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Thursday, December 08, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland (2)

Victoria Park Market:- Don't know why Santa climb the tower?.Halo Santa now only 8th December, Not yet 24th December la

Queen Street-Human Puppet Music Box Model infront of a Shop.

Lynn Mall

Botany Town Centre(Howick)

- 6pm


Seems like the Christmas tree manage to communicate with the Moon.

This coming Saturday might attend Christmas at the park at Auckland City.If No rain will go la, Hope can Kau Gwei Lui, if get one or two I dont want to come back to KL la....


lilian said...

Wuah...so nice, so shiok!!!!!! But it is very hot there hor?

Enjoy yourself a lot, a lot. Find a gwei poh, marry only come back.

fanC said...

you having holidays (envy envy ***)
me rushing to meet deadlines (pening pening***)

more pics, more pics...
to get the X'mas feel...

helen said...

Wow, speechless!! Wei, kau gwai mui ar?? All the best to you.... hope u get what u asked for!!! lol

helen said...

Wow, speechless!! Wei, kau gwai mui ar?? All the best to you.... hope u get what u asked for!!! lol

Heather said...

Hi 9394,

If you are going to the Christmas in the Park in the Domain, don't forget to bring a couple of friends, some nice finger food and a nice jacket because it can get quite cold at night. Oh yeah, did you visit the Sky Tower in the city centre?

Eventhough it's summer now in Auckland, but the "Christmas feel" is NZ is as heavy as anywhere else in the west.

Do you know that NZ has its own Christmas tree? It's also called the Pohutukawa tree (http://www.global-garden.com.au/backissuez/0112feature1.htm). Check it out! If possible, do take a picture! It's everywhere in NZ. :)


93~94 said...

Lilian:- No hot wor quite cooling even now summer.I think malaysian Lui very much better wor.

FabC:- happy u like the picture.Actually before blog I normally dont take picture often..after started bloging day in day out camera beside me. Very stress la..but Ho happy u like it ,worth the effort.

Helan :- Malaysian mui mui jai better la....Gwei mui mui jai very 'SO' smell wor.Kekeke.."So' :So; also mutton meat wor !!

Heather:- I have post regarding the NZ X'mas tree.Haha..I think this x'mas in the park gonna be "SEN" as since last year NZ Law not allow to drink alcoho in the public place

Lin Peh said...

What you 9 9 in NZ ah ? Regarding Gwai Mui, as long as the neh neh is big big you can cover the smell with perfume (or chinese Fong Yao) mah. You sure Malaysia one better or you just making our Malaysian auntie and mui mui siok siok by saying Malaysia better ? LOL !

By the way, 9394 have been selected and invited to participate in the Christmas Sing Song Project. Your voice is needed because you go NZ already can pick up some angmor style and sing like them and add spice to our project. If not, after all sing like Ah Beng Ah Lian like dat play one time only the computer condemn already la. Lin Peh waiting. No play play wan.

93~94 said...

Lin Peh:- hahaha I sure no play play wan and gonna sing like kiwi wan

Aucklander said...

good pic buddy.have a good time in auckland.