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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Talk East Talk West Email --- IPOH BEEF NOODLES

From: Wong Tat Swee
To: Chow Wai Sek (Hong Kong)
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2006 2:25 PM
Subject: Ipoh Beef Noodles

Dear Chow Wai Sek,
Long time No hear you. You also no hear me because day day I ho busi lei. Because Chinese New Year coming my work became no day no night.
Hong Kong cold mai? You wear more tick tick shirt and No moon lightning at night la.stay at home and play 3leg mahjong la

You been asking me to sent you more information about good food in Kuala Lumpur. Sorry I no do as I very busi. But last Friday I went for a day trip to Ipoh for a Wedding dinner. Do you know where is Ipoh mai? Ipoh is about 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, but if you sit my car I can reach Ipoh 1 hour 15 mints but I sure got a lot Beef Dry from the police.
Anyway Ipoh not only famous of food but a lot of Leng Lui.

That Friday I actually very busy and only leave KL about 4pm and was thinking eat something first as we Malaysian always late. When Invitation card says dinner start at 7.30pm, sometime only 9pm dinners start. I was thinking stopping by Bidor but before I reach Ipoh a Lo Peng friend of mine knows I'm coming to Ipoh call me up and want to take me to eat something special in Ipoh town.

I meet my friend at the toll than follow his car. I was thinking he must be taking me to eat Ipoh famous Ngai Choy Kai.(Bean sprouts chicken)

but I come to this restaurant that sell Beef Noodles.

He told me this restaurant only open at night.I ask him where this place is? he say here is call 'Pak Kok Lo'.It seems they came from Buntung.If you want to know where this place maybe I ask some of my online friends where actually that place
When enter the shop my friend got to pick up a number.I was thinking this is a bank or eating shop why must get a number one?.My friend explain to me because night night this place is pack with a lot of people.We place that number on the table and we have to wait for the waiter come to our table to get order.

Waited almost 5 mints only the waiter ask us what we want to eat.Beside Beef Noodles they have Yong Tong foo, but I just order Kwei Teow Mix Beef.Before the noodles come, back in my mind areadly tells me this food sure GOOD one.6.30pm and more than 20 people eating at this shop.
Next time if We ever open restaurant why don't we pay people to come to our shop eat for one week.So when people see our restaurant a lot of people, they sure think our food taste good one.Food Good No Good Never Mind !!.

I order Kwei Tew dry style, the mix sauce just nice and not too oily.The taste of Ipoh Kwei Tew is very different from KL Kwei Tew.It seems the Kwei Tew in Ipoh made from stream water that's why it taste smooth.
The beef meat soft tendon and I just love the Fun Kok.The Soup taste mild but I like this kind of taste, knowning it did not add alot MSG.I finish my meal very fast and my friend ask me to I need another bowl but because later in the evening I been attending a wedding dinner I forgo the idea of having another bowl. Overall I rate the food 6/10, I still prefer the Seremban Market beef noodles.

Anyway when if Mr Chow comes down to KL I will take you this Ipoh restaurant and beside Ipoh is also known as Food paradise beside Penang.

I wil try my best as promise,email you on Kuala Lumpur famous small eat.Will email you in near future when I got day got night sin.

Hope you like this Talk East Talk West email

Wong Tai Swee

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Please Help, I Have No Money This Chinese New Year

Dear Bruta,Sista, Unco,Un-T, Low Yau Kee, Ah Soo,Ah Beng, Ah Lian, MalaysianBanana's,GweiLo,GweiMui, 8kong,8paul,

You know la, time is bad, vegetables price all up up , pocket got big hole and Chinese New Year is cum-ming .Somemore my house got 1 big dog 4 puppies, 3 cats, 7 kittens, also the big dog that day run water and have some affair with neighbor dog now pregnant jor. I really have big problem this coming Chinese New Year. I really broke, no money and can’t feed all my dog’s dog’s cat’s cats.. I need to find some extra cash la.

You all don't worry la..I won't borrow money from you all la, I will use my own blood sweat in a right way to find money la.
That day I have spoken to blogger Lin Peh who launch 'Sing Song Project Part 2' this afternoon:-

Last time he did the 'Sing Song Project White Christmas' got more than 15 blogger sing and more than 1,000 people download to listen.

