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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Talk East Talk West Email --- IPOH BEEF NOODLES

From: Wong Tat Swee
To: Chow Wai Sek (Hong Kong)
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2006 2:25 PM
Subject: Ipoh Beef Noodles

Dear Chow Wai Sek,
Long time No hear you. You also no hear me because day day I ho busi lei. Because Chinese New Year coming my work became no day no night.
Hong Kong cold mai? You wear more tick tick shirt and No moon lightning at night la.stay at home and play 3leg mahjong la

You been asking me to sent you more information about good food in Kuala Lumpur. Sorry I no do as I very busi. But last Friday I went for a day trip to Ipoh for a Wedding dinner. Do you know where is Ipoh mai? Ipoh is about 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, but if you sit my car I can reach Ipoh 1 hour 15 mints but I sure got a lot Beef Dry from the police.
Anyway Ipoh not only famous of food but a lot of Leng Lui.

That Friday I actually very busy and only leave KL about 4pm and was thinking eat something first as we Malaysian always late. When Invitation card says dinner start at 7.30pm, sometime only 9pm dinners start. I was thinking stopping by Bidor but before I reach Ipoh a Lo Peng friend of mine knows I'm coming to Ipoh call me up and want to take me to eat something special in Ipoh town.

I meet my friend at the toll than follow his car. I was thinking he must be taking me to eat Ipoh famous Ngai Choy Kai.(Bean sprouts chicken)

but I come to this restaurant that sell Beef Noodles.

He told me this restaurant only open at night.I ask him where this place is? he say here is call 'Pak Kok Lo'.It seems they came from Buntung.If you want to know where this place maybe I ask some of my online friends where actually that place
When enter the shop my friend got to pick up a number.I was thinking this is a bank or eating shop why must get a number one?.My friend explain to me because night night this place is pack with a lot of people.We place that number on the table and we have to wait for the waiter come to our table to get order.

Waited almost 5 mints only the waiter ask us what we want to eat.Beside Beef Noodles they have Yong Tong foo, but I just order Kwei Teow Mix Beef.Before the noodles come, back in my mind areadly tells me this food sure GOOD one.6.30pm and more than 20 people eating at this shop.
Next time if We ever open restaurant why don't we pay people to come to our shop eat for one week.So when people see our restaurant a lot of people, they sure think our food taste good one.Food Good No Good Never Mind !!.

I order Kwei Tew dry style, the mix sauce just nice and not too oily.The taste of Ipoh Kwei Tew is very different from KL Kwei Tew.It seems the Kwei Tew in Ipoh made from stream water that's why it taste smooth.
The beef meat soft tendon and I just love the Fun Kok.The Soup taste mild but I like this kind of taste, knowning it did not add alot MSG.I finish my meal very fast and my friend ask me to I need another bowl but because later in the evening I been attending a wedding dinner I forgo the idea of having another bowl. Overall I rate the food 6/10, I still prefer the Seremban Market beef noodles.

Anyway when if Mr Chow comes down to KL I will take you this Ipoh restaurant and beside Ipoh is also known as Food paradise beside Penang.

I wil try my best as promise,email you on Kuala Lumpur famous small eat.Will email you in near future when I got day got night sin.

Hope you like this Talk East Talk West email

Wong Tai Swee


Joyce said...

Gheeee... thanks ! yummy food !!!
but how come I searching North, South, East, West, i also no see any of the Ipoh famous leng lui pics wan ?

You keep it all for yourself har? (haha...)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Ipoh leng lui see, me all go away jor..***sob**sob

King's wife said...

i also like beef noodles. if i go Ipoh, must try out, ya?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wah....you made me hungry. I love beef kuay teow and every parts of the cow go in lagi best. Must make mental note to ask Helen to belanja me next time.

ChiM ChiM said...

Oi, go ipoh tak ajak wor. i'm ipoh-zai leh. long time never go home jor.

this beeef noodle quite new actually, but the popularity comes fast coz very nice mar. you oso very bannai to find place to eat wor~!~!~!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

seems like chim chim knows where the place.Queen & Lilian,yes the beef noodle quite good but only open in the evening.I wanna check out that place ask Helen or Samn where the actual location or Chim can Help.

Survon said...

Wah....I haven't been to this place when I was back in Ipoh.

The next time I'm back, have to drop by at this Restaurant, introduced by a KL lou to Ipoh mui..*paiseh*

Helen said...

Desmond, Ipoh punya 8-poh aka me, would like to inform you, this place do open shop on mornings!! lol (they close on Sundays)I usually go morning at 10am, coz, there is no crowd and no need to get number. In fact, you can go and choose your "liu"..... (nightime they dun allow u to go there and pick pick their liu, right?)The only drawback eating in the morning is.... they dun fry the liu again for you!!

This one is a "lou jiu pai". Formerly, they were in Buntong, opposite the school. You say Man toong Hau Ngau yook fan, ppl know. They only shifted to the town about ? 2 years ago.

Your HK friend should have no problem knowing Ipoh if he is a sucker for good food. Choi Nam (the Honkie who goes round the world seeking good food....& women) came to Ipoh and was so impressed with one curry mee stall, he took the curry mee to HK by opening a curry mee shop in HK. lol

Lilian, you want to eat next time let me know lar!! lol

Kelly said...

Waah looks like verli the nice to eat like that...
during this CNY long holidays
must go and makan this already..

TQ Desmond and Helen too !

Cocka Doodle said...

Thanks 9394. That'll be my next stop when I drop by Ipoh.

If you are down in JB let me know. There's also a good beef noodle shop in Taman Johor Jaya.

elaine said...

(taking notes....)
to sample this when in Ipoh,

how about kl where got the best food leh ?

She's Jess said...


93~94 said...

survon:- No paiseh la..I just like to go around to eat mai.I will post more malaysian eating post and make u more miss malaysia.scare or not

Helen:- The curry that sell in Hong Kong is dry curry mee(formerly opp Ipoh police Station).They send the curry powder to Hk.Now still good business in Hong kong since they open 3 years ago.

kelly:- Can take me along mai?

Cocka;- I also thanks u invite me to Taman johore Jaya. Have u eaten singapore beef noodle at bugis street.Damn good man, I think this is one of the food i like in singapore.

elaine:-Kl got a lot but the famous type is beef ball noodle. One in KL Jalan Silang and one more jalan Tong Shin(behind Jalan Alor/Bukit bintang area).if u wanna try like this type of beef mee you should try the taiwan type.This good one you can find in Ampang Point

Jess:- If you like beef I'm sure you like korean BBQ beef.Wow that one damn nice as it cut into thin slice

elaine said...

Desmond (9394) OK got it !Thanks! for the food info.