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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

‘I don’t want my mouth taste like Ashtray’

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
"Maur Saturday some Sor-Lo go around on a bike throwing bricks at cars"

Everyone was surprise I cut down smoking lately. My manager Mr. Khoo ask me what make me stop smoking. Told him stop smoking reason after the Budget 2005 cigarette rise up price from my regular Marlboro $6.50 to $7.00.If I keep smoking I will spend extra 0.50cents per pack and also I don’t want to die young because not yet marry. I also very happy the Ching-FU rise the smoking price so can make us the smoker stop smoking.
Mr. Khoo says:-
‘Don’t be silly la the Ching-Fu not merely raise $0.50 cents only able get you all smokers stop smoking. To compare Hong Kong or Singapore our cigarette price are much cheaper. If the Ching-Fu rise 100% per yearly budget than I think the smoker will stop smoking. That means if your packet of Marlboro cost you RM15 per packet than can really feel the pinch but only yearly $0.50 cents per year sure NO FEELING la to you smokers. Maybe first few days feel expensive but after that NO FEELING jor. End up Ching-Fu have more tax money from you all smokers because you smokers won’t stop smoking but will pay more to Ching-Fu”.

Lee Lo Mei the Ching-Fu so cleaver make more money from the smokers like me but luckily now I really want to stop smoking because if I Kau a girl when kiss a girl, the girl won’t complain my mouth taste like ASHTRAY
‘I don’t want my mouth taste like Ashtray’


Wuching said...

well done, now to give it up completely..

mob1900 said...

wether your mouth taste like an ashtray it doesn't matter, I once have a girl friend(2 separate words) who claim she doesn't want BF who smokes. she's has since eaten her own words and is now happily suck/swallowing nicotine-laced cum courtesy from her latest BF everyday. ;)

bitches are hipocrites ler.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

wu ching: I will n thks

Mob1900: haha that funny.we never understand wat women wants at times

Blogger said...

Are you paying over $5 per pack of cigs? I buy my cigarettes at Duty Free Depot and I save over 60% on cigs.