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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

93~94 smell 'Love in the Air' in Auckland

Some picture's took this past few days.Hope you all like it la.

St Luke Shopping Mall

Gwei Lo oso like 2 drink Kopi 1

Queens Street

Walk oso happy happy

Santa Parade at Downtown Queen street


helen said...

Very Very beautiful..... Yep, this is what I call the 'X'mas feel.' Do feel free to post more pics on your blog lar...!! lol

93~94 said...

People around me keep asking me how come everything I oso take picture...told them is for some good friends back in malaysia.
I will post more la and glad u like it

Heather said...

Dear 9394,

I've been following your blog for quite some time and today you have posted the one thing which I miss the most in NZ: The annual Santa Parade in Queen Street & Downtown Auckland. The standing Santa Claus in front of Whitcoulls has an electronic finger which will move every now and then. Me and my mates used to joke that the Santa Claus is giving us a "finger". Anyway, do enjoy your stay in Auckland, don't forget to visit the Winter Garden near the museum in the Domain. ;) Have a nice trip! Cheers.

king's wife said...

enjoying yourself?? bila balik?

93~94 said...

Heathr:- Gosh ! u must b Aucklander or kiwi.U still in Akl ?.Yeah I b going 'Christmas in the Park' at Domain this Saturday and pray No rain.I going to kau Gwei Lui ...kekeke

Queen : Not sure wor , hop b back b4 x'mas or latest b4 new year..why?..U wanna me help u pay parking ticket at KLCC..kekeke..hope u wont face that bad situation again.