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Friday, August 25, 2006

Today My Traffic Hits Very Unusual

Suddenly today my blog traffic so high up

Even I install the statistic counter years ago, seldom log in and check on my traffic hits (only average 0 to 1 hit per day so what to check la)

Don’t know what makes me log in today and to my big surprise today total hits close to 1,000

Check the referral counter where the hits comes from, CheePet is all the Salty Wet Man making search on AUCKLAND PORN STAR PARADE which I posted sometime early this month

The parade happens yesterday, and all over the world is aware of this parade, but too bad the post I posted is just a link to the referral news.

Anyway I make a search and I know where I can get the picture and news, sure enough I got it, so far until now “STUFF of NZ only posted the news and with picture

Gosh! Nearly 100, 000 attended the “Boobs on Bikes” lunch parade on Auckland Queen Street although only 20 porn star show of their boobs. Among the crowd are the protesters carrying placard "Sleeze brings disease in body and mind” but they seems to enjoy the show too.

The Best picture I saw is not so much of the nude porn star (most of them are papaya type) is the one shown a group of men spectators taking picture. One of the guys is a LO PENG wearing a Nike cap with a dark sun glasses. Want to see but scare people see him. Too bad, the whole worlds saw him as “Salty Wet Man”

Click the Link's from The Stuff of New Zealand:-

News Stories

Picture – Big turn up

Picture- USA Porn Star

Picture- Even gal also turn up full force

Picture- Nice boob's

Picture- Sleeze brings disease in body and mind

Picture- Salty Wet Man- this the BEST PICTURE

More More Picture From Public Flickr pictures go get here, here, and also here


Miss this year parade, never mind go next year

Sexs even sells in blog if wanna have high traffict hits !


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today Is Ayam Day

Today very special, is AYAM DAY or Chicken Day

Today kenot kill Ayam

Today kenot call Chicken Rice

Today eat satay don't call Chicken

Today play Futsal play Kaki Ayam

Today when you see someone coward don't call him/her Chicken, call him/her Duck

Today clubing dance Chicken Dance

Today Kenot go Chicken Farm call "CHICKEN' is a holiday for them, so stay home and Fly kite

Today all Baba Ayam go Chicken Dangdut

Today all Mak Ayam go Chicken Joget

more info on Ayam Day go here