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Saturday, April 12, 2008

9393 DanCing (2): Saturday Night Fever

My this Week Dancing Post:-

9393 INLOOK late70's Saturday Night Fever Dancing Malaysian Style

1. I just beginning to learn to fly a kite in my early secondly school. The picture above became a popular common poster placed in Boys bedroom.

2. John Travolta also known as " JOHN TAK ADA OTAK"

3. Before the movie Saturday Night Fever, only some Malaysian can dance "do the Hustle Dance" which popular in the USA. ( will blog "Do The Hustle Dance " sometimes later)

4. John Travolta dance(as below the video clip) Cantonese call it :-
" Chee Tin Took Dey ( Point The Sky - Poke The Ground ).

1977 Saturday Night Fever Movie dancing Clip- John Tak Ada Otak Dance

5. Everybody dancing Point-here-Point-There, Poke-here-Poke-there, Point-up-Point-down (finger poke la NOT your little brother poke la), simple yet look weird, seems everyone thinks he dance like John Travolta.

6. Line dance became popular in the dancing floor, party, School performances etc. If you can't join in means behind times. So seems everyone practice at home, parents will complain why you keep pointing the celling ???

7.Bee Gees songs and Disco Song became a popular dancing music.

8.Some call the movie Saturday Night Fever in Malay - ' Hari Sabtu Deman '

9.After the movie, emerge ERA OF DISCO, every Saturday night must go dancing

10. Before Saturday Night Movie Guys hair style ears covered , after the movie Guys hair style showing the ears but later some guys/girls big negro hair style

11.Fashion for guys - Disco wear tight shirt , show off the chest, /color pants. My parent buy me a red pant thinking I look like John Travolta.

12. Seems every Saturday night people's organize party at home mainly became a disco club at home,I still small fart so I normally become a Disco Light ( Off/On the touch light to give a effect of disco light).

Note:-For some young readers you might not born yet , MAYBE your parents meet/dating in the discotheque , dancing Point up Poke down dance every Saturday night

Have a Fever Weekend Everyone


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Muwahaha He also BLOG wor !!

Now blogging is fun in Malaysia

After Malaysia erection seems a lot famous famous all enter Blogging wor

This Tai Kor new Blog Here


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

9393 EastSouthWestNorth EatKing (1) :- Pudu Prawn Mee

After the country erection I seems to be 'Eat Full Nothing To Do' , been starting to blog again.
One of the good things about blogging is not so much telling the world how many times I shit per day, to me keeping some data for future generation so when people see this blog in 50 years times I leave a legacy as "SOR HAI ".

I had started blogging about DanCing last week , might as well blog about food I use to eat. Won't blog about classy restaurant (as I can't afford) more on some popular eating hide-out that Lato Lato, Tan See See might not step into.

I will call this food post " 9393 East South West North Eat King" ( In Cantonese means " Tong Lam Sei Pak Sek Wong " )

This week on 9393 East South West North Eat King will be "Pudu Prawn Mee" or in KL known as Mee York. Of course Penang Hokkian Mee still the Best , but in KL and PJ some good one la.

This Prawn Mee is in Jalan Pudu behind the Pudu wet market, towards Jalan Cheras.If coming from Jalan Sungai besi on the 1st corner the post office. Is a small stall just next to bus stop stand.

Just at the corner coffee shop, the stall at the front. The Coffee shop damn small, during office hours need to share share table with others. I normally take this opportunity look out for Single ladies so need not find opening sentence to start a conversation.

Mr Yeow being in this business almost 40 years.The stall manage with 5 to 6 workers. Opening hours from morning till after lunch. Small bowl $3.80 and Big bowl $4.80, Big Prawns $ 7.00.( No wonder open business till afternoon)

I order with big prawns, look good. The taste a bit salty, maybe the soup too tick , Mr Yeoh told me they started cook the soup one night before . I wonder did they continue use the leave over soup one day before??

Good point the Mee dont taste oily. It comes with 6 medium size tiger prawn. Don't expect the mee come with pork rib or egg as Penang Hokkian mee use to have

Since I eat full nothing to do after eating I went behind the stall towards Pudu Market. saw two of my favorite's Malaysian snack - Fried Chinese New year Cake and Mutu Payam.
Miss this place,the chicken smell, old pudu smell, will come back one fine day

The Pudu Prawn Mee verdict: Of 5 Bananas I gave:-