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Monday, May 26, 2008

9393 ESWN EAT (14): PJ Section 17'Robert' Char Kway Teow


This week topic:- CHAR KWAY TEOW

Today East South West Food post number 14 :-


One sunny afternoon lunch time , 9393, MrEater , MsSweet after attended a waste time meeting at Pilieo Damansara, decided to have a quick lunch and proceed to next appointment in Shah Alam. They decided go to a nearby section 17. Since MsSweet wants to have a light hawker food,Mr Eater suggested a Coffee shop at PJ Section 17:-

Coffee Shop Name : Restoran Say Huat, just in front of the morning market lots/ empty parking space.

9393:-Here what good ?
MrEater: You must try this stall Char Kway Teow call 'ROBERT". Is Penang style and not KL Style
MsSweet:- What the difference of 'Penang Style and KL Style' ?
MrEater: Penang style lighter color,not so oily and normally serve onto banana leaves.
KL Stlye a bit darker in color ,wetter frying than Penang Char Kweoy Teow a lots of garlics,
9393:-Beside Char Kway Teow have cockles, egg, prawns,bean sprouts, chives,Chinese sausage,fish cake,pork lard,In Penang they add crab meats, seems here in KL don't have
MeEater: Hahaha..KL copy Penang one
MsSweet: Seems this Robert Char Kwar Teow good business. He quite friendly too
MrEater: Why you like him ar?. He have few stalls in PJ too.
9393: Not bad for a Char Kway Teow price less than $5 have 4 midium sizes prawns
MrEater: In Penang if go to Twins Sister Char Kway Teow special with big prawns about $8 per plate la
MrEater: Even small potion at least is taste good la

Robert Char Kway Teow Of 5 Bananas I gave:-

This Wednesday I will blog my favorites KL Style Char Kway Teow. Please stay tune