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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today Is Ayam Day

Today very special, is AYAM DAY or Chicken Day

Today kenot kill Ayam

Today kenot call Chicken Rice

Today eat satay don't call Chicken

Today play Futsal play Kaki Ayam

Today when you see someone coward don't call him/her Chicken, call him/her Duck

Today clubing dance Chicken Dance

Today Kenot go Chicken Farm call "CHICKEN' is a holiday for them, so stay home and Fly kite

Today all Baba Ayam go Chicken Dangdut

Today all Mak Ayam go Chicken Joget

more info on Ayam Day go here



PK said...

aiyak... kenot call Chicken n eat ar?
wuz thinking that for dinner tim...

hmmm.. ok lu... it's No Eat Chicken Day!

dreamie said...

ALAMAK ! supposely to go for KFC for dinner .....now ng tuck lorr..

kruy® said...

huh?? got such day one meh?