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Monday, September 26, 2005

Why like that one??

Why like that one? I no one to drop jor

Sen No:1 Last Saturday I was so sen bcoz I sms 50 sms (50 x $0.50 = $100) to my idol Nita to win but lose out to all girl sms power.Hope when Daniel album out even a 11 years old girl like my sister daughter oso buy his album la than he sure very the rich as he got 1.2 million sms for him.I should have spend the sms money to go rub my legs at Jalan Bukit Binatang.
WTQ !!
Sen No:2 Again Saturday night MU lose to Hitam Bakar.So stupid simply lose point at this early stages.I think I support the city boys better.See them play make my cells die faster.
Sen No:3 What happen to my Leng Lui,day day Tai Yee Ma come.See Show also want to fight
Sen No 4 What la , 2day I go police station pay my saman as until this Month go give 50% discount as my saman so much and payday only next month I ask can give credit card or not but tell me go on9 look c look c.Go Google find here find there oso cant find

93 94
and somemore got people say her backside show she no more virgin..That fellow very ‘Sin Kai ‘, I think I try to know him so when I kau any girl I ask him tell me is that girl I kau buka or not buka yet.Dunno he can tell I got masuk before or not yet masuk before…dunno Fly Kite count or not??


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