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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All My Old Comment GONE

Damn Me..Damn Me...
Curiosty kill ME because of my fucking itchy hand and my dumb stupid head

This morning when I about to post a new post, thinking of changing my comment template into HoloScan comment because people's been complaning to me about my old comment template box that sucks.

Damn me , I did not backup the old template before I install .

Shit me , diew me big time, all the old comment just gone.

Been trying to hack back the old comment for the past 3 hours and I give up now.

The old comment is very dear to me, it actually get me blogging on despite me having some personal problem and hype busy lately.
During my few weeks stay in Auckland some comment actually lifted my low spirit .

Suck me ..Diew me....just moody ..maybe later I try to restore back my old comment.

I am so sorry to you ALL who takes up so much of your time and leave comment on my post and me being dumb asshole

What a fucking day off for me today..thinking today can take some good rest at home but now I just fucking To-Lan

This post I will close the comment box with no comment....sorry just wanna be myself

If you have any suggestion how to get back the old comment ,please email:- wongtatswee@gmail.com. Thanks

So Sorry