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Friday, September 15, 2006

My Resume To Miss-c SUN

Saw Miss-c Sun of SkyLadies Blog, latest post on 'THE IDEAL MAN TO HAVE'. try my luck by sending my resume to her

Miss-c Sun 'The Ideal Man to Have' :-

1) must be UNMARRIED (very important)
2) prefer that he ask me for a date first
3) shouldn't keep me waiting by the phone
4) not be an alcoholic - a social drinker is fine
5) shouldn't be addicted to gambling
6) is not afraid to talk about the future
7) makes me feel sexually desirable
8) should be kind, loving and patient
9) trust me wholly
10)love me lots and lots (most important)

My Resume To Miss-c Sun
1) This Year not yet Marry
2) Tonight 7.30 meet you at Starbuck-Curve, I be wearing Pink Shirt, Purple pants and Red shoes
3) Don't worry bcoz of you I can on my phone in 3G mode so day day night night u can see me
4) I can't drink , if I drink my body become itchy and will scratch like a monkey
5)Play Share's consider gambling mai??
6)This I very good as I'm not old yet to talk about yesterday years.But I always got many tomorrow wor example:- I keep postpone my dateline works tomorrow
7)Don't worry when date with you I keep looking at your boob's and you can see my Hamsup face with saliva driping from my mouth
8)This I sure OK ..becoz my face always appaer in Paper that I donate $ to charity( psst..don't tell peoplee..all this monies is from my Illegal business one)
9)I give you unlimitless spending platinum credit card
10)To prove my love we day day look at each other and only drink plain water


Miss-c Sun Reply
Hi 9393:
Thank you for your resume. I am indeed honoured that you take the time and interest but sad to say, you are not successful in your application, reason being....

1) This year not married, but every year married, how can?
2) Last nite I went to the suggested place at the appointed time but I din see anyone who look like "Ribena". Went home disappointed.
3) Acceptable
4) You need to know how to drink a little bit. Dining without wining dun seem complete.
5) Yes, shares is considered gambling. Many ppl gone pokai becoz of this.
6) I dun like procrastination.
7) What? You only interested in boobs? There is so much of me that is very desirable e.g. my sexy legs, curvy butt, lovely face, kissable lips and dreamy eyes. (*blink blink*)
8) I dun think that is charity with a conscience
9) You think money can buy love?
10) This line touch my heart... I can sense your sincerity.

Very sad to note, your score is only two out of ten.


I fail terrible..Any LengJai wanna try go to her blog (Here)
Heard she damn Jun one


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Almost forget until my friend call me last Friday to reconfirm with me what time my flight to Alor Star on Sunday, as promise him weeks ago will drop by his place on Sunday for a meeting. By the time I try to readjust my schedule and also online to check the flight availability, I decided to drive up instead of taking a flight.
So on Sunday suppose be my family day and FEAKING 6 am in the morning I drove up alone to Alor Star for a discussion meeting schedule at 2pm. My friend suggested after the meeting in Alor Star , will put a night at Danok Thailand, so take my passport along.

Danok is a border town located just after the Thai-Malaysia Immigration Bukit Kayu Hitam or on the way to Hadyai. Danok also known as Cowboy Town, and while driving I realize if I gonna stay overnight at this Thailand Border Town, the next day will be 11 September.To me not a nice time at this town.

During the meeting in Alor Star I almost fall asleep as I woke up early but the main reason the meeting damn Forking Boring. Luckily Wingz of Rojak Blog sms me and we had sms chat that keep me awake.

Here are some Mo-Lee-Thou (No-Come-Head) sms chat:-

9393: Wei..is yesterday sms la. Now I at Alor star meeting n damn fucking boring

Wingz : 9hai la lu…Sunday also work

9393: Kedah off days on Friday.2night I go hadyai call chicken rice

Wingz : Mahai take pic of the chicken let us see.

9393: U want me die ar.Later my face paper no more

Wingz (Must be online with Lin Peh) : Haha linpeh ask you …U go there harm 7

9393: Diew lin peh sor liang ka ling far hai

Wingz : Oi next week you in KL?

9393: 2molo evening wil b back kl

Went over to Danok about 6pm. Plus me together with 3 Auntie's total 9 of us.The sad part I got to put up a night same room with a Lo Peng and can see him damn 9 innocent, a person wont steal to eat.Friend ask me do I need a single room and acting innocent says it's ok and need not waste monies, but buggar the hotel (Oliver Hotel) is only RM60 per night and I consider a 2 star hotel.

The following low quality picture is taken from my handphone and I need to Ghost Ghost Mouse Mouse to take picture , don't want them see I jakun.

Danok indeed looks like a cowboy’s town to me. We went in Sunday evening and by this time lot of people especially from Penang guys already gone home so the Town was quite quiet.
Thursday night will be Kedah Guys there.

These guys go there for a weekend getaway due to its convenient location near the Thai-Malaysia border. The Town had become a real haven for those dos not want to travel futher in Thailand-Hatyai or looking for something new. Over the years the number of entertainment joints have grown quickly in Danok. Massage Parlors, Leg Massage, Karaoke’s, Discos, Feng Tau Centre , Agogo Bars, Pubs are everywhere in this town. Chicken are plenty and seems they are from Hadyai Chicken farm

I have seen numbers of Pio Mei walking around and it causes me nose-bleed.

One of the good reason all this Ma-Lat-Lo goes to Danok is not only convenient but nobody will knows he is in Thailand because Malaysian Handphone such as Maxis(012) Celcom(019) Digi(016) can be used in Danok. So when Lopor(wife or girlfriends) calls, can tell somewhere else in Malaysia doing business as the numbers shown Malaysian handphone numbers.

The Hotel I stay

The hotel I stay surrounded with many Chicken Farm, Disco, Karaoke's a ,Massage parlor. The most I can enjoy in Danok is to have leg massage. Real Potong stem is with all the Lo Peng and Auntie's

One of the reason's we go over there is to see a Condo Apartment for sales.
Friend of mine want some free oppinion from us, cheap for a 1,000 sqfts build up only about RM30,000.He had decided to buy more than 30 units. Dunno why is buy so many , maybe he intend to open a chicken farm later on !!.

The food is Danok is as good as in Hadyai, one of my favorites Thai dishes is Pork Knuckels, and Durian Rice, able to eat here in Danok

As I said , I Beh-Ta-Han evrywhere I go I see so many beautiful Chicken so I decided to call Chicken NO MATTER WHAT the next day.
Here are the chicken stall I go






--tell me good or not







On Monday on my way Back to KL , stop by Ipoh call IPOH SAR HOI FAN (Ipoh famous Beanstalk Chicken noodles)

ate at Lou Wong Tauge Ayam

Niasing!! this bowl of Sar Hoh Fan together with chickens , meat/fish balls and beanstalk only cost me RM5, if eat at Imbi KL meat ball noodles cost RM5.

After eating, i think of a blogger Helen, who lately did not update her blog. I comented on her blog is it that she busy fliming for award-winning director Ang Lee’s latest film "Lust, Caution"in Ipoh.

Call up one of my friend in Ipoh and enquire where the shooting location is and he good enough to take me there .The shooting location is just behind his office. I don't know the name of the street but people in Ipoh call that place Little Genting..haha..must be a lot of gambling activities around this area.

The flim shooting was over 2 days ago so I can't find Helen.
But anyhow I enough to 8 about the flming location. The picture belows shows a huge lamp post, it was specially imported for the fliming. looks like the location sets project pre -wars time.

Can't call Chicken in Danok but at least able to Call Chicken noodles in Ipoh. Came home feel happy