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Sunday, December 18, 2005

You Can't Get it You Want It.

When back home in Malaysia I always thinking how nice can eat this, can eat that in foreign counties I have been.Just like weeks before here in Auckland I bee planning what to eat in Auckland.What la now only 3 weeks away from home Im begin to miss Malaysian food such as Hokkian Cha, Nasi Lemak, Mamak Neslo, LokeLoke, Pig Long Powder, Asam Laksa and many many more.
This is me, when have this think of other things.

Malaysian Chinese should have no problem finding our very own local food around the World. Just like in Auckland, every where one does find Malaysian Restaurant serving our local food. But the Malaysian food here is so so la even one's can find Malaysian food such as Bak Kut Teh (KL Style can't find Klang style), Clay pot Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and even Ice ABC.When I oversea I don't eat our local food as I know it suck.But I believe if I stay in a certain country for a long time I definitely eat at Malaysian restaurant.
Anyhow next week I be back to KL so I just continue enjoy every minute of the food here.
As a Chinese saying says - 'Eat is Fortune'.
Every year at least once I be in Auckland, when back to this land, food I must eat or drink are:-

My Top 1
Sausages Buggar me I dunno why I so crazy of Kiwi BBQ Sausages. The sausages meat is mix meat of beef, lamb and pork. Maybe reason I like this type of sausages because very strong smell of meat( Ho So). Wherever I in NZ if happen to see selling this BBQ sausages , sure buy one.Even at home cook noodle and add the sausages damn good man.

My Top 2
Flat White. Just love this coffee with rich milk. Alone drinking this Flat White at street cafe while watching kiwi birds walking around.... just lovely lei.

My Top 3
Fish and Chips. Like this particular shop at Mission Bays. Beside Fish my favorite is Mussel and Scallop. Very nice if take away and eat at the park or seaside same time enjoy the refreshing air of New Zealand.The air is free one.

My Top 4
Mushroom Steak. This grilled mushroom steak at Rival Cafe- Mission Bay is a must eat each time I in Auckland. The meat just tender and it so nice eat together with the big NZ mushroom. Ho yummy ar !!.

My Top 5
BBQ Roast Pork (Siew Yok). They are many Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Auckland. I quite particular like this one at the city especially their Roast Pork. Very high standard. Very crispy and best eat together with beer. IMHO much better than Ipoh Market 10pm Siew Yok

I now miss Kl food.When back in KL the first thing I gonna eat is 'Pudu Hokkian Char'


helen said...

Desmond, it's Malaysian time 12.55am. Read your blog, now I am hungry liao!!! ** drooling** I would love to try those steak and the roast pork you recommend!!

Wei, X'mas round the corner and now because of you I beh tahan already.... must go eat Maggi Mee. (sigh, what to do? No $$$$, so have to eat Maggie..)lol

93~94 said...

Haha this morning I oso eat maggie mee for breakfast.Fast noodles still the best meal.No wonder we asian must have fast noodles food ready at the kitchen.

Ah Ming said...

you good eater. Ipoh Sew Yoke also know

Survon said...

Wow....I'm starting to miss Malaysian food too..And I can't find a single Malaysian restaurant here....*darn*...

By the way, what are you doing in Auckland?

93~94 said...

Ah ming: Ofcoz I Know bcoz my hobby is eat and eat

Survon:- Welcome and thanks for droping by
Where are you now?
Reason I now in Auckland to attend my family matters.I consider this trip
very important.Half of my family is here in Auckland.

Survon said...

I'm now in Hungary ler...Where they have least Malaysian around.

Auckland should be a much better place...haha

Ah Ming said...

Quick take me eat good food