top 5
BBQ Roast Pork (Siew Yok). They are many Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Auckland. I quite particular like this one at the city especially their Roast Pork. Very high standard. Very crispy and best eat together with beer. IMHO much better than Ipoh Market 10pm Siew Yok

I now miss Kl food.When back in KL the first thing I gonna eat is 'Pudu Hokkian Char'