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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Fish Eat Small Fish

Warning:- A lot of 'Diew Lee Lo Mo' and a lot of Q #Q$%@q@%$#@ so make sure you alone when watching this ‘Q” video clip from Hong Kong

Seems this Video clip damn “Q” HOT within the Hong Kong cyberspace now until someone put up with English & Chinese subtitles.Somemore got remix with music.Also people selling T-shirts on that Lo Beng(Uncle) face.Who knows one day that Lo Bng will act in HK movie

It show the world reality- 'Big Fish Eat Small Fish' or the Lo Beng(uncle) trying to release tension by bullying the Young Chap.

Maybe one day i will be like that 'Lo Beng'


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Charity World Cup Song For Save The Children Organisation

Following yesterday post on 'Don't Waste Food',did a google seach for NGO saving children from suffering of hunger, poverty, disease, injustice and violence.Found a few.

One of the NGO : Save The Children-UK

Do visit this web site and see what we can do to help the unfortunate children.
Website of Save the Children please click here

On the same website thy have a Charity drive in conjuntion of team England taking part in this summer World Cup 2006 call:-
"The Charity World Cup Song: This Game is Our Game"

(extract from this side)
"The band, Lucky to be Alive, has written and recorded a song to inspire England at this year’s World Cup. The song is called ‘ This Game is Our Game’ and all profits from its sale will be given to Save the Children to help its work throughout the world with vulnerable children.

Lucky to be Alive, who have already had a brush with fame playing at Peter Andre’s and Jordan’s wedding in 2005 , have recorded the song with the Trinity School Choir, Henley on Thames.

The song is available to order in:-

CD format from www.savethechildrengifts.co.uk
or downloaded from www.tunetribe.com/luckytobealive.

Matt Richardson from Lucky to be Alive said ‘We are honoured to be working with Save the Children during the World Cup this summer. The kids at Trinity School had great fun singing This Game is Our Game and we hope everyone else does too. Please buy it and support Save the Children – and England.’

Tanya Steele, Director of Supporter Relations and Fundraising for Save the Children added ‘Thanks to Lucky to be Alive this catchy alternative to the official World Cup song will help raise vital funds for Save the Children’s work with vulnerable children."

Monday, May 22, 2006

Don't Waste Food (Part2)

Please read my bruder Rojak post on "Don't Waste Food" first than only proceeds reading my following posting. Click here.

That particular picture by Kevin Carter was forwarded email by one my close friend staying in the State. This morning he again forwarded another email on suffering Children from the 3rd world.
Really sad after seeing those pictures (especially the last two pictures)

I hope by posting this picture we will ponder deeply what is life for?.
Later this evening when I back home I'm going show it to my kids on those pictures, will explain to them how fortunate we are,be more sensitive towards the suffering in the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests.

These pictures might spoil our day but is a reality,and hope this pictures will always serve as a reminder to us about how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.