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Friday, December 16, 2005

Next Year More Expensive Go Pig Sea Play 19 Hole Golf.

Just back from Wellington after meeting up the 'Dai-SingSing'.Time pasess fast lei and i be back to KL next week after here in NZ almost 3 weeks.Whatever I need to spend real quality time with my family here.
This Morning saw this Double Decker Bus at Auckland City Downtown. Now days are quite normal seeing Malaysia Airline logo around the world la.
Either Proton or MAS.

This the only 1 double Decker you can see in Auckland as it only mean for City Sigh seeing.When in foreign countries is always happy seeing things related to my own countries.

'Lo Moh' this morning saw this bus with Malaysia Airline come back online wanna blog about this bus than saw the news on Star Online about airfare hike.I really suew

Malaysia Airline announce increasing its fares, Fare prices would increase between 5% and 14% effective from Jan 1 next year to Jan 1, 2007.I use to come down Auckland at least once every year which mean I usually pay RM 2,700(excluding Airport Tax ) for economic class, after rise I need to pay at least RM3k(also excluding Tax).Maybe I need to look out good price from Matta Fair.

Maybe in future use Oil Rich Countries Airline(such as Brunei Air)to travel la.

Wonder Cathay Airline or China Airline got rise or not?.
Better all rise up up la so all the 'LO PENG' in Malaysia think twice go to PIG SEA play 19 hole golf.Either sit economic class instead Business class la or only go play 18hole not the 19 hole.Best suggestion stay back in Malaysia la.. happy happy take their family holiday within in Malaysia.


Lin Peh said...

Chi-bye...price keep going up and up. Like dat Lin Peh whole life also no chance to sit fei kei. Luckily can still Ta Fei Kei :-(

helen said...

Pig sea play golf?? Waaa Desmond, you 'lin heng yau wai' man!! Dun say pig sea, Ipoh golf course also I got no chance to set foot on!!!

Want cheap air fare ar?? Let's keep our fingers crossed Air Asia is big enuff to buy planes to NZ....lol

curiosity said...

What or where is Pig Sea ?

93~94 said...

Lin Peh:- U don't talk cock la...u olidi travel around the world more than 5 times.By the way your project really very stressful man..hehe but is fun..ppl here says i sor lo jor.

Helen:- Wei...u day day go Royal Ipoh Club 'Yam Cha'..u think I dunno ar.Tajol tell me one!!!.I where got monies play LO PENG Game.Eat two meal also got problem.

Curiosity: Haha..Pig Sea no such words, is me do the direct translate from Cantonese.Actual name is call ZHUI HAI (Zhui=Pig Hai=Sea). Is in the Southern part of China, just next to Macau.Beside having International Stardard Golf Course ,lately that place became a Flesh trade centre...is a man paradise but not good place for family holiday.A sad sight ..young girl as young as 16 direct apporch man for business.