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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!. Wish Everyone A Happy 2006 Year.

The path We walk was long, but We walk with a song.

There were fears and tears , but We also had reasons for cheers.

No matter how great the turbulence it gets !

We know that We will see it through !

We keep trying, We keep shining, We keep smiling

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year & have a great begining for year 2006.

May Year 2006 brings Happiness and Peace throughout the World



may said...

happy new year, 93~94! best wishes, don't talk bull too much next year ok.. ;)

wingz said...

yum sing!!!

louyau-mike said...

Thanks for visiting my site:) Just drop by to say hi to you ...:) louyau.net

siao_cha_bor said...


siao_cha_bor said...

sorry for the above..just testing the water
happy new year and yum yum yum until pengsan

pj said...

happy new year to you too! All the best for 2006 and God Bless!


Samm said...

Happy New Year to you and family *kiss*

allison said...

I like this post. Yes every cloud has a silver lining ;-) May this brand new 2006 brings lots of blessings and cheers to you and your family too! God bless you all my friend!

king's wife said...

how true...
Wishing you all the best in 2006!!!

JoMel said...

You talking to me there?? I hear ya ;)

Survon said...

Nice one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your resolutions become reality!!!

Joyce said...

Good post for the NEW YEAR !
and also thank u for those wonderful posts in 2005 too !!

Very much appreciated.

Wishing you a HAPPY 2006 and may the blessings
of God shower you and your loved ones with Health, Joy
and Happiness in the New Year.

Joyce said...

good post for the NEW YEAR,
and also thank you for the many wonderful posts in 2005 too !

Much appreciated.

HAPPY 2006 . May the Blessings of God shower you and
your loved ones with Health, Joy and Happiness.

93~94 said...

My Dear All Freiends,

Thank You All Very Much
My last post on resolution is play play one, but I indeed have some serious thought how to better my life and others in this year.

My heartfelt wishes here everyone here have a very Good Year.Let move forward whatever difficulties we might face

Thank u all

Lil' Patchee said...

Happy New Year to you too!!

Ah Ming said...

happy new year 9394

Kelly said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Desmond (9394) ,

Meaningful post !

Thank you for your blogs.
I love reading all of it.

helen said...

So Sweet!! Thank you for your wonderful NZ photos and your willingness to share about your thoughts in honesty.

All the best to you!!

PS: I wish you 'Dragon Horse Sperm God' too!! lol

Zara's Mama said...

Happy New Year to you too!!

Btw, you really have to make sure you stick to some of the new year resolutions! Or else, very hard to 'kao loi'. :P

93~94 said...

Ah ming
Than-Q and happy new year to u too

Happy New year to u too.
No la ..I just bullshit la
Thanks a lot

I praise u , u praise me..we like actor and actress la
but i really love reading your post.
bring a lot nostalgia in me(even i not that old)

Zara mama
Thanks a lot droping by
ok loh bcoz can kau lui I do the resolution

93~94 said...

happy New Year to you too

elaine said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & your family.

May all your resolutions play play or serious wan all come true lah... (haha..)

Best wishes for a greater year ahead !

93~94 said...

U oso have a great year ahead !!!