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Friday, September 15, 2006

My Resume To Miss-c SUN

Saw Miss-c Sun of SkyLadies Blog, latest post on 'THE IDEAL MAN TO HAVE'. try my luck by sending my resume to her

Miss-c Sun 'The Ideal Man to Have' :-

1) must be UNMARRIED (very important)
2) prefer that he ask me for a date first
3) shouldn't keep me waiting by the phone
4) not be an alcoholic - a social drinker is fine
5) shouldn't be addicted to gambling
6) is not afraid to talk about the future
7) makes me feel sexually desirable
8) should be kind, loving and patient
9) trust me wholly
10)love me lots and lots (most important)

My Resume To Miss-c Sun
1) This Year not yet Marry
2) Tonight 7.30 meet you at Starbuck-Curve, I be wearing Pink Shirt, Purple pants and Red shoes
3) Don't worry bcoz of you I can on my phone in 3G mode so day day night night u can see me
4) I can't drink , if I drink my body become itchy and will scratch like a monkey
5)Play Share's consider gambling mai??
6)This I very good as I'm not old yet to talk about yesterday years.But I always got many tomorrow wor example:- I keep postpone my dateline works tomorrow
7)Don't worry when date with you I keep looking at your boob's and you can see my Hamsup face with saliva driping from my mouth
8)This I sure OK ..becoz my face always appaer in Paper that I donate $ to charity( psst..don't tell peoplee..all this monies is from my Illegal business one)
9)I give you unlimitless spending platinum credit card
10)To prove my love we day day look at each other and only drink plain water


Miss-c Sun Reply
Hi 9393:
Thank you for your resume. I am indeed honoured that you take the time and interest but sad to say, you are not successful in your application, reason being....

1) This year not married, but every year married, how can?
2) Last nite I went to the suggested place at the appointed time but I din see anyone who look like "Ribena". Went home disappointed.
3) Acceptable
4) You need to know how to drink a little bit. Dining without wining dun seem complete.
5) Yes, shares is considered gambling. Many ppl gone pokai becoz of this.
6) I dun like procrastination.
7) What? You only interested in boobs? There is so much of me that is very desirable e.g. my sexy legs, curvy butt, lovely face, kissable lips and dreamy eyes. (*blink blink*)
8) I dun think that is charity with a conscience
9) You think money can buy love?
10) This line touch my heart... I can sense your sincerity.

Very sad to note, your score is only two out of ten.


I fail terrible..Any LengJai wanna try go to her blog (Here)
Heard she damn Jun one



ah pek said...

i go! i go!

ah nel said...

how old is she har???

Wuching said...

i'll give it a miss..1 woman is enuff headache!

Lin Peh said...

No picture wan ah ? Nanti got one Hippo how ? LOL!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Ah Pak : I kasi sapot u from behind..but jaga sikit..lol

Ah Nah:- Wont get u in jail la...lol

Wuching: haha..u not yet 7 years itcy ar?..lol

Lin Peh: wei..u last time tell me you like keng keng one wor

Cocka Doodle said...

I moe hai also chiok khek go! (No shoes also wear clogs go)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Cocka:- LOL at your resume at her blog exp No 6, No 7 and N0 8..damn 9 funnie.

Niasing..are you sure 1 eye u more hamsome than me..u potong your misai than cum and challage me la.With misai you look like bolloywood star la

LP said...

YOu all failed terribly lar...like that also cannot "kau tim" an adv so how to go to "kau" piaomeis leh?

dreamie said...

Bradar... Your humour is back !! ROFLOL.. goodie!!!

ah nel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ah nel said...

ok...since u say that maybe she an aunty and age no concern to pihak berkuasa so i submitted...LOL

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

LP:- yeah loh like that I also fail...why don't i try you lei..lol..so when can I send in my resume ka?

Dreamie: Just wanna have fun BraSis(Bruder-Sister: as until now we all still confuess your sex).Blogging should have fun :)

Ah Nel: hahaha..your resume damn 9 xxxxx rated ..hahaha

LP said...

9393 you can send in your resume anytime lor..however, I am not sure when will I get to yours cos all the resumes are backlog all the way to when I was 18

Lin Peh said...

I like keng keng does not mean I like King Kong ! OK ? ;-)

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... can I participate too? I think I match all the criteria la... kekeke

sun,moon&star said...

Hahaha.... how come u transport my post over here and suddenly I become an 'aunty' plus maybe look like hippo or king kong wan?

For yr info, application closed oredi.

~ Sun ~

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

LP : never mind I will continue sing that mandarin song " Lee Jie Tou War Den Lee Ma' ( Do You Know I'm Waiting For You)

LinPeh : Wei ..you say you like watery wor..lol

KennyNg : Miss Sun-c reject all 'Lo-Peng' (Old Cock)..u Lo Peng or Leing Jai (Young heck) ?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Miss-C SUN : Where got make you feel like Aunty??..like myself this year 21..CoolCocka only touches 19 this year...LinPehPunk, RojakHip,AllanPek, KennyNg 'buru' still not fully grown..and the oldest is Ah Nel 26
So we all where got uncle lei ?

Kenny Ng said...

9393, me ah... still young la. Thanks for dropping by, yeah... I like Queen n Eagles too... nice music u have here. Keep on rocking!

LP said...

Alamak, I didn't know you actually Den Wo Ma'... I will strongly sappot u and wo ma......u need her cell?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

KennyNg : Yeah Rocking Young Kenny ;-)

LP : Need who cell?..I'm waiting you wor..lol

ah nel said...

me so young?tenk q...

i'm 52 this year worr...lol

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