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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

my fren Ravindren -Tall Dark Handsome A Man Full Of Energy

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
Heavenly King Released ????

Only sleep this morning 5am as all night play dota online.Baggar me I so old still play game online. Even my Kaki got call me go drink drink no go la becoz last whole week damn busy so thinking rest rest la.
When woke up about 11am check my phone, dew lia sing got 3 miss call. All from my Indian friend Ravindren.
Call back and diew me why no pick up phone but I dew him back say deepavali still want to dew dew me. Actually he just remind me tonight must come to his house in Subang for Deepavali gathering. Some of my Indian friends I knows also be there.

Almost year year Ravi will organize Deepavali gathering at his house. He will call all his football friends like me. I ho like go to his house not only meet up old friends but enjoy the festival cookies.

The type I love the best not the Muruku..dunno how to say …there round round one, white one, when eat inside mouth cannot talk one , if talk all the powder inside the mouth puke out one…aiya if u know what I telling let me know la ..anyway tonight ask Ravi la.

Since I blog about my Chinese friend last post as today being Deepavali why don’t I blog about this good friend of mine. Haha maybe two more days I will blog a Malay friends I got since it will be Hari raya on Thursday. Kekeke got so many things to blog mei.

My good fren Ravi I use to call him Macha( brother in law in Tamil) we knew each other from football game .We knows each other at the age of 13( we the same age). He does not come from a well off family as his father works in a Mill factory in Puchong and his mother as a cleaner in one of the hospital in PJ.

We meet each other from a friendly game and dunno how he and his group of friends join our group playing football.
Ravi is a nice chap even he is very playfool like me, but he damn kau in sport. He dunno tire one and he is full of energy. He even represent Selangor School under 15 . Later year I ask him why don’t he become professional football he answer me saying Malaysian football very celaka and cannot cari makan and also at that time many football player in Malaysia was caught for throwing out games..maybe one of the reasons discourage him for playing further. But now we still play social football or futsal

Later he continue his study and now he is a lawyer. One time when he was studying Law he told I can go on become Tai Koh( Big Brother) so when I get caught by Lo Shui(police) he will fight my case and get me out..this This Ravi dew Lei sing where got friend friend like that one? , but I told him I will become real Towkay(Tycoon) one day he will take care all my assets. Haha I now still dreaming. Ravi got married late last year .

Few things I always remember Ravi beside as good friends, football, I will always remember him of his dancing( he can dance all night at the club without taking any sweets), he crazy for bolloywood movie star and the Indian traditional game he took us along and play. The game call ‘KABADDI’

..................................................... Here some of the infor/ rules of this game from this web site (http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/kabaddi/index.html) In Kabaddi, two teams compete with each other for higher scores, by touching or capturing the players of the opponent team. Each team consists of 12 players, of which seven are on court at a time, and five in reserve. The two teams fight for higher scores, alternating defense and offense. The playing area is 12.50m x 10m, divided by a line into two halves. The game consists of two 20 minute halves, with a break of five minutes for change of sides. The side winning the toss sends a 'raider', who enters the opponents' court chanting, 'kabaddi-kabaddi'. The raider's aim is to touch any or all players on the opposing side, and return to his court in one breath. The person, whom the raider touches, will then be out. The aim of the opposing team, will be to hold the raider, and stop him from returning to his own court, until he takes another breath. If the raider cannot return to his court in the same breath while chanting 'kabaddi', he will be declared out. Each team alternates in sending a player into the opponents' court. If a player goes out of the boundary line during the course of the play, or if any part of his body touches the ground outside the boundary, he will be out, except during a struggle. The team scores a lona (a bonus of two points), if the entire opposition is declared out. The game then continues by putting all the players on both sides. Matches are staged on the basis of age-groups, and weight. Seven officials supervise a match - one referee, two umpires, two linesmen, a time keeper and a scorer. Picture From http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/kabaddi/index.html
Picture from www.kabaddi.org

Ravi got some friend staying near Puchong and Old Klang Road who use to play during weekend.

Few time Ravi and others Indian friends brought us along and play with some of the Indian boys there .The people playing range from young age 13 to even age 40 with big tummy. One good things about this Indian boys/mans, there accept us as Chinese boys, Malay boys who play their Indian traditional game.

This game at time can be very rough and can easily get hurt but we always maintain good friendship after the games. I'm of the Chinese joker that always makes everybody laugh during the game. When I become 'raider , I suppose to chant kabaddi..kabaddi....but I chant DIEW LEI MA... DIEW LEI MA (F your Mother) They understand what I says, also I'm not suppose to chant other than ‘ Kabaddi’ but they are very accommodate .

