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Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Event Not To Be Miss


Since I started blogging on August 2005, my stand is I will never ever meet up anyone and just stay anonymous. But.......I enjoy so much in blogging for the past months , finally decided meet up some blogger in a small gathering of 12 bloggers on March 2006.

Since that 1st meet up gathering I being meeting up others blogger’s often. I do enjoy the fellowship and friendship among the blogger’s I meet. Some blogger's I meet became good friends till today. Never forget when my niece pass away last year, many of them encourage and concern of me despite knowing me for a short time. I had received numerous email , SMS, phone call from them. Will remember forever their kind and sincere heart.Never expect by blogging able to meet up caring friends

When Rojak and Lin Peh suggested having a big scale bloggers gathering, I supported the idea very much as it a chance met up more blogger’s and readers. It’s a wonderful idea of meeting old friends and of coz meeting up new friends.

The event suppose to be held on December 2006, but due to the timing and lack of sponsorship, the working committee decided to postpone to 9th March 2006.

I am amazed with the Committee members, who had numerous of meetings for the past 4 months. All of them don’t get pay for what they do, but for the sake of friendship they had put up a good work. They even have meeting during Chinese New year period and forgo they personal appointment.

Special acknowledge goes to the Chairman of the gathering, Wingz of Rojak Blog.Ever since I first meet this dude, I felt he such a wonderful man. He is fun and had no personal agenda. I believe because of this Blogger Gathering, he had numerous sleepless nights worrying about sponsorship and respond among the blogger’s. As today the sponsorship is very encouraging .

I personally extend my invitation to everyone who had not decided to attend this function. Do try your best to attend, it a privilege able to meet you all.

Hope to see you all on the 9th March 2007 , Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur 7pm

Latest Update as 1st March 2007

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