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Saturday, January 07, 2006

MEME ( More Ejaculation More Energy ) Tag

I only a play play blogger also got people tag me one. The Queen tag me and want me to bullshit people, she really very understand women as she knows my resolution for year 2006 is talk more bull and no more talk cock.
If this year I can achieve the Bull I will completed Cock & Bull than next year I will open a ‘Cock and Bull Bars and Restaurants to complete with Hard Rock Cafe at Port Dickson.


Remove the Blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone else up a notch. Then add your Blog to the bottom spot.

1. Between Lambs and Mutton
2. The Life of an Independent Babe.
3. Helan of ‘My All'
4. The Kings Wife of ‘Simply Hantam'
5. Desmond of ‘Nine3Nine4

You then victimize 5 people to pass the LOVE on to. Yes, only 5, not 15.
1. Jesslyn of ‘She is Jess’( want to know what her bad habit is )
2. Shireen of ‘Got Milk?’ (want to know which year she ask for Milk and what her favorite snack?)
3. Survon of Living in Daniel’ (want to know more on this mysterious Ipoh mali leng lui)
4. Siao Cha Bor of Gargle With Sea Water’ ( want to know what her favorite toys)
5. Lin Peh of ‘Pirated VCD Yamade Tycoon’ Tok 3 Tok 4 ( want to know which university he came from and still wondering where is creative idea came from?)

Here goes my Bullshit Meme :-

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Sill attending The University of Society. Until now I’m still at this University pursuing my doctorate.
No day No night all year.
Chasing after the Bull
Dropping into the drain few times but manage to climb up.
What were you doing 1 year ago?
Sill attending The University of Society
Got day Got night jor
Since hard to get Yamade VCD on the street, begin to learn what is share file about from Bitcomet .
Five snacks you enjoy.
1 Japanese Seaweed. ( love it because like eating paper)
2 Yau Chay Kwei ( Oil Fry Ghost)
3 Egg Tart
4 Fry Ikan Bilis or Japanese dry little crabs/scallop
5 Crackers with Cheese
Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.
1. Bangali so long…………..(Malaysian Road Side Song)
2 Who say I Fool spend them eat roost goose ( Canto Song, this song music use
the opening music for yester year radio story teller call LEE TA SAW)
3 Become Con man better than become King ( Sam Hui )
4 Better Man (Robbie William)
5 Next Year Today ( Eason Chan )
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
1 Eat, Sleep, Make Love, Eat , sleep
2 Work Work and Work
3 With Family
4 Outdoor Games
5 Online
Five bad habits.
1 Laugh like an evil man
2 Forget People Names
3 Drive without seatbelts on
4 Take out shoes when driving and at my office table
5 Even friends visit me, only wear baggy shorts with no underwear on.
Five things you like doing.
1 Yam Chai and talk cocks with friends
2 Online
3 T.F.K Sleep
4 Alone watching movie at cinema
5 Biking
Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again.
1 Bra (Man also got wear bra one, go this link and see)
2 Skirt
3 Purple Shirt ( someone told me is gay color)
4 Weapons for killing
5 illegal Drugs
Five favorite toys.
1 Lap Top ( can pretend busy at office but online surfing the net)
2 PDA Phone (Anywhere I can watch manga video)
3 Motor Bike
4 Collecting various countries tequila glass
5 Collecting 50’s 60’s watches


king's wife said...

I am glad I helped you to achieve one of your resolutions....thanks for doing the tag!!

93~94 said...

u so fast comment..i just post 5 mints ago u commented ..u got special gadget know i post ar??

Survon said...

wah..really need to crack my head doing this thing...

93~94 said...

Must do ar..!!!.but do only free la..just for fun only la

may said...

hahahaha, you oso kena tag ah? eh, what manga u like... naruto? not that I like manga lah, but that's the only one I watch.. sometimes only oso... if I ever come visit you, make sure got pakai underwear ok!!!

cocka doodle said...

Hi 9394. First time visiting your blog. Quite nice leh.
You are a fan of the'All-Blacks' ah? Me too. It beats watching soccer. Those soccer bargers touch little bit, fall down and pretend to be agonizing in pain. Real sissies and great actors too. Yep, this is where it separates the men from the boys. Do you belong to any RFC ah?

She's Jess said...

done mine!

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh will do mine, for sure ! but dunno when la :-(

Kelly said...

Wuah !!! ... Looks like, you putting in actions all Your 2006 Resolutions.

good lah wei.... first No. 10, now No. 1... (lol)

Yvy said...

wuah...i didnt know that purple was a gay color wor....

93~94 said...

That a gay friend told me
I have nothing against gay people , that are very beautiful people on earth. I have a good friend who are gay and everytime I have problem I love talk to heshe.
Haha..the reason I wont wear gay color shirt don't want gay people mistaken we are same key mai as i damn handsome one..

You all dont puke when read this..kekeke

93~94 said...

May- haha when u come to my house I wear underwear la.I prefer manga movie type rather than manga series.Got one blogger I know like to see XXX Manga wor.

She Jess- Thks and nice meme..

Cooka- Thanks for droping by my blog.Waulo you also like All Black ar !!haha we are same Key wor. Dont tell me you play for Cobra 10 ?.
No I dont play rugby I play netball

Kelly- haha u like my bullshit lei...when i open cock and bull restarant u support me mai?

lin Peh- Lo Yau Kee no problem la. You make the cny blogger sing song nice nice la.Also dont go Yamade la.

Joyce said...

You top student in THE UNIVERSITY OF SOCIETY har ?
Can talk bull so well one ?

Huh ? damn handsome somemore ?? wah lau eh........

What are we having in the society nowadays ??? (hahhhaaa...)

elaine said...

Wuaaah ... You HANDSOME ...
faster , faster tell... who you look like ?

lagi best , pursuing to be a doc ( ppl look up up one wor..)
good at bullshit (all bosses will love you )

I will be back here more to learn your kung fu

93~94 said...

Haha the University of society that corrupts one's mind and just follow the wind ..no humane ..just Money Money and always dog eat dog \.

Rain..my hair better than this korean
Won Bin- Not so sisy la
Lai Meng- He not enough Mancho than me
Brad Pitt- not hairy like me

Mybe i look like Orlando Bloom

Haha..if my frinds knows I say like this they will puke all the food they ate since yesterday..

Next life I will look like Orlando Bloom la

helen said...

I want to thank King's wife for tagging you!! If not, we wouldn't know Desmond dun wear undies at home one.... scared no circulation ar??

Hmmm, since you're such a darling, I think I'll organize a Ladies bloggers outing to come visit Desmond. Make sure you keep your word.... we'll be checking.....lol

** getting ready camera, DV cam **

Yvy said...

aiyoooo....teruklar u!! lol no no, i didnt puke. i tahan it!!!! =P

Elaine said...

WaaaaHahaa.a....... Orlando Bloom ! .... very chun & sexy