We all enjoy the games very much.

How nice I can play this game again.

my Fren SiewMeanFu- Talk Cantonese 4 letter words la

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
Heavenly King rearrested

Sunday Morning went back my PJ home town with one of my childhood friend ‘Siew Mean Fu’(Smiling Tigar Face) went for Yam Cha(drink tea)Both of us from same town and together we had contributed a lot of nuisance to the society.

Both of us now have a proper decent job now, those days we does a lot Pimp Moon activities.

While we enjoying our dim sum we talk about our present situation, even both of us earning just enough for a little saving we are very much happy. He told me last week someone ask him organise few stalls sell pirate dvd because next week is a festival session, lots of enforcement ppl balik kampong but he decline the business offer telling them he had decided not to involve no more. Maybe now he is married with two kids, Now he works as sub –contractors.

They are many stories why we change, maybe I will blog later more my past deed.

But one thing we never change when we talk to each other are the 4 Cantonese letter words. We enjoy using Cantonese swearing.

Friendly canto vulgarities a MUST such as :-
Dew (F**k)
dew Lia Sing( F**k you till up)
Sor Hai (Silly pussy)
Hai Yan( pussy ppl)
Hai Lon (pussy hole)
Sor Lang(silly dick)
Lang Tau(dick head)
Choon Dau ( testicles)
Hu Ham Jak ( Go suck dick)
Ham Lan (Suck dick)
Mai Hai ( muther pussy)
Fa Hai (flower pussy)
Chow Fa Hai (Smelly flower pussy)
Hai Lat (Pussy drops-mean die die or something wrong)
Mei Hai (what pussy just like WTF)
Lei Gon Mei Lan( What the F**k you talking)
Lang See (Dick Shit)
Lang See Lang Yong (Face like Dick Shits mean Arrogant Look
or just by LCLY )
See Fart ( Buttock)
See Fart Long (Asshole)

Many many more…………

Mild swearing without sex organ term:-

Pok Kai Yau( drop on the street – bankruptcy)
Lia Sing (from dew lia sing with just u up)
Lee Lo Mei( your old things –lo mei is kind of Cantonese small eat food)
Ding Lee Lo Fa( poke your old liver)
Ding ( Poke).
Pak Poh (Bitch)
Ham Sup Poh ( Horny women)
Ham Sup Lo (Horny man)
Lee Hu Sei La ( You go and die)
Sei Yan Tou ( Dead Head)
G Thou Peng ( Pig Head )
Sek Si All Fan,Yum liew All Thong(eat shit-shit rice/drink urine piss soup. Mean dumb)
Hu Sek See ( Go eat shit)
Yak Chiew (Eat Banana)

Or some time replace those vulgar with a ‘Q;
Example: What the F**k -> What the ‘Q’

This days I don’t use much of this vulgarities despite some of my client speak more tera vulgar. But funny when meet up any buddies of mine this kinds of language will at least occupy 30 % of our conversation. I have few good friend such as lawyer, doctors ..haha we still use this swearing, maybe it kind of way make us closer in our friendly talk.

But never never use this , they are very real bad only for really angry:

diew Lee Lo Mo ( F your muther)
diew Lee Lo Mo Far Hai ( F your Muther Flower crab*)
Lee Lo Mo Chow Far Hai (Your muther smelly Flower crab*)
* Flower Crab means bad pussy
Ham Ka Chan ( All Family die, but no vulgarites but is a very sick swearing)
Ham Ka Fu Kai ( Same as the above All Family Die but this words is actually means bleasing to family )
Ham Ka Ling ( Similar as above)
Something on Ham Ka is consider bad.

While we were enjoying drinking Chinese tea with Smiling Tiger Face we recall a very funny incident when we were only about 16 years old:-

We were drinking teh tarik at mamak stalls together with friends around our age.
As usual we we swear a lot Diew here Diew there Ma here Ma there, than an old man( about 60 years old )sit next to our table suddenly scolded us:


We all : Kept quite but dare not laugh( but after he leave we laugh until we die lo)


If you want to hear some kau kau cantonese swearing online go Yahoo chat room - Regional -> China -> either Hong Kong 1 ,2 / China 3,4,8.Sometime can hear swearing between US Chinese vs Europe Chinese vs Vietnamese vs Hongkie vs even Malaysian