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Friday, October 28, 2005

Bloging Now Is Not A Game To Play Play

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
KL jam here jam there all go shop shop bank bank ready balik kampong

This 3 days I so Q busy working but never miss the ‘Woo Ha’ in SingMaBlog as when I log in Chee-Cheong-Kai this at least 10 to 15 talk 3 talk 4 about XiaXue things wan. I want to play warcraft also cannot becoz so many up3 up4 to see. Don’t know why so many ppl got Train-Eyes? . This Xiaxue is really power wor , as now I really scare she very the angry until she call all her LaLa blogder girl to form a ‘Pink Lady Gang’ and start a 'Mao Zedong' Long March from Singapore to KL to counter protest whoever baggar put the boycott products on the blog.I actually want to put one but sure other bloggers say I two head snake bcoz early I wrote a letter to her asking can I form a Fan-C club for her and now want to put boycott product I sure kena diew wan. I think I prefer form a Fan-c club for her bcoz she says mostly a loyal readers are teenager girl , than I sure can kau her loyal supporter. Hey ! you all think I talk shit ar.! ..I give you a count dead grass:-

She say everyday got 10,000 visit her blog , if 10% is her loyal teenager girl means got 1,000 teenager girl. I don’t want greedy la I take only 10% of 10% means got 100 girls wor..
WAU LAU ..got so many choices I no need day day dream of Fire Angel.

Let imagine again if her 1,000 loyal fan come marching in, you all scare or not?.You all think won’t happen mei ..She asks them turn right they turn right they turn left they turn left.Aiyah I just talk cock la where her fan got so stupid one..it just only a blog only wor..is just like playing See-Saw where got people so stupid wan. I hope this festival session everybody will forget and forgive la. Bloging is to share share some of the joy inside our heart on the day day sometime we so hard to express out.
To me xiaxue is like my next door uncle daughter, a nice girl trying her best to grown up in the bright spotlight.It not easy for a girl in a situation 'Bukan Sini Bukan Sana'....She will be having hard time adjusting this big wave ...mayb one day She learn and really grown up than She will become great lei.Anyway is none of my Q business lei.

I also want to tell you something I very very the HAPPY today. This happy better than wining on9 warcraft(dota) game….wining lottery or fly kite.
Last week I wrote a post on a blog about Thank You. just now I look c look c some blog I saw one girl saw my post and she blog saying she will follow a similar ways of mine Thank You by doing apologies to her love one and friends. I feel so touch and damn Q happy. That day my good friend Fei-Jai asks me why I waste so much time now on blog ..it is because can make money on blog I say No. it is becoz kau lui I say Yes but bcoz too bad my England so bad no girl until now want me but today I feel so Q happy at least 1 person does happy things to others until she happy and now I oso happy.

I day day only got average 100 ppl visit my blog if 10% of the 100 ppl read my post become happy I HO HAPPY.

Ding-Lee-lo-Fei I did not know just blogging can so much effect on others who just read!!!. So don't think Bloging is a simple thing as now even politician oso blog .

But I also don’t want famous bcoz if I have too many readers reads my blog one day the Educational Ministry Department people will cari me to screw me upside down for making so many Malaysian people jatuh standard in our England speaking.

Anyway I just blog not for income la or whatever la, just for a small group of people that I could make them happy I happy la.


Note:- kekeke I have stop smoking for the past 6 days after cutting down smoking almost 2 weeks ago.one of the reason to save the smoking money for PETER HAIR FOR HOSPICE. Thanks Peter you are great

Also whoever balik kampong or go for holiday Please DRIVE SAFELY as I want to read your post after this long holiday.

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

'The Women Who Refused To Get Up’

Rosa Parks 1913 – 2005
Rosa Parks one of my favorite living icon pass away on Monday.
Also known as ‘The Woman Who Changed a Nation’ and 'The Woman Who Refused To Get Up'.

Some Links :-


La Shawn Barber Corner

The Time 100



MiniShots wants hug hug today

Today is this LengLui Cow-One and she wants Hug Hug from everyone. 5did go to her blog and give her hug hug as I cannot because this morning overslept forget spray "Deodorant" when come to work. I just wish her Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did you received SMS asking for Help today ?

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
In Kota Kinabalu former state minister has been detained after a 20-year-old youth was shot dead after a fight.

Today recieved (7) same sms on my phone:-

'Need ur help 2 4ward 2those hv bllod type AB negative.Need urgently 4 NgKxxnSxxg at Hsp at hsp Universiti PJ.Ward XX, RoomXX hp 01X-XXXXXX, send 2others pls,very urgent'

The first SMS I received was last night and 5di call that number hoping I might help but the phone was off with full voice message. This morning again received this forward SMS,again call that number, again off phone with message.
Than I realize he must have off the phone as a lot people been calling.

Normally when I received 'SOS SMS' I won’t forward knowing well we Malaysian are very CARING PEOPLE, if I continue forward and it might become a nuisance instead helping the patient family.

So how ar when we receive this type of sms ..am I doing right for not forwarding?...am I taking for granted we Malaysian are Caring people?