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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't Ask WHY because the SKY is so HIGH

Why this morning alarm so noisy and I can’t get up from bed one?

Why today I feel like taking a day off one?

Why today I take longer time to shave one?

Why this morning so Jam one?

Why all car beside me people look so moody one?

Why today Mamak see me so happy one?

Why today at Mamak stall everybody talk about 0101 but no talk about 9394 one?

Why today already 3rd of January people still wish each other Happy New year but no say good morning one?

Why today married women in my office still on leave one?

Why today in office Man wear white shirt, Lady wear dark blue color dress one?

Why today so many people bring chocolate for everybody one?

Why today see my desk file feel like want to go home one ?

Why today so many calls want to talk to me one?

Why today morning I no time online and blog one?

Why every year company must have new year lunch together one ?

Why today downstair Bank pack with people one? Even ATM with long line of people one?

Why the restaurant we go not pack with people just the different of 6 months ago pack with people one?

Why everybody says they stay at home eat and sleep and no go holiday one?

Why today lunch everybody talk about children education system one

Why today in office everybody walk slow motion one?.

Why today office no flower decoration one?

Why today so many letters one?

Why today 1st day of work all say economic is slow one?

Why today blog I see talk about New Year eve one?

Why today I saw a blog about baking cake I want to try that recipe at home one?

Why today nobody invite me to go happy hours and all want to go back fast one?

Why today I take longer time to reach home one?

Why today home cook dinner taste better one?

Why today I just sit on the sofa can sleep one?

Why I hope tomorrow is 31st december again one?

Why I have to stay awake till 3am to watch football on TV one?

Why when I see my past post reader comment I became very worry as blogger responsibility one?

Why today I blog about 'Why' and make my post so stupid and childish one ?

and WHY you still reading until this point one?

I think the best answer I can find at this moment is BECAUSE THE SKY IS SO HIGH!.
I learn this answer when I was 6 years old from a girl also 6 years old.

But luckly today I did not ask victim story WHY on myself.

If you wanna know why I write like this, please go to this link


wingz said...


Lin Peh said...

Why other people blog so many chun chics but mine only si lai ? LOL !

She's Jess said...

Why? Why? Why?

Why we question so much when we know we should't?

JoMel said...

Just last night, my K asked me, "Why I cannot grow tall like you one ah?" How do you answer that in words that a 4-yd-old would understand?

may said...

why you keep asking why but don't ask why not one? hehe! so farnee!

Survon said...


~It is just because.

Joyce said...

Why you asking so many WHYs today har ? (haha...)

smashpOp said...

why u got so many questions wan? aahhaha

chim chim said...

Cool blog man. Love what you did with the template. Keep it up. I', reading your blog daily now

Kelly said...

How old you now ?
Last time when you were a kid,
you didnt get to ask "why" is it? (lol)

elaine said...

why after reading your post, how i wish i am back to childhood days ? *wink wink*

helen said...

Why are you so depressed one har? Why the NZ trip didn't uplift you har? Why are u so cute but still no gf one har? (or is it dun know which to choose??)

Nevermind your office ppl, you go wear yellow to uplift them!! LOL

BSUID=1Shireen K said...

ah lo... WHY ar??? WHY AR

Tracie said...

the whys effects of reading yr. post :

want to go to the gym ? .... answer why ?
what time you going home ? .... answer why ?
where you going to dinner tonite ? ... answer why ?

[just had this conversation a few mins ago]...(lol)

siao_cha_bor said...

why why tell me why ( anita mui)

y ah?

i oso dunno y

my kid oso asks a lot of questions until i tonguetied wan. I will answer like..."erm, er, erm can you gimme 10 minutes and i get back to you with an answer ah?"

93~94 said...

Wingz- Why u so funny and why u can sing so well one?

Lin peh- Why all the Si la so lump u one?

Jess- Why your blog so colourful and nice one?

JoMel- Why u your heart so good one?

may- why u so knowledgable on food and human feeling one ?

Survon- Why all the lng from Ipoh mali so beautiful one

Joyce- why when i see u comment on my post i so happy one and also why u can write well why dont u start a blog i oso can commnt on u mai.

smartOp- why each time I go your blog I see the picture u all took so REAL and NICE one

Chim Chim - Why we took so long to know each other as we both talk Kong tong Wha English one

kelly- Why u know when i was kid i dont have the opportunity talk to my parents and ask why.Also WHY i always glad u read my blog.

Elaine-Why u understand my feeling why i post the why why post just like a kid

Helan- Why u can read people mind and heart just by reading people blog one?

Shireen- Why your blog always make me happy and laugh

Tracie- Why we at time our surrounding don't understand us and just ask WHY?

siao_cha_bor :- Why u also like Anita mui like me ar and why u as cute as ur kids one.

She's Jess said...

Desmond, my blog where got colourful and nice. Oh yea.. can I link you ah onto my blog?

king's wife said...

why I TAGGED YOU one????
I also dunno why.....just go do it!! and have fun....

chim chim said...

you still asking WHY? where's today's update of your blog? me waiting here leh!~!~!

smashpOp said...

oh because all the things i see also nice lor... haha mostly are food ma.. then food are nice ma.. so like that lo.. :P

Joyce said...

why now so "keng chow" already....
can give answers in "why" also ? (haha....)

Shireen K said...

har loh.... why ar? WHY?

She's Jess said...

Why ah.. you still haven't come back with a new post ah? why ah

Kelly said...

Why you went MIA (missing in action) ar ?
working hard on Your 2006 Resolution No. 10 is it ? (lol)

9394 said...

So soli as now i in ipoh dinner i b back 2night.Why in ipoh no c helen n samn one.I try 2 post 2molo,mayb i do queen tag.Soli lei

93~94 said...

just back from ipoh..the early post use phone to log in my blog as just fell uneasy after more about 12 hours no online and my ear very itchy ..sure enough when log in see some coment say I MIA.

Jess- nice u link me and thanks...hope all people dont mind i have not put any link back to u all yet ..very soon
ofcoz ur blog nice lei. and i will try to post something tomorrow as this past days my works terrible busy until no time go to the Lo.Even tomorrow still have to work

Queen- Ah! u tag me ar...i talk bullshit one wor....anyways thanks ,,i do my best for the fun of it la

Dim dim so soli

SmashOp blog really Mo Tack Teng, people if got time please check it out...his blog full of youthfulness energy and very colourful the link is here

Joyce and Shireen:_.why why tell me why..lol

Kelly- bcoz u coment , even i at dinner felt someone talking about me..that why in dinner also log in my blog....am i sick??

She's Jess said...

Okie.. will come in and check it out :p have a nice day