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Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Blog For SCB update

Update on SCB:- Jomel with good news today

A blogger from USA created a blog for SCB update:-

For siao cha bor. . .

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Send our voice of CARE to SCB


From Mamabok blog:-
So join me.. fellow bloggers.. tomorrow at your lunch time.. and my 2am.. anyone from everywhere.. if you can.. to please pray for SCB .. to wake up… and to recover.

Updates: 19th April 2006 - 1pm (Asia Time)
19th April 2006 - 2am (Canada Time)
19th April 2006 - 7am (Spain Time)

Bloggers from all over the world .. to please join me.. in prayers..! you need not be a christian or a catholic. You can be of any religion.. even if you donch have a religion.. please join me.. in saying a prayer for SCB… to wake up .. from her coma.. and to recover.
Latest update on SBC by King Wife 'Please Continue to Pray '

Lin Peh is arranging voice recording for SCB to listen and wake her up.Let join in and give our care & love to wake SCB up


Lin Peh email:-


I am sure you are aware that we kawan, Siao Cha Bo, is
in coma and need all the sappot we can give.

So, please do the following:

1. pray for her (wat religion oso can la)

2. stick the attched logo (creation of Tan Sri Lojak)
at your blog.

3. record your wake-up voice message for her and send
it to lin peh at xymalaysia@yahoo.com. I will polish
the recording a bit, make sure all sound nice nice,
and make that into a CD and play it loud loud for her
until she wakes up.

Tank q in advance for your sappot !

Lin Peh

Monday, April 17, 2006

Please Everyone Wake Her Up

Lin Peh SMS us this morning informing us that blogger SBC gone into coma and ask us check to our email someone email the news.

Went to see her at Gleneagles this afternoon.
When approaching her bed, saw her Mum giving her massage on her leg and hear her mum keep calling her to wake up despite she wearing a medical mask.

SCB Mum surprise I knew SCB from the internet, told SCB Mum she have a lot of good friends online. SCB had gone into coma since 18th April .

Sad seeing her Mum keep calling her to wake up, telling her, me dropping by to see her.

Before I leave, told SCB, please to wake up quick as would like to see her update her blog.
She seems to hear what I said.
I promise her Mum I will send my prayer for her recovery.

When back home, did call some blogger friends who knew her, try to see her if possible.

I also commented on her blog asking her to wake up and update her blog.
I believe in miracle as lately what I have seen on my niece on her battles with her cancer.

I might sound stupid but I hope everyone, whether you know her or not. please drop by her blog and leave her a comment ask her to wake up as soon as possible.

Or let send our heartfelt prayer for her recovery.

We believe

Please see Jomel post for latest infor