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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Please Help, I Have No Money This Chinese New Year

Dear Bruta,Sista, Unco,Un-T, Low Yau Kee, Ah Soo,Ah Beng, Ah Lian, MalaysianBanana's,GweiLo,GweiMui, 8kong,8paul,

You know la, time is bad, vegetables price all up up , pocket got big hole and Chinese New Year is cum-ming .Somemore my house got 1 big dog 4 puppies, 3 cats, 7 kittens, also the big dog that day run water and have some affair with neighbor dog now pregnant jor. I really have big problem this coming Chinese New Year. I really broke, no money and can’t feed all my dog’s dog’s cat’s cats.. I need to find some extra cash la.

You all don't worry la..I won't borrow money from you all la, I will use my own blood sweat in a right way to find money la.
That day I have spoken to blogger Lin Peh who launch 'Sing Song Project Part 2' this afternoon:-

Last time he did the 'Sing Song Project White Christmas' got more than 15 blogger sing and more than 1,000 people download to listen.

So this time he will do it again because everybody HO enjoy in singing or listening the song.
So I was thinking of making some money for this Chinese New Year by selling the recorded Sing Song Part 2.

After he completed the blogger sing song project , I will burn into thousand CD and every night go Pasar Malam to sell the Sing Song Part 2. I don’t have to worry of MPAJ,DBKL or Police kacau me .And you all don't be surprise seening me at SS2, Kepong, Cheras Pasar Malam.

By the way , if I sell RM5 per pcs got people buy or not?

Lin Peh also agree as he knows I m facing money problem so he give me sole royalty without any commision back to him, but he says when I make enough money make sure take him 3 day 3 nights go YAMADE until our father don't recognise us .

Some more I knows sure sell one, as now everybody like to go online, got read you people blog, they will sure buy when they know you are singing.Actually ho, you are very famous in the market now, that why la..I really need you people go and sing lei.

So please help me la..Go and sing la. Not only Blogger, Blog reader’s also ok la..Just give your email address la.

Faster Faster GO TO-> LIN PEH SITE and download the music and PLEASE sing la( Note:- dateline submission on 5pm 16 January 2006).

If you all do this you not only help me overcome my problem wor, you all also ONE STONE HIT 3 BIRDS.

When we sing the song, we sure can remember the song wording by hard, so when Chinese New Year come we easily wishes people with good words and not KNNCCB.
When good words come from our mouth people also greet us with good words, so in return we can get this:-

If we are ugly they say we ho handsome or beautiful.
If we are fat they say we are much thinner the last time they saw us.
If we are old they say we year year looks YOUNG

*** You see! all this sure got good return one. So this Chinese New Year Sama Sama HAPPY****
Some blogger say they have hard time singing the Chinese song and until our tongue got knotted!
Actually is a good training for our tongue. Do you all realize after sometime with our partner we seldom do mouth to mouth passionate kissing when we make love, not like early early when make love. right ? The reasons is because our kissing technique very boring and dry
So when we sing this song and get our tongue twisted , we actually have training to learn the art of turn our tongue here and there until it became so flexible. Because we can master our tongue technique we can make our partner orgasm just by kissing !!
This the most important...when you willing to embarrass yourself by giving out by the name of fun and also help me , you sure got plenty of luck right from our head to our toe and year year We walk good Luck.. After you have submitted your singing to LIN PEH , you faster go to ROJAK BLOG and get 4 lucky numbers than go buy…you SURE STRIKE 1st PRIZE ONE.. Because you do a GOOD CAUSES you get back a GOOD EFFECT. And this Chinese New Year we all FATT DAI CHOY....'Fatt Tak Loooooooo'.

Ok Mai ???..Please go to LIN PEH Blog ar..You all don’t always say I very the good at my posting. Now I need your help can you please SING MAI !!!

Before I sign off I like to make an early Chinese New Year Greeting to you all

'Wish You All 'Year Year Got Fish', 'Think That One Got That One"



Lin Peh said...

lucky you no say Bird No 4 is those who sing get Lin Peh punya Bird ! Pheeeew ! Scary !

She's Jess said...

Very funny.. :P

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

oi, i want to be penang distributor can anot? pleeeeeeease

Wingz said...

oi oi i organise live CNY concert kat bukit jalil ... i go book now!

She's Jess said...

Live CNY concert? when? which day of CNY?

Book also Stadium negara and stadium merdeka :p

Cocka Doodle said...

Neen yau toe, (new year coming)
mai yau moe, (rice finish already)
loe poh yau tai toe. (wife pregnant again)

Ok lah, since you need help Cocka here sure will support wan...

