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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I dont care how many time i drop

Now i found a new hobby is to blog n blog and no need night night go out waste money as petrol go up everything oso damn expensive.When I was young i so stupid no go study and day day play marble and Da-Kay,now i so regreat as i have big problem with my england.hehe i learn england when few years ago i sell vcd at Petaling Street and got alot Ghost-Old buy vcd so tats where i talk england.

Every ghost-old come to my stall i will call him 'Hi JOHN come come got new vcd,got Jacky Chan..got John tak-ada-otak in pulp friction,got Godfther 1 ar 2 ar 3 ar..and all this John know what i talking.Talking about Petaling street i go googa make a seach on petaling street and i found this Petaling street web site but i no see they sell Rolex,Man-Utd,Ferlari,Lv,gucchi but all i see apa apa pun ada blog..aiyo i see so many people oso like to blog thinking I sor got more people more sor than me..even ant oso can talk even got people talk about Up,Down.Left or Right...i see see i no UnderStand what Up? no understand down?,no understand left or right...wat she talk lei ..hope someone tell me.

So 2day my blog title call "I dont care how many time i drop..BUt everytime i drop I Wong Tat Swee will GET UP.

2day i oso look c look c some blog and my lenglui very sad telling about her good fren father pass away.I dunno this girl but hope she will get over it.She must now have sadness,loneliness but hope she be strong enough and most important take care of her mum la...i believe her dad is a great man.

Aiyo so late joh i need to sleep and 2molo need to wake very the early go work, Ho-Yeah who do u all think will win Malaysian Idol..but tat day when Kampong Rock knock out i no heart see who win..anyway I think Nita menang la..anyone wanna bet please call my hand phone-014 9394 11967...i bet all your money go and sms Nita to win..than i oso make 8TV /Fremantle Productions Asia very the Happy bcoz alot of sms 4 them

Why I so long air still around writing rubbish


'CHEE CHEONG KAI"-Where John and Mary Shop

Who will Win ...sure the boy la bcoz girl got more time sms


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totoro said...

diu lor... ANT cannot talk meh?

oh yea... ant cannot talk hor... wahaha.

nice blog, keep it up!