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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did you received SMS asking for Help today ?

Start Small Talk With Everyone Talk To Talk:-
In Kota Kinabalu former state minister has been detained after a 20-year-old youth was shot dead after a fight.

Today recieved (7) same sms on my phone:-

'Need ur help 2 4ward 2those hv bllod type AB negative.Need urgently 4 NgKxxnSxxg at Hsp at hsp Universiti PJ.Ward XX, RoomXX hp 01X-XXXXXX, send 2others pls,very urgent'

The first SMS I received was last night and 5di call that number hoping I might help but the phone was off with full voice message. This morning again received this forward SMS,again call that number, again off phone with message.
Than I realize he must have off the phone as a lot people been calling.

Normally when I received 'SOS SMS' I won’t forward knowing well we Malaysian are very CARING PEOPLE, if I continue forward and it might become a nuisance instead helping the patient family.

So how ar when we receive this type of sms ..am I doing right for not forwarding?...am I taking for granted we Malaysian are Caring people?


Alex said...

I saw this message posted in one of the blogs that ping petaling street. i think it may be true. Give blood save lives

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Is true, i m always ready give blood at least 3 times a year.Let ppl poke better than poke ppl