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Thursday, December 29, 2005

My 2006 Resolution I Must DO

1. Stop talking Cock next year but talk more Bull next year. Bullshit stories can hide the truth one.

2. Go back to Gym to keep my body in good shape. Just in case being caught in lokap I can do the squatting exercise and if people film me, my body look sure look fit fit in naked so no scare if my naked body being shows around the world. Maybe can get more girl lump me !

3. Stop laughing at Mr. Samy every time see his picture or hear his name.

4. Stop asking ladies their age and say 'Lee Fatt Fook Jor Wor'.

5. When with my group of friends pay money to Mamak ,must at the same time use my handphone calculator to do my own calculation on the drinks and food.

6. No more buying New Handphone weeks before Chinese New Year.The price all up one.

7. Don’t be so stupid again after watching popular TV drama than go to that country ending up seeing Two Cat One Dog.

8. Times is bad must save monies, even making handphone call must save monies. If want to call somebody just give them miss call(one ring must put down phone) than expect them call me back.

9. I must remember that life is not about how fast I run, or how high I climb, but how well I pretend I don’t know. No more let people take me up to the Table.If people say I stupid spend them eat 'Roost Goose'

10. Everyday see King Kong DVD Movie again and again. Analysis how come a Big Ugly Ape fight like a sumo wrestler got beautiful women love one , as for me how come I more handsome than him still no women Love me one.Should I take a lady go KL Bukit Antrabangsar see sunset together ????


Joyce said...

This is a very good post... !!!

You had me laughing so hard early in the morning
by the time i read point (10), i almost fallen off
from my chair.


james said...

lol funny shit.

She's Jess said...

Yr resolutions are all achieveable...

king's wife said...

lemme know when u do your naked squats...

Survon said...

Nice new year resolution.

All the tasks are so challenging especially no. 1. Bullshitting also need long term hard training one ler...

passing by said...

lol.. hilarious resolution

no 8 good tips

PK said...

Bloody hell Desmond Wong!!!! You had me in stitches lar wei...

Thanks so much for the laughs. PLEASE DO NOT stop blogging and entertaining lar.

I wish you... continued good health,great joy to spread to others in the New Year.
Keep it up Bro!!!

elaine said...

Hi Desmond,

This is another "mou tak teng". I salute to you too.


You are such a wonderful person !

Your blogs always bring lots of laugh & humour to all your readers here. ( bloggers, commentators, and many silent readers too).

God Bless You. Have a good year ahead !!!

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh wish you all your chi-bye resolutions all cum thru. Happy new year ! Gong Xi Fa Chai !

wingz said...

hahahahahaha!!! good one sial ! happy new year !!!

PinPin said...

Happy new year.

Ah Ming said...

lovely post
happy new year play 3 play 4

93~94 said...

Luckly u no fall down..dont think X'mas over u dont have to party on New year eves .
Thanks Joyce


She's Jess
I sure do one and now start doing jor.

king Wife
Aiyo yo ..let me keep fit fit first la

For us might need traning but seems like the people on the top top easy thing to do for them

Passing By
I must do No 8 bcoz i can save money buy myself a private jet mai

Wah !!! I so happty wor ..U just call me Brother..I got a aiya mui mui jor.
I also wish u Year Year Got Today..Age Age Got This morning and You Think What Got What

You got drink Mou Tak Teng herbal drink in Petaling Street b4 mai?..Now got open a new one in Mid-Vally..kekeke
Thanks a lot for your encouragement..and God bless u too

Lin Peh
My Brotherhood I not yet put Chi bye Resolution than where got cum one!..Every year I put I cannot get wor so this year dont want to put.There say if u want it cannot get but If u dont want it sure come and get.
U Sor Lo not yet 2006 new year wish me Kong Hee Fatt Choy.

Wa my SiFu also hahahaha.Thanks sifu and Happy New Year to u too.
If Lin Peh do Chinese New Year Blogger singing , this time u must sing one..your voice damn lump

Thanks PinPin and happy new Year to u too

Ah Ming
This post I no say Love Love wor
Thanks and Happy New Year to u too

wingz said...

wuah sifu ?? who who? where where ?? dun put me in table wei ... if not i will use your no.9 resolution "If people say I stupid spend them eat 'Roost Goose'" Bin kor wah ngo sor, ngo cheng hui sek siu ngor! lol

JoMel said...

Oops, that was from me.

93~94 said...

ofcoz u la, my sifu.U of the most funny blogger in our bolehland.So much fun u have give us. If u want to spend me Roost Goose take me to Taman Shamelin cheras.

93~94 said...

Jomel ?? from you??

JoMel said...

what happened to my post??? I had posted a comment to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR but I forgot to type in my Name.

I was saying, Yes, you should bring the lady to Bkt Ant to watch the sunsets. :)

Cho Cho SG said...

Funnie shit.!

helen said...

Good one!!! Everybody knows how we easily forget our pledges. If you are serious, I propose you put up some pics of your body before gym and after gym. LOL Like that, You'll have to stick to you gym sessions lar!!

You cannot find girls meh?? Who ask you to dig those 38D cup gwai mooi?? Back in M'sia where got 38-D?? (unless AH Kua) :-P

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

93~94 said...

Hiya u my sifu la
Haha midnight go see KL Fireworks
Happy New Year to u JoMael
Cho Cho
A r u cho cho train ar/. Aiya new year no shit la, anyway thanks a lot
Wa u very cleaver dig dig and make me show my body..lol
This past days u hilang seems like so quite.Haha I think we miss u badly lor.
Malaysia girl got 38d cup one
You have a great Year too JoeC

PK said...

Bro!!!! hheheeh! Let's hope year 2006 will be a good run for us ALL!
Think wat, got wat... warrrrrhhh I like that one.. heheh!
Actually, let's make it a step further... WANT WAT, GOT WAT... OK mou?

yumsup said...

Update your blog lar ... miss u!