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Thursday, June 01, 2006

9393 World Cup Prediction which Team Advance To 2nd Round

'DLS' Another 8 days to World Cup 2006 in Germany and everybody like damn cleaver knows who will win the World Cup. If everybody become Football Guru than I m the 'SEEN KAI LAN ' for sure. Because every World Cup my prediction sure come true one.

Last few days I purposely gone up to this mountain:-
...squeeze my brain juice until dry dry and came out the best prediction of which Two Team of each Group will advance to 2nd Round:

Here are my Prediction of each Group who the "Top Two"

No bull shit one, don't belief ar..come back to this blog on 24th June 2006 where the 2nd Round Start and check my prediction ok or not


World Cup fan from Australia said...

mate i hope your right with these predictions. especially group F.
i hope that australia goes through but find it hard to believe that brazil will get nocked out in the first round. if anything maybe brazil and australia go through to round 2

9393 said...

Nah, my prediction is just play paly, but I hope Aussie will play as a team and they can go far.Hope they become hungry lions out from the cage

Lin Peh said...

If your prediction is half correct also Lin Peh tink most of those who bet will be "knocked out" during first round itself ! and the bookie "Run Road" as well ! LOL!

She's Jess said...

you got tagged!

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst!! what empat ekor number you predict this weekend?

See Fei said...

so u r mr blue palm with the world cup prediction? i come here cos cocka kok kok kei said got chun tip here!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Lin Peh-You better trust me this time..if you are bookies and go bust i can take you to moutain to hide

Jess- Ah !! I try my best dear..world cup cuming ..lol

Cocka- 1159 ( everyday not enough)

See Fei- If you r Ayam mei kawan I give u free prediction, no need money 1