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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Fish Eat Small Fish

Warning:- A lot of 'Diew Lee Lo Mo' and a lot of Q #Q$%@q@%$#@ so make sure you alone when watching this ‘Q” video clip from Hong Kong

Seems this Video clip damn “Q” HOT within the Hong Kong cyberspace now until someone put up with English & Chinese subtitles.Somemore got remix with music.Also people selling T-shirts on that Lo Beng(Uncle) face.Who knows one day that Lo Bng will act in HK movie

It show the world reality- 'Big Fish Eat Small Fish' or the Lo Beng(uncle) trying to release tension by bullying the Young Chap.

Maybe one day i will be like that 'Lo Beng'



Wuching said...

uncle had a bad day! lol!

Anonymous said...

Two Sohai

Lin Peh said...

KNN! Liddat oso can ?

Cocka Doodle said...

I would have throw the mudder-effer out of the bus window.