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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I send an Email to my beloved XiaXue

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
The father of Malaysia’s most famous badminton-playing family, Datuk Sidek Abdullah Kamar, passed away yesterday.

Email I send to Xiaxue 20 mints ago:-

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Dear Miss-c Xiaxue ,

Lee Ho Mai ?
You dunno me but I am your Fan-C, even people tell me KL people no like you but I don't care. I always come to your blog and always agree what you blog.I hope one day I can create a Xiaxue KL Fan-C Club for you. If you want me to do it I make sure do nice nice for you. If you OK I try to kou-thim KL blogger to like you back, if they don't want I try getting some of my HamSup-Lo friend to support you. If u really wants me to create a 'KL XiaXue Fan-C Club' could you please do me a 'KL Xiaxue Fan-C Club' button so I can put in my blog as I see you very good in designing blog template. You very terra that you even make your picture that your head got bubble come out( I hope is no always you upsets always got hot bubble air come out from your body) the bubble is very 'IN' things wor. But now my only worry is my England no good dunno will bring down your face paper or not, but we should don't care la as your England so good also some people no like you, as got some say you got good England but never make use of it and talk without your brain. Don't feel sad as they all sor sor di and not famous like you so they all talk cock.

Actually I write to you because I see you got 'Toilet' problem lei.
You see hor last time when you come to KL go back Singapore you very angry with a Malay lady because she jump Q and make you cannot tahan to go Shi Shi.

Now on your latest post you also no happy with the Singapore Ching-Fu spend so much money on the Handicapped Toilets only can be use by handicapped people. Also you no happy why the handicapped man angry when a man accidentally enter that toilet. Aiyah you don't upset with this la, sometime when a person sick or not well they easily get angry one. Just like me when at times I have no money I easily get angry of everything, they says this is No-Money-Sick, just like your when your Tai-Yee-Ma come visit you, you sure easily angry with small thing mai.So don't be upset with that incident la.

Since you very particular on going Shi Shi thing , I make an effort go to web site to find a solution how you can overcome go Shi Shi no need have to fight with the handicapped people. At first I think of you wearing diaper, but sometime you wear pants the diaper you wear people might think you got gugu and thinking you a 'Pondan'. So I look-c, look-c the web site I found this thing call 'Freshette Urinal' a portable sterilization urinal facilitates by Allegro Medical (Website:http://www.allegromedical.com/) please see attach file of the sample picture.
If you buy this thing anytime you can Shi Shi, even when you Karaoke with your friends and you in the middle of singing and also wants to Shi Shi, you can shi shi on this portable 'Freshette Urinal'.I really hope you no easily get angry because of toilet thing la, u know mai, if you angry your blood pressure always go up very fast than you grow faster old but wont grow taller.So hope you can buy it and use it la.Also that thing no need poke inside ,just put outside your HamJimPan and Shi Shi.It also come with a nice case and easily put inside your branded hand bag
You see I cleaver or not ? give you a good suggestion. I hope I do so much for you that you allow me to create a 'Fan-C Club' for you. I sure make big big for you.Please let me know can I create the Club mai?

Always Sokong my beloved Xiaxue !!

KL with Love
Desmond Wong


Jeremy C said...


That was hilarious, dude!

lovexiaxue said...

Please count me in I want to join your fan club

hsin said...


minishorts said...

nabeh... die laughing adi... celaka you.

Anonymous said...


PK said...

Desmond... u damn klakar la.....

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Jeremy C :- thks Jeremy, what your fav team in english football?

lovexiaxue:- dunno who r u how i get u to join?

Hsin:- Thks Hsin, your blog nice 2

minishorts:- Lenglui sifu ar u laugh happy i very happy but cannot die ar bcoz next week is ur Cow-One and u have to write Nanowrimo.Thks a lot sifu.

Anon:- This blog wor not classic music wor , anyway thks

PK:- Thks PK, by the way in ur blog u says 'Combat' what is that??

Alex said...

did she reply? lmao

Button said...

This article of yours are really good mate!!! laugh tha fucking out of it!! High 5!!!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Alex: No la she won't reply la as she takes me as her parasites...but if you go to her blog she one way or another hit me..kekeke if you look carefully on her post few days I posted this mail.Anyway i have my reason on my emails.

button: High 5 bru-the !

kiz said...

dude hilarious email