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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NesLo Feeling Today (Mix Feeling Today)

What a day today!?! My feeling today just like my favorite ‘makmak’ drink ‘NesLo’(Nescafe and Milo a drink mix 2gather) mix feelings of good and bad.

NES~Bad Feeling

Received a call from oversea this afternoon some bad news

The other day on my blog, I mention if every time if I ever drop down I will come up again .Easy to says, action another issue. All day till late night now just worry and worry.

LO~Good Feeling

I just can’t believe someone I adore so much drop by my blog and say ‘HI’.
If not becoz of the bad news this afternoon I would run out my house and give a Big shout of YaHooOo.

Thanks a lot Minishot, at least you NO see me NO up but got abit see me up up.Blog superstar like u oso like to read my no head no tail blog.U got give me some Omps.
Can you help me tell 'Angel on Fire' later I ok jor I sure go kau hard her.
Soli 2 u Lenglui I cant 11 blog and sad to hear you need a break.

I hope I be back Gila Gila very soon which means I have overcome my problems

I be Back

Now-> 93~93


kruy® said...

u say if minishorts visit your blog, u will be happy until sleep also smile. so did u smile in your sleep? :)

tsetse-fly said...

your england is sure funny, keep on writing! hopefully everything turns out well for your niece.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Tat's night no sleep much bcoz of my niece case but i very the happy as she drop by my site.
Now i pity LengLui as tat day her 2nd Big Auntie oso follow her to cinema and make her uncomfortable tat's 4 nothing she easily bust out to a man and tis man with balls oso got blog now make big fuss on LengLui despite LengLui say 5 time sorry.
My mum once told me everyone sometime do mistake but most important admit one's mistake than tat person can live happly.Now I see LengLui a wonderful person.Her boy fren lucky to have her as she will be a good wife and good mother later.

My niece operation goes well(6 hours) but seems some part of the tumor still there.
She will b ok i believe

cy said...

ur england damn powderful. i respect. hope ur niece gets better. keep writing.