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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Smoke la ! SMOKE some more la !, Not only sure MATI 5did oso ‘Poke-Kai’ 5did!.
2day I buy a pack of Cigaretee $6.50 but 2molo will be $7.30 after today Budget.
'ChingFu' want more people stop smoking so we can live longer see the vision of 2020 and more man power to see 9th Malaysia Plan come true.Also I think our country not enough Doctor as most of the student go oversea study medicine tell the family don't want to come back becoz day day Malaysia ho hot when come back cannot stand,so if more people like me smoke got sick than the hosipital here also got problem mai bcoz not enough local doctor.But the best I think is no let student start smoking if the cigaratee expensive.You know la If I suddenly stop smoking where can I tahan?..dunno can mati or not?. Think of it I have to stop smoking not only my health but my pocket.As I just started become good man as no more sells pirate VCD n DVD now I work as Sales-C .

I only started work on August and my salary is Chicken-Water.
Now starting where got so fast got sales even I can talk until a Cow climb up tree.If I continue smoking i sure day day only eat at mamak order Roti Chanai + Air Kosong.
'ChingFu' year year talk Budget I also MUST look at my Budget.

You see my Salary only - $2,000 basic (hope got sales than got commission)

Must spend everymonth:-
(Day Day Working Must Eat)
Morning Roti Channai $0.70
Morning Kopi $1.00
Lunch Mix Rice $3.50
Afternoon Tea Ice $1.20
Afternoon Goreng pisang or Curry puff $1.00
Night(no need spend as eat at home)
Supper go out with Kaki $ 4.00
Total $ 11.40 x 20days working = $228
Go kau lui and drinking with my Kaki $50 x 4 days= $200
Try no go out better stay at home play Warcraft also will spend $5 per day x 8=$40
Every Saturday night must go mamak see Football will spend $8 x 4=$32
Play Futsal or badminton with Kaki $8 x 4 Sunday = $32
Total $ 40 + $ 32 + $32 =$104
Cigarette $6.50 $ 7.30 x 30days = $219
Petrol on my 2nd hand kacil
Now do sales go here go there and got a lot parking ticket?
$230 + $60 = $290
Hand Phone bill-SMS more and try no call so much-$120
Car Loan -$370
Help Family Pay house Loan-$300
Take back money for Family on food, mother pocket money, brother study-$250

Grand Total money must GO Out:- $ 1,951
After deduct Basic $2,000 got only = $49.

If I no sales commission I sure die, where got time go Kau Lui like Fire Angel???
Some more next year I also help family pay for our house assessment as next year Petaling Jaya will become a CITY sure the assessment also go up wan, I hope mamak in PJ they sell teh tarik and roti chanai price no go up.I hear the TV Show 'FEAR FACTOR' is coming to Malaysia do the filming,I want to join so I can win some cash prize money.Eating worm,eating shit,walking across Twin Tower I don't care and don't scare.The chance of gettingthe money better than buying 4 D.

I think I better play safe that I stop smoking la as it will save me $219 just in case heavy rain come from no where than I sure die.

You see last time I a 'Big Tai Koh' who don’t wan to do work and no study but now I'm thinking of study night class so later can get a better job. Now I can’t even effort my own insurance, if i sick don't know where to get money to go hosipital. I hope the 'ChingFu' next year on the Budget, the EPF contribution make it a compulsory contribution for the people have one a Life Insurance or Study Insurance so when heavy rain come also no scare.If the 'ChingFu' do that, In 10 years times I got enough money from the EPF Insurance study loan ,I can further my study by getting a Sholin 'Master'.Am i dreaming or what now ??

Aiya now is more important la ,luckly I still got sales job and not yet think of jumping airplanes

So MR WONG TAT SWEE You better stop smoking to save up Lopoh capital.

MR WONG TAT SWEE lot of people looking at you


Do your best now at your sales job so one day you will “Out Human Head Ground

Whatever budget the ChingFu give now you should:-


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NesLo Feeling Today (Mix Feeling Today)

What a day today!?! My feeling today just like my favorite ‘makmak’ drink ‘NesLo’(Nescafe and Milo a drink mix 2gather) mix feelings of good and bad.

NES~Bad Feeling

Received a call from oversea this afternoon some bad news

The other day on my blog, I mention if every time if I ever drop down I will come up again .Easy to says, action another issue. All day till late night now just worry and worry.

LO~Good Feeling

I just can’t believe someone I adore so much drop by my blog and say ‘HI’.
If not becoz of the bad news this afternoon I would run out my house and give a Big shout of YaHooOo.

Thanks a lot Minishot, at least you NO see me NO up but got abit see me up up.Blog superstar like u oso like to read my no head no tail blog.U got give me some Omps.
Can you help me tell 'Angel on Fire' later I ok jor I sure go kau hard her.
Soli 2 u Lenglui I cant 11 blog and sad to hear you need a break.

I hope I be back Gila Gila very soon which means I have overcome my problems

I be Back

Now-> 93~93

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kita Sayang Api Bidadari

Why suddenly everybody crazy on Fire Angel? My master Ghost Old Sholin moremore her and talks about her..even my Leng lui ask everybody go and kau her.I so sad my leng lui say that. So I go look c look c the link leng lui give
She no on Fire wor but she seems looking outside hoping Water Prince take her away from her Kampong house she staying.

Than I go to her Fan Club link
I realise she like to play with her hole. People say Women enjoy in out in out more than Man just like when our ear itchy we use our finger dig the ear hole the ear hole so 'Song' but the finger no feeling of 'Song'. Just look at her she enjoy digging her ear wor !

No wonder my leng lui says she PANAS wor.I think I begin to Lum her lei !!.She Very sweet like and when she smile she can melt a man heart wor!.API BIDADARI CAN I KAU YOU MAI ?, I want 2 become your AIR PUTERA lei.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Why like that one??

Why like that one? I no one to drop jor

Sen No:1 Last Saturday I was so sen bcoz I sms 50 sms (50 x $0.50 = $100) to my idol Nita to win but lose out to all girl sms power.Hope when Daniel album out even a 11 years old girl like my sister daughter oso buy his album la than he sure very the rich as he got 1.2 million sms for him.I should have spend the sms money to go rub my legs at Jalan Bukit Binatang.
WTQ !!
Sen No:2 Again Saturday night MU lose to Hitam Bakar.So stupid simply lose point at this early stages.I think I support the city boys better.See them play make my cells die faster.
Sen No:3 What happen to my Leng Lui,day day Tai Yee Ma come.See Show also want to fight
Sen No 4 What la , 2day I go police station pay my saman as until this Month go give 50% discount as my saman so much and payday only next month I ask can give credit card or not but tell me go on9 look c look c.Go Google find here find there oso cant find

93 94
and somemore got people say her backside show she no more virgin..That fellow very ‘Sin Kai ‘, I think I try to know him so when I kau any girl I ask him tell me is that girl I kau buka or not buka yet.Dunno he can tell I got masuk before or not yet masuk before…dunno Fly Kite count or not??