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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kita Sayang Api Bidadari

Why suddenly everybody crazy on Fire Angel? My master Ghost Old Sholin moremore her and talks about her..even my Leng lui ask everybody go and kau her.I so sad my leng lui say that. So I go look c look c the link leng lui give
She no on Fire wor but she seems looking outside hoping Water Prince take her away from her Kampong house she staying.

Than I go to her Fan Club link
I realise she like to play with her hole. People say Women enjoy in out in out more than Man just like when our ear itchy we use our finger dig the ear hole the ear hole so 'Song' but the finger no feeling of 'Song'. Just look at her she enjoy digging her ear wor !

No wonder my leng lui says she PANAS wor.I think I begin to Lum her lei !!.She Very sweet like and when she smile she can melt a man heart wor!.API BIDADARI CAN I KAU YOU MAI ?, I want 2 become your AIR PUTERA lei.