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Monday, November 28, 2005

Be Away Again

Need to go oversea again this coming Friday to attend my family matters, properly stay longer this time maybe 2 weeks to a month.Hope to be back before New Year.

Sorry and Thanks for dropping by.

Miss you all for sure

All the best to you la


She's Jess said...

Oh.. enjoy youself

king's wife said...

no need run away, I was only joking when I asked if you want to volunteer as stripper.....hahhaa

anyway, have a good trip!

helen said...

Going away again ar???? Enjoy yourself and take care!! Miss us?? Prove it with loads of pictures of yourself!!! HA HA HA

93~94 said...

thanks people !

I try take some good picture la, than King wife can decide I fit to become stripper la..kekeke

Joyce said...

Hi Desmond !
Wishing you a good trip overseas...... and dont forget all your readers here
awaiting for your interesting posts !!

take care .... cheers !!!

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