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Friday, December 09, 2005

New Zealand Christmas Tree 'Pohutukawa Tree'

This post is specially for Heather who commented on my last post regarding New Zealand Christmas Tree call 'Pohutukawa', also ask me did I visit Sky City.
Coincidence last two days while I was visiting one of the park in Auckland I manage to capture a picture of this Pohutukawa Tree and as today I was nearby Sky city, I also manage to took a picture of the Sky Tower.
Just like in Japan Spring there have Sakura and NZ December you can see this Pohutukawa bloming everyhere.To me is just like our Malaysian Rambutan friut tree.
Pohutukawa tree just beautiful

The Pohutukawa tree

At Parnell

Heather also provide me a link regarding this Tree.The Link. Thanks a lot Heather.

I did not enter the casino because just Ding-Ng-Soon watching a lot of La-La-Jai and La-La-Lui gambling there.Bugar1 they suppose study but use Lo-Tau blood sweat monies go all out!!..There are all really Pok-Kai-Jai or Pok-Kai-Lui

The Sky City Tower


rational thinker said...

hey mate..i am a sort of expat (student je) staying in auckland now..i just moved here..hehe..if u got a number...txt me on 021-1144263, maybe i can show u around..or rather u show me around. :)

lilian said...

Waaaaaaa...so beautiful the tree! First time I see ler. Thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

Hi 9394,

Thanks for the post!!! You made me feel so honoured and you made my day! :) Your photography skills is not bad!!! I've never seen anyone take a Sky City pic like that before!

Anyway, have you been to the "No" Tree Hill, Mt Albert, Rangitoto Island, Newmarket, Harbour Bridge, America's Cup Village yet? Do you have plans to travel out of Auckland? (Maybe to Northland, Taupo, Rotorua, Wellington, and South Island?)

Well, I hope you will enjoy your stay in NZ and don't forget to eat plenty of oysters, mussels, kiwifruits, fish & chips while you are there. ^_^


93~94 said...

rational thinker -Should have check my blog this morning or i could contact u ans meet up at Domain.Will tax u this Monday.Thks

Lilian:- Aiyo no need to thks mai ..i should thks u more as u post so many good post for us.

Heather:- Haha No hill tree..sould b One man tree as now no tree .Did not go there but use to pass by there.I always drink Flat white at Newmarket.
Been to most part of NZ but this time around will stay back at auckland bcoz need to settle some family matters.
Love Fish and chips, also love ice cream at Mission Bay-'Death By Chocalate'
By the way where r u now?

Lum said...

Looks like rambutan tree

Heather said...

Hi 9394,

Yeah, I miss the Death by Chocolate at Mission Bay. The desserts (especially the chocolate flavour ones) there are so irresistible.

By the way, I'm in my office now. ;)