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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Got back my old comment

Thanks a lot, some of you email and advise me what to do

Try install back blogger template and got back the old comments

Have to forsake the old templates which I spend sometime creating it

Never mind redo again

All day going around around with this template

Taught me a good lesson


Survon said...


I guess your holiday wasn't really a holiday after all the troubles.

may said...

*phew*! thought we'd lost you there for a minute! nevermind about the templates, most importantly you have all your comments back :)

ChiM ChiM said...

aikz? how come change template jor? the last one nicer wor!~!~!

Joyce said...

Just got to read your posts.

So many happenings to you today, (must be one of those day, that nothing seemed to be rite !) Luckily, finally you managed to retrieve the comments.

I'm sure your readers will be happy and glad to know that their comments are well appreciated by you.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

survon, May, Joyce
Thanks.Now i realize blogging important to me..haha

U help me a new one la

ChiM ChiM said...

aikz? i'd love to help if my designing is good. i mean look at my blog's layout lar. so ugly~!~! later the more i help the worst it gets =p

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

I saw your side ur blog ok mai.
I am trying to back my old banner on this new blogspot template, but i can get in the code
I saw you place your own banner,do you have the code how I can place a banner mai?

She's Jess said...

Desmond.. old comments gone nevermind. You'll surely have more readers to comment on you.

Shireen K said...

aiyak die lah.. then how woh... then your promise give me tetek warmer gone lah.... ishhh no more bukti that you owe me long long time

ChiM ChiM said...

err, i try try oni wor, then it comes out fine. u can try view my page source and look how i do lor. hehe, coz im a programming dummy actually =p

Lin Peh said...

like dat lin peh better no touch the "pattern" of my blog. so scary wan ah ?

King's wife said...

template never mind lah. At least you got the comments back.
I know how you feel....just a hit of a button!
Once I accidently deleted all the photos in my camera and they were not saved anywhere! I just sat there and cried. All gone... So stupid!!!

Kelly said...

AIYAYA !... why you soo verli the itchy wan ley... ?

off day you supposed to eat , sleep
eat , sleep mah ...

Next public holidays, better you work hard on Your 2006 Resolutions Nos. 10 & 2 lor..

dun simply press press here and there .. so dangerous wor ......(lol)

Cocka Doodle said...

how i wish i can hit the 'delete' button of my ex-girlfriends and enemies hor? or drag and drop them in the bin. Muaahahaa!!!!

Helen said...

Glad you got our old comments back.... lol Virgin blog comments are priceless....

BTW, do you routinely save your blog contents?? I do...... if I'm not lazy. :-P

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

She's Jess- very true..i also think we dont blog bcoz of many comment..just lik u i can see u juz enjoy blogging

Shireen K - hahahaha..u so funny..still can remember wor

ChiM ChiM- u say u dummy ..i lagi worst..the dumbell dummy

lin Peh..u go yamade no scary mei?..lol

Queen- ur hamsup pic ar..kekeke

kelly- My goodness me..u and shireen still can remember what i say wor..better dont simply post thing..wau la..i kena mark my words

cocka- hahaha..not drag and drop..is cut and drop

helen-sure happy la..got alot your encourage comment mai.
yeah ho..i better save my blog content..

I'm so sorry lately a bit busy and did not update my blog every 2days...but thank u alot for your kind concern about my old comment..i just stupid and make a big fuss..i shame shame jor.

She's Jess said...

Yea.. we blog for ourselves after all :)

Shireen K said...

suak la.. so u promise kosong oni la..... somemore i look forward for my tetek warmer tim... chey tipu nia..

ChiM ChiM said...

Oi, faster post something new jor lar. Getting fat-mou jor~!~!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

haha..cari makan sin

elaine said...

Got back your old comments... I am glad to hear indeed !
Both your post and comments dialogue are very interesting read.

Pse dont feel down .
"It take both rain & sunshines to make a rainbow"

Your blog "mou tak teng" !!!
keep it up !

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

tan-q tan-q..aiya more blog post very very better than mine.mine is just rubbish.I must thank u all as u all teach me how to write good english

i m writing an annoucement and same time doing my office works.
please come back everybody tonight after 8pm i'm making a annoucement and need everyone help

by the way..have anyone seen heather..where is she??