Survon said...

wah..good business..

And I think your business can grow further. Maybe we can be partners. You send those CD to Hungary, I'll be the sole distributer here in Europe.

Got untung, we share share lar. ok??

ChiM ChiM said...

wah, creative business plan wor. i think it will work wan~!~!~!

sing i cannot sing wan for sure, i help u sell lar. how? i dun charge you commission oso lar since u say you so poor.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Lin Peh:- no la, we dont want cry cry during CNY bcoz ur gugu we are taken,nd we cant go Yamade

Jess:- I no play play, I really to see cd, if u my fren must SING ar ! OK mo?

Lilian:- penang got market mei? tot they onli like Hokkian song

Wingz:- Wat u going to book..u going to perform mai.Hey bruther u must sing one solo ..ok mo?

Jess:- u better ask Wingz is he performing..that buggar really can sing one.

Cocka:- haha..u really same key like me, but I no lopor got dog and cats at home. Good u will join in the singing.

Survon:- Hungary where got market. HEY YOU SURVON..YOU MUST SING AR..Have some CNY mood mai.Are you coming back to Malaysia for CNY mai?

Chim Chim:- Just for the fun la..Sing la not to worry la

Helen said...

Wei! What are you complainning about??? If no money for CNY, easy only. You are single mar.... just go to everybody's house (married ones lar) and you'll get a red packet. If you are hardworking, go greet 100 ppl and u can do the equations. (Summore income tax free..)

You got puppies ar?? Post pics!! I'm a sucker for puppies and dogs! lol

Nine3 Nine 3 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nine3 Nine 3 said...

But the angpoe market rate still only RM2.only some give RM5 or RM10.
If RM2 x 100 = only RM200. Not enough money for me and lin peh go yamade lei.

helen if u got time u blog about Chinese new year ang pow stories. love to hear from u

haha , my house only got one dog la

She's Jess said...

Desmond, mic not working properly la. Let me find ppl who can offer me help first and think abt it :)

Cocka Doodle said...

9394....RM200 still can go yamade. Go to Wisma Genesis at Jln Sultan Ismail. Still the cheapest in town. Can 'chew geng' summore before u decide. lol

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

That only 4 one ..we going by two me and lin Peh

ppl say Life Centre better wor..but no balls to go and i only 17 years old..so I need lin peh guide me to yamade.

u can take me mai?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

I go low yat buy u a new mic la.
Dont think la..just for the fun

Lin Peh said...

jess: can Pinjam Lin Peh mic if you chun chun !
Anyway, Lin Peh can tok to OGH to help 9394 sell the cd la

ChiM ChiM said...

wah, you no money go yamade or you go yamade until no money jor?

If any of this reason then i don't want to help you jor, coz you never ajak me go yamade together~!~!~!

Kelly said...

i help to boil "chinese herbal tea" for you since you'll be working like no day or nite like that ... ok mou ?

Survon said...

I also couldn't find enough $$$ to buy the air ticket back for CNY.

Like that lar, ur business untung addi, spare some on me to buy the ticket lor...


King's wife said...

you submitted your own voice already or not??

Cocka Doodle said...

9394....since u r only 17, u can go in your school uniform. They may offer you student concession! :)

allison said...

Thanks for invitation Desmond! Been not doing for voice recording for... dunno how long lo hehe. Just went figured out my tools and they're working fine... just that the quality might not be that good... but it's fun yeah haha. Count me in! ;-))

Joyce said...

good business you doing here.
i think it is going to be the hottest
CD in the market !

Kahmin said...

You in marketing?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Chim Chim:-
I think we better no go yamade la as our hair is not fully grow.We wait another 3 years ..Ho mai?
Lin Peh;-
lin Peh u really very the good, not only give me free agency , mic also u give free to singer.My laptop TKO..can give one free ar?

Kelly u want to make me cry..we just like the 60's hong kong movie husband go work wife stay home cook herbel for husband.U sure a making a good wife.

If u no come back KL we on9 celebrate CNY with u la.

Aiyoyo Queen mari olidi..better no play play

I also hear ho..if I tell them I'm Green Horn they not only give me free they also give us Ang Pow wor.

Tat good the nei !.Just for fun and have some CNY mood only la.Thanks Alli

joyce u no sing sing ar ***sob***sob**

No ar I no work in Market ar and do things ar ?

She's Jess said...

Desmond, Lin Peh!

Whoa.. buy new mic just for this? Hmm... mm sai la.

Plus, whether I sing or not, doesn't make any difference what.