So this time he will do it again because everybody HO enjoy in singing or listening the song.
So I was thinking of making some money for this Chinese New Year by selling the recorded Sing Song Part 2.

After he completed the blogger sing song project , I will burn into thousand CD and every night go Pasar Malam to sell the Sing Song Part 2. I don’t have to worry of MPAJ,DBKL or Police kacau me .And you all don't be surprise seening me at SS2, Kepong, Cheras Pasar Malam.

By the way , if I sell RM5 per pcs got people buy or not?

Lin Peh also agree as he knows I m facing money problem so he give me sole royalty without any commision back to him, but he says when I make enough money make sure take him 3 day 3 nights go YAMADE until our father don't recognise us .

Some more I knows sure sell one, as now everybody like to go online, got read you people blog, they will sure buy when they know you are singing.Actually ho, you are very famous in the market now, that why la..I really need you people go and sing lei.

So please help me la..Go and sing la. Not only Blogger, Blog reader’s also ok la..Just give your email address la.

Faster Faster GO TO-> LIN PEH SITE and download the music and PLEASE sing la( Note:- dateline submission on 5pm 16 January 2006).

If you all do this you not only help me overcome my problem wor, you all also ONE STONE HIT 3 BIRDS.

When we sing the song, we sure can remember the song wording by hard, so when Chinese New Year come we easily wishes people with good words and not KNNCCB.
When good words come from our mouth people also greet us with good words, so in return we can get this:-

If we are ugly they say we ho handsome or beautiful.
If we are fat they say we are much thinner the last time they saw us.
If we are old they say we year year looks YOUNG

*** You see! all this sure got good return one. So this Chinese New Year Sama Sama HAPPY****
Some blogger say they have hard time singing the Chinese song and until our tongue got knotted!
Actually is a good training for our tongue. Do you all realize after sometime with our partner we seldom do mouth to mouth passionate kissing when we make love, not like early early when make love. right ? The reasons is because our kissing technique very boring and dry
So when we sing this song and get our tongue twisted , we actually have training to learn the art of turn our tongue here and there until it became so flexible. Because we can master our tongue technique we can make our partner orgasm just by kissing !!
This the most important...when you willing to embarrass yourself by giving out by the name of fun and also help me , you sure got plenty of luck right from our head to our toe and year year We walk good Luck.. After you have submitted your singing to LIN PEH , you faster go to ROJAK BLOG and get 4 lucky numbers than go buy…you SURE STRIKE 1st PRIZE ONE.. Because you do a GOOD CAUSES you get back a GOOD EFFECT. And this Chinese New Year we all FATT DAI CHOY....'Fatt Tak Loooooooo'.

Ok Mai ???..Please go to LIN PEH Blog ar..You all don’t always say I very the good at my posting. Now I need your help can you please SING MAI !!!

Before I sign off I like to make an early Chinese New Year Greeting to you all

'Wish You All 'Year Year Got Fish', 'Think That One Got That One"


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Got back my old comment

Thanks a lot, some of you email and advise me what to do

Try install back blogger template and got back the old comments

Have to forsake the old templates which I spend sometime creating it

Never mind redo again

All day going around around with this template

Taught me a good lesson

All My Old Comment GONE

Damn Me..Damn Me...
Curiosty kill ME because of my fucking itchy hand and my dumb stupid head

This morning when I about to post a new post, thinking of changing my comment template into HoloScan comment because people's been complaning to me about my old comment template box that sucks.

Damn me , I did not backup the old template before I install .

Shit me , diew me big time, all the old comment just gone.

Been trying to hack back the old comment for the past 3 hours and I give up now.

The old comment is very dear to me, it actually get me blogging on despite me having some personal problem and hype busy lately.
During my few weeks stay in Auckland some comment actually lifted my low spirit .

Suck me ..Diew me....just moody ..maybe later I try to restore back my old comment.

I am so sorry to you ALL who takes up so much of your time and leave comment on my post and me being dumb asshole

What a fucking day off for me today..thinking today can take some good rest at home but now I just fucking To-Lan

This post I will close the comment box with no comment....sorry just wanna be myself

If you have any suggestion how to get back the old comment ,please email:- wongtatswee@gmail.com. Thanks

So Sorry