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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I must at least say 5 time Thank you to Anybody I know

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
'Nicol David win British Open squash championships'

I was smiling sok sok listening Xiaxue audio with headset suddenly my Sales Manager Mr. Khoo hit me from behind ask me what I was listening and smiling away. Show him that blog and he ‘Who Who says she sei bei leng.Than ask me why I so happy.
Tell him this girl a very famous Singaporean blogger who offended a lot of readers about handicapped toilet and now she so courage says “SORRY” and she does not mean it.And she sound so sweet just like a 16 years old school girl

Mr. Khoo was upset and says:-
"Why u so busy body and got nothing to do ar?... go and listen and see all this crap.Wei..this afternoon you having an appointment with Mr.Choo you better do nicely wor or I kick your ass".

Haha luckily I did not tell Mr Khoo I even have my own blog and even yesterday I posted an email in my blog that I want to form a Fn-c club for her, if he knows sure say i wasting time and childish.

Than Mr Khoo again ask just because someone apologies you so happy?. Told him sort of than he says:-

"When one makes a mistake whether intention or unintentional is good that we acknowledge our mistake. Nobody in this world does not make mistake but don’t say ‘Sorry’ just like eating vegetable and later forget about it. In the past I mess up my life because of my inconsiderate heart and action but I have change a lot from some bad incident. I change after attended a motivation course and from that day onwards my outlook towards life change. For example I make it a point everyday appreciate to anyone around me and acknowledge them at least 5 times a day. I even thank somebody I don’t know just like yesterday when leaving this office building acknowledges the security guard despite puasa month still work hard to protect us.”

I laugh and say it could be very silly day in day out says thank to everybody, but Mr.Khoo says once you do it with sincere you feel a kind of joy within.

While Mr Khoo walk away to his room I was thinking it sound reasonable. Actually in my life I took a lot thing for granted. Maybe I should give a try…Ha..the Tea lady about to serve coffee to us and I should ‘Thank Her’, also at the same time I will blog the conversation I learn from Mr.Khoo.

Thank Autie Mu for everyday making a such a good coffee, Thank Mr Khoo for always guiding me, Thanks Latif for ….Thanks Fei-jai for …..Thanks Mum for …..Thanks Dad for…………..Thks …thks…thks….thks…..


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

I tabik hormat you hor. Like that also you can write so moral story. Xiaxue got bikini photo online, you no take and make your screensaver meh?

totoro said...

it's a habit drilled into our brains since childhood.. everyone also say thank you. ppl open door say thank you, cleaning lady come collect rubbish, say thank you, waiter serve you coffee, say thank you...

kruy® said...

Yes it is a good habit to thank people. Doing good things and treating people good is supposed to make yourself feel good too, apart from making the other people feel appreciated :)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~:- Wa Wa Thank u five times for droping my blog.Mame ar you potong steam wor, as i go look c look c no bikini picture.Can give the link ar.Plz and Thank u 5 times again.

totoro:- thks u coming here.It true this Thank You we took for granted.I might tonight share something I experience today about this Thank u things.

kruy:- Thks Kruy.U actually being doing this as can see from your blog.

kruy® said...

"U actually being doing this as can see from your blog." ---> What do u mean?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Kruy: u making others appreciated :-)