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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Wanna understand more about this event? ..The links regarding this event Auckland City

Friday, December 09, 2005

New Zealand Christmas Tree 'Pohutukawa Tree'

This post is specially for Heather who commented on my last post regarding New Zealand Christmas Tree call 'Pohutukawa', also ask me did I visit Sky City.
Coincidence last two days while I was visiting one of the park in Auckland I manage to capture a picture of this Pohutukawa Tree and as today I was nearby Sky city, I also manage to took a picture of the Sky Tower.
Just like in Japan Spring there have Sakura and NZ December you can see this Pohutukawa bloming everyhere.To me is just like our Malaysian Rambutan friut tree.
Pohutukawa tree just beautiful

The Pohutukawa tree

At Parnell

Heather also provide me a link regarding this Tree.The Link. Thanks a lot Heather.

I did not enter the casino because just Ding-Ng-Soon watching a lot of La-La-Jai and La-La-Lui gambling there.Bugar1 they suppose study but use Lo-Tau blood sweat monies go all out!!..There are all really Pok-Kai-Jai or Pok-Kai-Lui

The Sky City Tower

Thursday, December 08, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland (2)

Victoria Park Market:- Don't know why Santa climb the tower?.Halo Santa now only 8th December, Not yet 24th December la

Queen Street-Human Puppet Music Box Model infront of a Shop.

Lynn Mall

Botany Town Centre(Howick)

- 6pm


Seems like the Christmas tree manage to communicate with the Moon.

This coming Saturday might attend Christmas at the park at Auckland City.If No rain will go la, Hope can Kau Gwei Lui, if get one or two I dont want to come back to KL la....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland

Some picture's took this past few days.Hope you all like it la.

St Luke Shopping Mall

Gwei Lo oso like 2 drink Kopi 1

Queens Street

Walk oso happy happy

Santa Parade at Downtown Queen street