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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I must at least say 5 time Thank you to Anybody I know(Part 2)

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
6 men gatecrashed the wedding of Brazilians in Pulau Rawa.A Royalty among 4 remanded.

Never imagine this morning a simple blogging about ‘Thank You’ effected me emotionally all day.
After I leave office for my appointment was thinking hard any person in my life I should sincerely thanks them. I can’t thank my Dad and my Mum as they no longer around..Part of my other families now staying in oversea. I keep pondering and I realize actually a lot of people I need to say Thank You before it too late just like my late mum who pass away years ago, until today I regretted for not saying how much I love her .

This 3 person I manage to say thank you despite I’m working today and quite a jam bcoz rain in KL.

(1) My Step Mother I never like her all the while despite we live together when my mum still around. In fact I have silent war with her since many years ago. Now she is living with her son.
I call her from my handphone:-

Me: Tai Ma how are you?
SM: Oh is you ..are you looking for Eng? He is working….
Me: No no I was actually want to talk to u
SM: ar? (Silent)
Me: Last moon cake festival I’m sorry I did visit u
SM: (Silent)
Me : And also I want to say Thank You all those years and You treat me as your real son.
SM: Are you having some sort of problem?
Me: No No I just want to say thank and been in my heart sometime ..also do you remember you always give me pocket money when I was schooling .
SM: aiyah don’t say thank u la…by the way how is your sister daughter?
We talk almost 10 mints and she requested me this weekend go back her home and have dinner.
(2) My good friend Fei-jai
Me: Brother where are u?
FJ : in Shah Alam .what up?
Me: remember last year I borrow money from you and I want to thank you
FJ: When u return the money u did said Thank you wor
Me: I want to say again, and because at that time you lend me the money I overcome my problem.
FJ: Now You need money??
Me: No No just want to say Thank you and in future if you have problem if I can help I sure help
FJ: What happen to you , why you talk like you going to die..r u ok
I can feel he was touch and he knows I am sincere .

After this two phone call I just feel so happy , in fact when I spoke to my step mother my eyes was red.
This 2 phone call is not face to face so I was thinking who next that I can face to face say thanks.
I remember my Secondary school, although I have leave that school quite sometime and since I quite near to the school I was thinking this particular Teacher whom I have give a lot of problem to her.

When I in the school about 2 plus I ask for this teacher and was told she teach in the morning class. When I was walking out passing the school canteen I saw this Uncle who sells drinks and foods.
I approach this

Me: uncle how are you
U: wa u so big jor ar (Luckily he still remember me ,maybe at that time I’m the worst student in school)
Me: sure la got eat rice mai
U: what are u doing now
Me: I’m in sales
U: what u doing in this school
Me: Just happen to pass by so drop by says hello.Uncle ar I would like to say 'Thank You' hor u know hor when I was student here you use to allow me pay later for my food. Sometime you even spend us drinks and food.Thank you very much ar.
U: Aiya this is small things la(He was smiling and his face look so happy)
We talk a while like very old good friends and he offer me Teh Ice and cakes.I promise him I will back and chit chat with him.
After this 3 experience I never knew that this simple sincere thank you can lighten one’s life. In fact now I believe we actually in control of our happiness.
Thank you Mr.Khoo..Thanks to this blog allow me to express my hidden inner love and some real forgotten smile in me.


kruy® said...

what u did took a lot of courage. not many people can do that - to just go up to someone and say thank you. because we are scared that it's too sentimental and people might laugh at us. i am very impress with what u did. and you proved that just by saying thank you to people who have helped you, not only you make them happy but you yourself also feel much better. yes, the result is very rewarding.

i would not have had the courage like you. but i would try to keep that in mind and learn from you :)

a lot of guys say small things does not matter, but in this case small things matter just as much. you only need a small step to make a big difference.

i hope you step-mum cook some nice food for u hoh.. ;p

PinPin 彬彬 said...

Simple stories narrated in simple Enlglish, yet the meaning is so profound. I'm touched.

Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

rational thinker said...

very nice...inspriring..feel like doing the same!

Anonymous said...

"thank you" are 2 special words that meant alot to ppl.

It bring a bundle of joy to others and a wholesome goodness to oneself.

"I feeling good..." sounds familiar?

~~ kl gal ~~

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Kruy: taking her out for dinner this saturday as call her this morning.Talking for courage i'm the one going to learn from u
Pinpin: Thanks and luckly u understand
Ration thinker: don't think so much la follow ur heart la.Thks 4 droping by
Anon: U know me ?..that good

mob1900 said...

9394 got heart wan!
hahahahah Good, Good!