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Monday, November 20, 2006

A good news from my Aiya Sister

Known this pretty girl 3 years ago through business contract. This LengLui sure makes Man saliva dripping out, I’m no different either, but she not only nice but smart too. We talk like old friends, treat her just like my little sister. I had seen her steady once and indeed both suite well as that guy look like Rains the Korean Actor.

One evening this Aiya sister call me crying as she having break off with her Lengjai Boyfriend

The next few days I sms’s and call her often, seem she doing fine with the break off.

But months later she call me saying she now in Europe. I was surprise and also glad she make a point to call me and accept me as her good friend

She continue SMS’s me and calling me. But after few months no news from her. And I lost her overseas phone numbers.

After almost 2 years now, just now she give me a call and it’s really makes my day.

She back in Malaysia and She back to her profession. What inspire me that she told me she actually go there without any purpose, she even works in a factory few months.

She manage to get over it.

Now she back almost a months and she feeling great.

What a good news I received today, one reasons get me back to write a post to express my inner joy for this Aiya Sister of mine.

By the way I'm back blogging after been chase by Mr Ah Long all over Asia last 40 days. Lin Peh and Wingz of Rojak day day see newspaper to check whether I been chop 18 pices..but..I Big Life

Place I am now blogging..not my home , a hotel in Penang